Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hello, Kitty! ~

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Ensemble ~
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.0 Bento Update
~#~ LCKY Swan Hair Thereafter 
MIKA. Extravaganza Blush Applier 
~#~ Tamagosenbei Moon Horn Candy (tintable skin), TS Moon eye Lunar R w/sheen, TS Moon Eye L w/sheen, TS Moon Tear Cluster, TS Star Tears KURENAI (starts Oct 1st!)
^^Swallow^^ Drop Ears
~#~ *{( konpeitou )}* oriduru - BENTO piercing (catya)
~#~ Tamagosenbei Tamagosenbei Neko Headband White Ears, Tamagosenbei curled whisker 1 & 2 white, Tamagosenbei Neko Tail White 
~#~ [Cubic Cherry]16[Cubic Cherry] {Lulu} collar GOLD, 01[Cubic Cherry] {Lulu}dress GOLD RARE, 04[Cubic Cherry] {Lulu} panties GOLD pink (sized for Maitreya, please Demo first!) The Arcade
~#~ CURELESS[+] CURELESS[+] Moon Bastet Sleeve / COLOR / APPLIERS, CURELESS[+] Kitten Infusion / COLOR / APPLIERS
~#~ Miss Jewell Cross Necklace (Comes in Long & Short, In Silver. I edited it to gold.) Heart Shaped Glasses 5L Hunt Prize! Sept 1-30
+AH+ Unholy ring (Comes in Silver. I edited it to Gold.) Heart Shaped Glasses 5L Hunt Prize! Sept 1-30
~#~ ~Mani Pedi~ Lolita Polish (Comes in 8 Metallic Colors) Heart Shaped Glasses 5L Hunt Prize! Sept 1-30
~#~ Belle Epoque { Cute Gang } Kneepads Pink
The Sugar Garden .tsg. Pawprint Geta - Pink 

Set ~
~#~ % anxiety %ouch skybox  
[NANI] Decora.Dream ~ Sweet.Cats 

Pose ~
oOo thoughts_one

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