Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cats, Bears & Cosmic Candy Babes ~

To see what my dear friend Jinki-poo is wearing, (the cutie with the glasses,) please click HERE! 

On Me:
"tSg" Mei Mei Shape (I thinned the body a bit)
.Birdy. Maisie Skin ~Pure~ VIP gift 
.Birdy. Maisie Brows
Candy Mountain Eyes - . orbs of nightmares .
[SC] (Say Cheese) ~Disco Dip Freckles~ (cheeks+nose) Marketplace (So cute!)
Pink Acid Eye Magic Eyeshadow - Rainbow Bright
Nox. Nose Contour [Yellow] (Currently at Collabor88) TWO MORE DAYS
La Malvada Mujer- FAKE violent sea [eyelashes] Can't get enough of these lashes, SO pretty!
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan] - Also can't live without my dimples!
Candy Mountain - . DUCKY KiSSES - (lucky board) magic.
:Z.S: (Zombie Suicide) Sugar Piercings Yellow (Gacha) 
Cute Poison - Quixotic Piercing
[ AYUMI ] Cleavage - Type3 - PALE 1 (got this on the marketplace - a must have!)
*AP* (Alice Project)  Aphrodite [M] Glitter/Rainbow Streaks - Teal (Gacha)
.tsg. (The Sugar Garden) Crowned Jewel Hairbow - Black - Side (NEW!)
+Half-Deer+ Melty Sherbet Ears (White)
*katat0nik* (Cake1) Wonderland Pendant (Gacha) 
*katat0nik* (POSE) Candy Purse (Group Gift) 
Rotten Toe - plastic watch 
Gachapon! Princess Celestia Friendship Ring RARE (Gacha) (so many cute things here)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual 
{PopTart} Creeper Horns (Platinum, - I tinted them Purple in edit!) (Game Over Event Gacha) 
{PopTart} Cupcake Ring (Confetti) (Cupcake Hunt) (You get two cute rings for only 5L!)
(Milk Motion) cosmic bomber - cosmic (Currently at Collabor88) TWO MORE DAYS
.:Buttery Toast:. Meow! Cat bodysuit - White 2 (NEW!)
Candy Mountain - . SHAWTz - steal . s
{Sugar Heart} Sweet Factory Tights ~ Jelly Beans RARE (Gacha) 
.:Buttery Toast:. Ribbon Socks - Purple (NEW!)
.:Buttery Toast:. Mad Cat lady - Socks 
.:Buttery Toast:. With Wings - Purple Shoes

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