Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Midsummer's Daydream ~

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Ensemble ~

!Ohmai Salon: Callia Tweeter Hat/Hair (Hair Fair)
[PUMEC]  - .:ENSYA:.- Spring -  Blond Brows HUD for appliers (Gacha) Blogged before Here.
.tsg. Luminate - Hazel
+>A&A<+ Princess Star Blush Stars - Green (Gift)
Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss - Summer
{T.T}Medieval beauty -white Rainbow necklace & Ring (Fit For a Princess - New Round AUGUST 1st!)
*Cila*Cloud Wings G (Gacha) (Fit For a Princess - New Round AUGUST 1st!)
-Nomi- Modern Princess sundress HUD (Fit For a Princess - New Round AUGUST 1st!)
PANTSU*HUNTER sugar veil bracelet .lime. (Gacha)
[M] Slink Fingernails // Brights
Izzie's - Garter Socks white
.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {Papilio~ green} pumps slink H  (TGGS) Hunt going on SO HURRY. 

Poses ~ 

Kirin Poses

Location ~

HPMD Store Grounds - SO beautiful!

Thoughts & Music ~

It's too hot today. I opened the back door & it was like a hair dryer on full blast in my face. No thanks. Anyway, I'd rather be in these pictures - so pretty, right? Next round of Fit For a Princess is about to start & judging from what I have received so far it looks like it will be a good one. I have tons more to blog for it, so look forward to that, as well as all the cool Fantasy Gacha Carnival goodies!

I would like to express my gratitude for being accepted as a permanent blogger for LCKY. I'm so super honored, proud & tickled - I just can't explain it. I also have news that I am now going to be blogging for Truth hair - Really exciting! As always, I really appreciate all my Sponsors, & Sponsored Events. I may not be the most prolific or most technically adept blogger, but this is a great outlet for me & I truly enjoy it. I am very grateful so please make sure to support all the wonderful designers & creators I feature on my blog!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Favorites/Most Worn ~

A short list of Stores & items, NOT part of my Regular Sponsor list, that are used often.  

 Animare HUD V2.07 - a tool that allows you to refine ready poseballs, so that they better align with your avatar, allows you to create new poses on the fly, for example for Roleplay or Photo shootings, an efficient way to create poses and animations, export these poses and animations made by you with this tool out of SL into a bvh file and then re-import them as independent pose or animation with you as creator, in full permissions.

CATWA Mesh heads

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body

MANDALA Ears, Jewelry, etc. 

Mudskin & Enfant Skins & Eyes (A former ~#~Sponsor - Thanks very much!)

NamiiChu Kawaii Lashes, Makeup, Poses etc. 

Sn@tch All the newer released items are made with Omega & usable on mesh bodies. I get a lot of the Socks, Stockings & Leggings. 

The Sugar Garden Eyes, Clothes, Mesh Heads & Skins, etc. 

^^Swallow^^  Bento Jewelry, Ears, etc. 

Wednesday[+] Lashes & makeups, etc.

The White Crow Bruises, Makeup, Scars, Tattoos, etc. (A former ~#~Sponsor - Thanks very much!)

I use these Custom Windlights often for Beautiful Pictures:

Doutzen's Spring.18 Windlights

Runa's Windlights 

Steffy's Windlights

TTP ~ Live! Tonight! ~

Click Image for Larger View

Click Image for Larger View

Ensemble ~
(For Me, Lala, only. To see what Jinki (Left,) & Lili, (Right,) are wearing please scroll down for links to their respective blogs.) 

