Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Favorites/Most Worn ~

A short list of Stores & items, NOT part of my Regular Sponsor list, that are used often.  

*(OO)* Yuki Mesh heads & skins

 Animare HUD V2.05 - a tool that allows you to refine ready poseballs, so that they better align with your avatar, allows you to create new poses on the fly, for example for Roleplay or Photo shootings, an efficient way to create poses and animations, export these poses and animations made by you with this tool out of SL into a bvh file and then re-import them as independent pose or animation with you as creator, in full permissions.

AnyPose Expression HUD "free facial and hand posing HUD. You can adjust your own facial expression and hand animation, or use the puppet feature to adjust another avatar."  Great for pictures and/or keeping eyes in place with mesh heads, etc.  MP

CATWA Mesh heads

Clemmm Curtain Lashes, Eyes, Poses, Tattoo Layer Body Effects, (Dirt, Scratches, Wraps, etc.) Just go here there's so much GREAT STUFF.

LovelyAlien StarryEyelashes (The easiest to edit, prettiest, doll-like lashes I have used so far.) There are also other really cute items on their MP!

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body


Mudskin & Enfant Skins & Eyes (A former ~#~Sponsor - Thanks very much!)

Pink Fuel skins

Slink Physique Mesh Body, Hands & Feet, & Visage Head

Sn@tch All the newer released items are made with Omega & usable on mesh bodies. I get a lot of the Socks, Stockings & Leggings. 

The Sugar Garden Eyes, Clothes, Mesh Heads & Skins, etc. 

Utilizator Kemono Avatar & Mesh Anime Heads

VCO mesh heads & skins

I use these Custom Windlights often for Beautiful Pictures:

Runa's Windlights 

Steffy's Windlights

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