al vulo- Ewa*  Mermaid Dark brow cleavage Siren (Past "The Dressing Room Fusion" Item) (Al Vulo always has a nice, inexpensive skin at TDR & includes all appliers. Go check it out sometime!)
.tsg. (The Sugar Garden) Galaxy - Lavendar 
+Half-Deer+ Winter Nights Under Eyeshadow (HFW Edition)
.:ellabella:. Rondure - Carbon & Tiger (Gacha) 
Pink Acid My Goth Lip Gloss - Purple
+Half-Deer+ Aventine Horns - Kraken RARE (Gacha) 
Sweet Thing. Sad Stormy Cutie Bow  
{PopTart} Skeleton Collar (Pastel Purple)
PANTSU*HUNTER amethyst wing .black roses.
(NO) (Nylon Outfitters) Vintage Portrait Necklace - Dr. Fishopolis (Gacha) 
1 Hundred. Layered Vest Dress Upper 1. Violet (The Big Show)
. aisling . Tallulah Arms Gold [L] & [R] HUD (Gacha) (The Secret Affair) 
:[P]:- (The Plastik)  Daenarys Top [S-Curvy] ://Decay
[*RD*]* (Rotten Defiance) Black Starfish Ring-Light Purple-L* & *Chrome Starfish Ring-Dark Purple-R* (Sorry, Store Closed - Unavailable)
.:Buttery Toast:. The Rule of cute - Black HUD 
PANTSU*HUNTER sugar veil bracelet .purple. (Gacha)
Cute Poison - Glitter Nails Matte Tips Slink HUD Don't forget to like the FB page!
.: FW :. (Fujiwara's World) Colorfull Skirt Dark Black NEW (many colors to choose from)
Static Starry Stockings - Purple (Manga Fair) Blogged Before HERE. I liked them so much I went back & got the fatpack!
Pure Poison - Kate Sandals - for Slink Medium (Recent Fifty Linden Friday) Came in three Heights!

See what Jinki is wearing (Left) ~

See what Lili is wearing (Right) ~

(I may be the first to post these pics so be patient & check back if they don't have theirs out yet. Thanks!)

Poses ~


Thoughts & Music ~

Well, this month has flown by. I have at least three more posts to get out before it finishes so I need to pick up the pace. 

Yesterday I think I slept for about 12 hours or something. I don't actually know how long it was, I just didn't get up until I felt like it & I felt better than I have in a long time. Most of the time I get anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of jagged sleep, (waking up every hour, tons of nightmares,) & I am always tired. 

Anyway. Here we are - me & my besties again. We are called TTP & only we know what that means. lol.

Please enjoy this really pretty new song by f(x) called Butterfly. I have been listening to it a lot lately. It sounds SO awesome in my headphones. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get Excited for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! ~

That's right, August is fast approaching & that means the next round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival will soon be in full effect. The theme this time will be Viking, Asian, or Pirate.  

Here's a preview of this rounds awesome stores & designers:

A x i x
-.:Aurica Store
 22769 - Casual Couture/22769 ~ [bauwerk]
a i s l i n g
The Forge
 Sax Shepherd Designs
Damselfly Hair
 .a.n.c. Ltd
Random Matter
 Of Things
Meshed Up
 Cheeky Pea
La Petite Morte
 On A Lark
Luas resident
Mays Soul
 Sweet Poison
Pure Poison
 Little Bones
 Rack Poses
Geisha Dreams
-† Spellbound †
A Master's Eye
.Enfant Terrible
{ Atomic }
Love キツネの
paper moon
!dM Devious Mind
Valiant & Co
Lost Junction and Losthaven
Arcana Antiques & Oddities
Plethora SL store
! SugarsmacK !
Candy Crunchers
Caverna Obscura
Sweet Kajira
The Ugly & Beautiful
[Stitched Gods]

(Please forgive any mistakes listed here. I will be sure to correct as I am updated.)

Join the trade group & have fun trading your wares & make new friends as well!   secondlife:///app/group/b3f88b1f-bf87-7764-9c04-80beb6ff07e0/about

I will be updating this info more & more & of course blogging the heck out of the event. See you all there!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Play Date ~

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                             If you like my style/pictures, please favorite on Flickr. It helps Me & my Sponsors - Thanks!

Enemble ~
For me, Lala, only. To see what my besties Lili (on the left in the group shot,) or Jinki, (on the right in the group shot) is wearing, scroll down for links to their respective blogs!)

"tSg" Kotoko Shape (Modded)
[PUMEC]  - .:ENSYA:.- Spring - (Blond Brows & Big Cleavage) (BTW - this comes with ALL & I mean ALL appliers in one easy HUD)  RARE PACK (Gacha) (Gacha Mania) This skin is Gorgeous!
!CS! Bauble::The Rain 1(Gacha)
Koketka *Eyelashes v.20* (Marketplace)
Blair's Gadget Factory Slink Hands + Feet + Eyelashes Combo MP 
C h a r y . - Contoured Freckles 10
-UtopiaH- Beauty Marks
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan] (Unavailable)
Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss & Teeth - Berry
Magika [Hair] Dreamy NEW!
.{yumyums}. Floral Fauna Princess Crown {Greedy}HUD (Gacha) ULTRA RARE (The Secret Affair)
ASO! B-Stamp native 02 1(Gacha)
Pink Acid Mesh Robot Buddy - Necklace (Gacha) (Gacha Mania)
:Moon Amore: Summerkini (Gacha) (Gacha Mania)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
[M] Slink Fingernails // Darks
::: Krystal ::: Marquess - Ring (Slink Fit) Platinum - NightSky (Gacha) (My bestie Jinki gave these to Lili & I, & they were given to her, so I'm not quite sure if they are form an event or whatnot, but I've linked the store at least!)
/// offbeat /// icedays gacha block ice 03 (Gacha) (The Chapter Four)
Cute Poison - Hip Accent Piercings HUD
NEO** : Floral Moni - ice blue 2 (Seasons Story) 
Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat
MG (Maxi Gossamer) - Sandals - Bejewelled Genie Princess HUD (For Slink Flat feet) (Past Collabor88)

Poses ~ 
(Mine Only)

grafica ~ happy dance i (TGGS Hunt) 0L
Infiniti f.basic 1
oOo daphne_five

Set ~

Apple Fall {sa} Takeaway Pizza
Beach Dune 1 by Studio Skye MP
set 3 - bucket of water Minnie Tunwarm
Pink Acid Popsicle For Mouth - Strawberry, Lime, Blueberry Grape (from Last years Candy Fair)
R(S)W Sandcastle - Spiral Path Castle
R(S)W Sandcastle - Sand Beach Belltower
LISP - Brighton Beach Guitar Decor, Brighton Beach Surf Boards Decor, Brighton Beach Deck Chair - Red/Blue Stripe
(Milk Motion) Vintage plastic bag - blue (Gacha)
beach_parasol_1 PINK OPEN

See what Lili is wearing (Left) ~

See what Jinki is wearing (Right) ~

Thoughts & Music ~

So, yep, here's another group blog with me & my besties. We just had to rock these adorable swimsuits from Moon Amore. There are tons on cute ones in the gacha. I love octopi so of course I love this one. The new magika hair is really cute as well. I didn't get a shot of the back but it has cute little buns. Trust me, you'll like it. It's so fun having HUD's such as on the yumyums crown, the cute poison piercings & the MG sandals, so I can customize everything & match up my look so cutely. 
Speaking of customizing - I think I need to work on making my own windlight, because even though this looks kind of cute, it did give me a bit of a purply sky. (I consoled myself by saying it matched Jinki, lol.) I'm always trying different windlights & I like things about a lot of them, but dislike things about them as well. It's time to figure out how to make my own, I suppose. 

Now please enjoy f(x) with a super adorable video & great song, "Hot Summer":

Come Sail Away with Me ~

Click Image for Larger View
                            If you like my style/pictures, please favorite on Flickr. It helps Me & my Sponsors - Thanks!

Ensemble ~

"tSg" Kotoko Shape (Modded)
.la petite morte. ellen t6 CL (Season's Story)
Koketka *Eyelashes v.20* (Marketplace)
-UtopiaH- Beauty Marks
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan] (Unavailable)
Blair's Gadget Factory Slink Hands + Feet + Eyelashes Combo MP 
Pink Acid Pom Pom Lip Shine V2 - Blue
Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss - Summer Dust
ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth - Braces[F]
+Spellbound+ Toothbrush // Natural Selection (Collabor88)
.PANIK. Mini Octokawaii - Ciel (Head ) (Season's Story)
Sweet Thing. Pure Angel Minis
"tSg" Hot Pink Body Blushing BJD Tattoo
Cute Poison - Nautical Necklace - White (So cute! Blogged before here in Blue)
-Dotties- Sailor Girl Crop Top & Shorties  [P4F Exclusive]
Intrigue Co. - Fanny Pack: White (Season's Story)
.{yumyums}. Sailors Token {Sailor Anchor} (The Pier Market) 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Cute Poison - Skull Ring Silver (Gacha) (Oh My Gacha)
[M] (MELONopolis) Slink Fingernails // PokeHeart
NEO**  Knee tattoo - Heart breaker - white 1 (Older Item, may be unavailable)
Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat
:Moon Amore: Kawaiiki Shoes (Come rigged & Non-rigged!) (Manga Fair)
Alchemy - Seal Pups - Follow - grey (Gacha) (Previous The Chapter Four)

Set ~

Small dune 1 Studio Skye MP
+eChau+ E016 *fence* (spray white)
(lightON/glow) HPMD* floorArt01 (yellowA)
KIDD Garden Set Metal TGGS Hunt Prize 0L
Teawood: My Dear Clementine (linked) (Past Fifty Linden Friday)
:: AB:: Awesome Blossom) Ice Tea Glass (Part Of Cape Cod Dock Set)
[mdrm]sunflower (Older item)


Exposeur - Sunflower Pose (Past Fifty Linden Friday)
:Picture This!: Jewelry Model

Thoughts & Music ~

I got cute stuff at Season's Story. You need an octopus on your head & I always love a good Fanny Pack! Also, make sure you go to The Gallery Gift Shop Hunt (TGGS). There's so much neat stuff to find, plus cool stuff to buy. I really love the eyes I found from Angelica - SO pretty, & the KIDD table & chair set is very cool as well. I will be blogging more of the Hunt prizes. I'm a bit backed up with blogging at the moment. I have another picture all ready to go that my besties Jinki & Lili & I took together today but I will have to post that one tomorrow. (Too tired to list all the credits & all tonight.)

I always enjoy Summer in SL, a LOT more then in RL, it's just fun to make cute outfits & be in the "Summertime" theme. I really can't stand the sun in actuality, I much prefer fog & overcast! I do miss the beach massively, though, so all these beach scenes are quite fun.

I love this song, I can't be unhappy when I hear it. Plus the guys are taking everyone to the Beach, so that makes me even happier. I practically get tears in my eyes when they finally get to the water - I'm such a sap! lol. Here's Big Bang with Sunset Glow. Enjoy!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Iris erat amicitia pastel ~

Click Image for Larger View
Click Image for Larger View
Click Image for Larger View

(For Lala in Purple, on the Left Only. Scroll for Links to my Friends Blogs.) 

"tSg" Kotoko Shape (Modded)
"tSg" Bunny :: D tone :: Bust :: Blonde :: NT - Soft Body
!CS! Bauble::Royale Eyes (Gacha)
Koketka *Eyelashes v.20* (Marketplace)
"tSg" Megane Classic - White *deco* Glasses (Seasons Story)
C h a r y . - Contoured Freckles 10
Anatomy - Anime Blush 2.0 a
-UtopiaH- Beauty Marks
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan] (Unavailable)
Blair's Gadget Factory Slink Hands + Feet + Eyelashes Combo MP 
Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss - Natural
ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth - Vamp'd Gap[F]
[LCKY] Gwin (Romp Fair) (Starts July15th) (http://rompfair.wordpress.com/) This hair is awesome!
*katat0nik* (purple strawberry) Cameo Hat (Gacha) (Formerly at The Arcade)
.{yumyums}. Summertime Sun Dress {Lavender 2} (The Secret Affair - Starts July 15th) 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
[M] MELONopolis Slink Fingernails // Pastels
Gachapon! Koneko-chan Necklace & Ring - Animated! SO cute!  (ATG Hunt - see hunt blog for all details!) 
. Sweet Thing. Purple Shiba Stack Wrist Watch & Pink Shiba Stack Bracelet (L'Accessoires - Starts July 15th)
PANTSU*HUNTER lace socks .peacock. & .purple. pearls garter L & R
Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium
+Half-Deer+ Milkshake Pumps (Grape) (Formerly at Collabor88) (I have blogged these before in another color, because I bought the fatpack. They are SO cute!) 

Cuddly Stuffy ~

.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {Kawaii watermelon~ 01} RARE (Gacha) (Gacha Mania - Starts July 15th)

Poses ~ 

lalochezia -  flex 5 (Former Fifty Linden Friday) 
Kirin - Mimi Pose 6

See what Jinki is wearing (Middle) ~

See what Lili is wearing (Right) ~

Thoughts & Music ~

It was really fun to do a blog post with my two besties. I did one before with just Jinki. This one also went really smoothly so we should all be doing it again soon.

In the picture where Lili is holding the broccoli, her forearm arm was totally hidden by her dress, so I tried to reconstruct it using rubber stamp & some painting. I am self-taught on photoshop, so I don't know a lot about it. I did my best & I think it looks pretty good for a quick job.

By the way, "Iris erat amicitia pastel" should translate to something like "A rainbow of pastel friendship" in Latin. I'm working the google translate again, as you can see.

Here's a song I have been listening to a lot: B1A4 - In the Air. It just makes me feel good. Enjoy! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Say Meow - It's Sushi O'Clock!

Click Image for Larger View

Ensemble ~

"tSg" Kotoko Shape (Modded)
-Glam Affair - Cassia America - Sea  Nymph - A (Past Group Gift)
Blair's Gadget Factory Slink Hands + Feet + Eyelashes Combo MP 
[M] (MELONopolis) Heartless Horns // (QFC HUNT - Quest Fur Cover, July 14th-August 11th 0L!)
.a. (Aisling) Ears - Fox -L& R- Neutral /Light/ (Gacha) (Past Arcade)
+Spellbound+ Suspiria - Small // Black/White Dip (Gacha) (Oh My Gacha) 
::Envious:: Faders Gears White (Gacha)
Candy Mountain . monochrome BOOGILY BOW NEST .
.:Buttery Toast:. Ickle Crown - Black/Blue (Gacha)
Static Anime Eyes - Blue (Manga Fair)
Koketka *Eyelashes v.20* (Marketplace)
L.Fauna Dimples  [Pale] (Unavailabe)
-UtopiaH- Beauty Marks
Cute Poison - Genera Piercing
Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss - Nude
ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth
:.Envious.: Envy Posture Collar, Patience Sweater, Arm Warmers, Belt Skirt (All from "Patience" Outfit. Also includes but not pictured: Matching Boots)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Gachapon! Party Time Necklace (July 2014 Group Gift) (Comes with matching ring - Animated! MUST SEE in person! SO COOL!)
.:Buttery Toast:. Meow - Teal  (Manga Fair) 
.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:..{Moon~ sky} bag  (Manga Fair) 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual -  L & R
Gachapon! Party Time Ring (ATG Hunt)
[M] (MELONopolis) Slink Fingernails // Star Power Pastels
.a. (Aisling) Tail -Fox- Neutral /Light/ (Gacha) (Past Arcade)
.:Buttery Toast:. Cotton Candy lingerie - Panties (previously blogged here.)
:::: L/E :::: Garter Stoking_Garter belt(Under layer) (Older item made by Envy - Nivea Miles)
Static Starry Stockings - White (Manga Fair)
Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat
"tSg" Ruffle Platforms - SolidxWhite L & R

Set ~

Gachapon! Sushi Clock RARE ATG Hunt Gacha Item - Lovely Detail, Really works!! - please see hunt blog for all info.
Gachapon! Taiko Drum Decor- resizeable
Gachapon! Maneki Neko Classic - resizeable
Gachapon! Grinning Onigiri Cuddly - holdable
Gachapon! Ebi Sushi Cuddly - holdable (ALL of these are ATG Hunt Items! July 13th - Sept30th. Don't miss out on this cuteness!

Poses ~ 

Verocity - Jessi pose pack (Manga Fair)

Thoughts & Music ~

I got a lot of cute things at the Manga Fair & I didn't even get a chance to look at all the stores yet, so I have to go back! I really like how this look & post turned out.

I am feeling a lot better today. Maybe it's my new meds kicking in, maybe it the phase of the moon. Whatever the reason, I'm grateful, because I was feeling really overwhelmed & low the last week or so.

In Keeping with the "Time" theme here's one of my all-time favorite Korean groups, SHINee, with an awesome song & a super sexy live performance of "One Minute Back" (Plus a bonus performance of Everybody.) Onew was injured & recovering during this time, that's why there is a stand-in for him, (the dancer in all-black during the Everybody performance & the reason for the mostly-sitting choreography during One Minute back.) Enjoy! ~

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mistress of the Cruel Summer ~

Click Image for Larger View

If you like my style/pictures, please favorite on Flickr. It helps Me & my Sponsors - Thanks!

Ensemble ~

"tSg" Kotoko Shape (Modded)
VCO Skin _  Freya  (Slink appliers included) 
(fd) (Fashionably Dead) BB Doll - Bandaid Wink (Gacha - Past Arcade - Still available in store) 
Blair's Gadget Factory Slink Hands + Feet + Eyelashes Combo MP 
Magika [Hair] Reading HUD (Blogged before here. I love this hair so much!)
Freya Crown - Gold (Fit for a Princess)
.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:..{Wooden Tiara~ purple} (Fantasy Room)
La Malvada Mujer - Rhythmic system 2 Tattoo
[ AYUMI ] Cleavage - Type3 - PALE 1
-Pixicat- Octopus necklace (White)
.:Buttery Toast:. Candy Swirls - Rainbow (The Candy Shop)
{PopTart} Pritty Top & Sleeves (Lolita)
{PopTart} Pritty Top (Lolita)(Wear With Boobies) (Manga Fair)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual - L & R
-Dotties- Ring Set Athena Gold left & right [For Slink Casual Hands Only] 
Cute Poison - Skull Ring Gold (R) (Oh My Gacha)
[M] Slink Fingernails & Toenails // On Fire HUD
Deviance-seductivesorceress-staffwhold-crystal (Part of an outfit won in a LC Prize)
{PopTart} Nine Tailed Kitsune Large (FoxRed)  wear (Manga Fair)
:Moon Amore: "El pulpo" pants (crazy dots yellow) (Manga Fair)
POMPOSITY - Thin Belly Chain - Egyptian Goddess (Gacha) 
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High
.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {Wooden platforms~gold} L &R slinkH (We Love Roleplay)

Poses ~

EP (Elephante Poses) - Mistress Of Evil Pack

Thoughts & Music ~ 

Super Junior, Monster:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Me's I Used to Be ~

Click Image for Larger View

Ensemble ~

(Top to Bottom)
Utilizator M3 Kemono - Head (v.1.12.3) (I only used the head from the new Kemono avatar this time. I have blogged it before here.)
- LL Face Alpha (I used the alpha from the older M3 anime head so I wouldn't have to squash my head. There might be other ways to only use the kemono head with a LL body, but this was how I did it.)
"tSg" Kotoko Shape (Modded)
PANTSU*HUNTER moe kemono .head. Applier (Comes with appliers for entire kemono avatar, but I just wanted to use the head this time.)
PANTSU*HUNTER imp maid .blue. HUD (Manga Fair)
Sweet Thing Pastel Pink Angel Minis (Manga Fair)
/Wasabi Pills/ Lory Mesh Hair - Faded (Past Gacha)
.::Mother Goose's::. SiSi_III_1L Skin (On Body - this was as close as I could get to the head applier skin from what I had in my inventory. MG has great skins!)
"tSg" Hot Pink Body Blushing BJD Tattoo (Came with the lovely TSG Ball Jointed Avatars - I actually find myself using this a lot. It gives a pretty glow to the shoulders & knees, etc.) 
Candy Mountain . Kemono - Short Eyebrows . (Tintable)
[M] Cyber Lust Eyes // Pink // Kemono
Blair's Gadget Factory Slink Hands + Feet + Eyelashes Combo MP 
.:Buttery Toast:. In the name of cats - Pink - Collar (Manga Fair) 
.{yumyums}. Plastik Candy {Yumyummy} ULTRA RARE (Gacha) (OMG - Oh My Gacha! -'till the 15th) 
PANTSU*HUNTER strawberry milkshake Dress sky
Slink  (AvEnhance) Wrist Blender R5 (to blend the body skin with the hands as best I could, since Mother Goose unfortunately doesn't make Slink appliers.) 
.{yumyums}. {star & pearl} Way Girlie Bracelet {Nostalgic} (Gacha)
.{yumyums}. {star} Way Girlie Bracelet {C.Candy} (Gacha)
.:Buttery Toast:. In the name of cats - Pink Cuff (L & R) (Manga Fair)
Slink  Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant
.:Buttery Toast:. Yara's Ring - pink HUD
Frogstar - Fairytale Endings Fingernails HUD (Fit for a Princess)
PANTSU*HUNTER pearls garter .peacock. L & R (Can't stop blogging these!)
PANTSU*HUNTER joestar stockings .pink. (Manga Fair)
Slink  Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium
Sweet Thing Solid Angel Pumps - Slink Mid L & R HUD - so pretty!

Poses ~ 

(Left to Right)
Lalochezia Royal 2m & Cambridge 3

Set ~

*ionic* I hear her voice (Gacha) (Chapter Four)
Dutchie gift: lillies (Subscribo Gift)
Frogstar - Ever After End Table - Hers/Hers (also available: His/His, His/Hers. Touch to change tablecloth texture  (Fit for a Princess)
BALACLAVA!! Seahorse Candlestick (gold) (Past Fifty Linden Friday)
{vespertine-pattern trinket box documents, magazines, family photos, junk}
{vespertine- opened memories trinket box} (All Past Fifty Linden Friday)
:: AB :: Old Wrinkled Rug (older item - unavailable)

Thoughts & Music ~

Blah, I am stressed out. My boyfriend has been super sick & I've had to take him to the hospital twice in the last week. It's also been over 100 degrees here every day  - REALLY hot & there's also a bunch of other things going on, like I am just really disappointed with my life & with people in general. I'm grateful for a lot of things & for the friends I do have, don't get me wrong, but life has a way of being overwhelming & super disappointing sometimes. Things are falling apart left & right all at once & I am just left going WTF? Of course all I do when I am stressed is eat & drink, so then I get even more depressed, after I start blowing up like a giant balloon. I wish I was the kind of person who got frail & thin when stressed or sad 'cos I would be a friggen stick figure right about now.

Here's a cover version of one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs. I never heard this version before today but it's pretty trippy/cool. It's the band Tame Impala doing the great song, "That's All for Everyone," Enjoy: