Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve Party Dress

Happy New Year Everyone! See you in the future <3

Fashionably Dead Skin at Collabor88
LpD Black Strong Kajal eyeliner
Boon hairbase in chestnut
L.Fauna dimples & freckles
Bliss Couture Diamond is Mine Hunt Hair
Elemiah Dress With Love Again Hunt 10L
TokiDoki un tights in rose (Gacha) 16L
House of Fox Arch Boots, Modern Couture Hat
Malt Chunky Necklace (Old Hunt item)
Olive Juice Ball Pit Pose Props

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mr. Poet

Everything my friend is wearing here was free. The only thing that was purchased was the amazing skybox & that was only 88L at Collabor88 so you better go get it now. I realize you can't really see it in all it's glory but let me tell you, I have been loving it since I got it last week or so. It's mesh, so time to upgrade. Oh, & there's a demo in case you're not convinced. Anyway, Mr. Poet is this great men's shop that features really wonderful clothing that reminds you that, yes, there are some great places for men in Second Life. Not only that but with some great gifts & lucky boards it also reminds you that there are some really nice FREE things for men in SL, which can sometimes be rare. This Lucky Board skin came with the shape &  it's very "European Male Model", as in quite tall, thin, strong nose with quite a bump which took me a second to get used to because it's kind of severe, but yet still sexy. (Shape is no mod.) The detail in the skin is nice, especially the little imperfections & freckles in the face. I love that kind of stuff. The tips of the fingers are a bit oddly discolored but I can live with it. We decided to leave him bald because the scalp detail was so nice. (I made my boyfriend go wait at the lucky boards for this skin & shape as well because I was liking it so much, but we ended up putting a cute Boon blonde fauxhawk on him with a different shape & it looked so hot & very different, maybe I will take some pics of his avie later.) Anyway, I'm really loving this skin. The mesh sweater is also free & comes in three colors, black, grey & navy blue. The cut is great. It reminds me of the type of sweaters Duran Duran used to wear back in the day & yes, I just totally dated myself. The color change scarf is also free& is totally unisex. The Shirt was an older group gift from Scars. Pants are from Willow & bracelet from Concrete Flowers (both were from a past Season's Hunt we did  - I think last Summer.)

Downtown Cathedral Catwalk by Tromp Loeil at Collabor88
Sweater, Color Change Scarf, Shape & Skin - all FREE at  Mr. Poet
Shirt Group Gift Free Scars
Pants Past Hunt Seasons Gift Willow
Beach Bracelet Past Seasons Hunt Gift Concrete Flowers
Eyes & Pose from amato OL

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

She Ran Away With The Circus ~

Please leave a comment about anything that is on your mind & Thank you for stopping by!

Fashionable Dead Skin purchased at Collabor88 (I think it's still there.)
Les Petites Details Black Strong Kajal Eyeliner
Hat/Hair "Cirque" from a store called Hairy Situations (Very Old, Closed, Creator sadly gone)
Clawtooth Fancy Pants Hair Flower Texture Change - I love this!
ni.ju claws
Acid & Mala My Fav Bracelet (part of)
Jack Spoon Blouse (These are two of my favorite colors together, ever. I am still very excited about my Jack Spoon purchases & have two more posts lined up, so stay tuned! Also, please check out the designers personal blog, she has insanely good taste & style, not only with her own creations, but just in general.
Sn@tch Languid Gothic Ribbon Choker
LeeZu Sequin Shorts
Sn@tch - The Hunger "Gimme Siren" Garter Fishnets (came with the outfit "Gimme Siren" but I always end up using just this part with many of my creations - very useful!)
TokiDoki "untights" Gacha 16L (I bought a bunch of these - come in cute colors with nice ribbed texture.)
!tarnished Bon Bon socks (very old)
Ladies who Lunch Boots for the With Love Again Hunt 10L (I love these - they come with a super easy Hud for resize, sole color change, stud color change & stud on/off - very cool! I would get them in every color if the non-hunt ones weren't so pricey, But then again, one of these days I suppose I will have to get off my duff & learn to make these things for myself or quit complaining!)
*.amato.* pose 
Redgrave Twiggy Eyelashes
Eyes made by Me

Free as a Bird

I have been pretty busy in real life with the holidays coming up, trying to to get my house in order from the recent move, some serious health issues & also some pretty horrible personal drama with some lifelong friends that made me realize a lot of those friendships actually ended a long, long time ago. Now that I have kicked & screamed & cried long enough, I think I am starting to realize I really must try to move on & forever let go of my resentments toward these people & just never speak to them again. I just can't try to "resolve" anything with them, there's just too much anger there on my part, as hard & embarrassing as that is to admit. It really hurt but I am starting to feel a little more free, knowing that I can never "fix" it, because it's unfixable. On a lighter note, I have been doing a LOT of shopping, dressing-up & decorating in Second Life. It seems like the designers are just bursting with creativity & it has certainly sparked mine! I have been putting together outfits & saving them faster than I can take the pictures & make posts. Here's a look I put together probably a month ago. I built it around these great stockings I found on marketplace. I think they are really unique & beautiful. I am always looking for pretty garter stockings & what really drew me in was the neat bird & branch detail on the leg as well as the blue gradient. They come with four pairs, in different options for 85L, alpha layer included. I would also like to note that the wonderfully decorative frame I used for my pose prop is actually the "box" for a past hunt gift from the shop Natural . The designer always has unique delivery methods for her items & this is no exception. Please leave a comment & Thank You for stopping by.

Skin Glam Affair With Love Again Hunt 10L (So Pretty!)
Hair (still nothing inworld or on MP but I did find some pics on flickr) 3636 was free
Bodysuit (older)  Ohmai
Additional shoulder feathers by Kletva (had purchased at Dressing Room)
Stockings -CG- Raven Moon Stockings 85L
Boots Violent Seduction Group Gift
Picture Frame that housed the Black Butler Hunt Prize Clothing made by Natural

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In My Room

Fashionably Dead Skins in bird dust 6 freckles 500L
[e} elikatira soft got at Collabor88 for 88 now back to regular price
Fishy starwberry Fur neck Cardi the dressing Room 69L

Ison high waisted cigarette trousers
December Glassses Group Lucky Board
House of Fox Forever Young Ring was on sale for 50L now 100
:NuDoLu: Ikebana Lumineuse 2,  NuDoLu: Deco lumineuse, NuDoOlu Lumiere des cartes anciennes:
Art Dummy Old Window
shop seu 1 prim form (recolored from original Black) 80L
what next paper doll mannequin store gift 0L
[croire] paisley doodle decal 50L

Friday, December 9, 2011

Foxy Ladies

I was shopping in the wonderful Collabor88 & enjoying it as I usually do, when some spastic gal dressed as a deer ran up to me and yelled "Murderer!" in my face. I had just purchased & was wearing my lovely, (& obviously FAUX) Fox Fur Wrap from Ohmai. After I regained my composure, I took a moment to drop a notecard to the creator, Anya Ohmai, of who I am a longtime fan & she kindly took the time to get back to me, which was nice. What was not nice & actually very shocking was the fact that she told me people have been harassing her as well over this faux fur PIXEL creation. Honestly, I just can't believe it. When I saw it, I instantly loved it's retro look & figured it was a nod to the recent Vintage Fair & also very appropriate considering the Winter weather. Let me clear something up just in case some people are confused. This is Second Life: A computer simulation. No actual animals were hurt! I wonder if the girl dressed as a deer calls herself a "murderer" in "real life" every time she eats a hamburger or walks a step in her leather shoes, or even eats a slice of cheese. That's as far as I will go with that, but I will say,  No, I wouldn't wear a fox in "real life" but there's a huge list of things I am able to do in SL that I cannot do in RL like: have hooves & horns or wings, be a dragon or a bird or a guy,  have different colored hair, be any size or shape I want, hell, I can wear a dog skull on my chest & have a tentacles for legs if I want - whatever, I'm not hurting anyone or anything! That gal probably thought she was being very "PC" & awesome, but she was actually being a first class twit. Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood pixel murderer. Now, please enjoy the pictures I took. Thank You.

All skins: Fashionably Dead Skins 88L
All Faux Foxes: Ohmai Faux Fox Fur 88L multi colors
Hair (top two~ Clawtooth Hair 88L  color pack, bottom two D!va Free Group Gift Hair.)

More Details:
1. {U.F.O.} Dress 88L

2. D!va old Group Gift Hat, Tres Blah Dress 88L, Annoying Japanese Children Group Free Necklace (look up group inworld, free join) Dilly Dolls Mesh Boots (Group Gift)

3. Tres Blah Dress (past collabor88) Glasses 88L, Lassitude & Ennui Shoes (past hunt gift)

4. Lo momo dress (October Free Group Gift still available Free to join! ~Comes with choker, hat & hair not pictured)

All pictures taken in my L2 Studio Hot House July House (Past Seasons Hunt Gift I absolutely LOVE)
Decorated for Xmas with the following items:
Couch, Giant Ornaments, Tree, Gifts, Cards, Mistletoe, Chalkboard Paintings, Fireplace Set, Card Garland, Twinkle Lights ALL from - LISP
Art Dummy Bottle Lights
What Next Starry Lanterns
Awesome Blossom Oar, Kessi Andretti Love letters added
Concrete Flowers Rug
Table, Shelves, Floor Pillows Kessi Andretti (Makes Great Houses & stuff! Look it up!)

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Lonely White Queen

The White Queen is lonely because she got all dressed up, decorated her pavilion, set out scented candles & twinkle lights, arranged many lovely & gifts & refreshments & none of her so-called friends arrived. She is so sad that all she can do now is drink too much brandy & eggnog & lay down by the fire, dreaming of days gone by, when her old friends surrounded her & there was dancing & singing & laughter filled the air. They were there before, weren't they? All her old friends? Surely she hadn't imagined them all this time...

Jennifer Shape [glow}Studio (was at Dressing Room)
Glam Affair Gio Skin Black Snow 70L Dressing Room
Snow Full Body Tat by Gloom Stoanes (got on MP last year, could not locate it again within their items) 
Gigi hair by 3636 (Store is gone & MP page is blank?)
Eyes by LaDonna Oceanlane (Jennifer Oleari)
Twiggy eyelashes from Redgrave
Bare Rose White Queen Dress 160L
[glow] necklace Amelie Pearl 45L Dressing room
ni.ju Black Tipped Claws claws
Split Pea headdress 100L
LISP (Huge Sale: large ornaments, presents, candles, mistletoe, card garland, twinkle lights etc.10-100L)
A:S:S Free Winter Pavilion
White Christmas Trees
Traditional Xmas Lights
HPMD Sweet Garden Grass

Monday, November 28, 2011

Me & the Troll Tree

I got this Great Tree Troll & Garden Ball Lights a few months ago from the old location of the Epic Toy Factory. I copied & arranged the lights & they looked so pretty so I added some lovely HPMD grasses & slapped a tatami texture down & just took some pictures in what I was wearing. Epic Toy Factory has recently moved & I think they are still under construction but I say go check it out - it's really "fantasy-ish" & full of interesting creations. I had recently assembled this funky 80's inspired outfit, (which I realize has almost nothing to do with Troll Trees or tatami, so sue me,) out of bits & pieces but I really like how it turned out. Enjoy.



The Epic Toy Factory Troll tree & Garden Ball Lights (Under Construction, take a look around.)
La Malvada Mujer Snow Cat poses (Last Xmas Hunt Gift?)
Lamb Hair Whoop Dee Doo (I use this one a lot because it's amazing.)
Pink Fuel Skin From Previous "Bake Sale" Special Event so it's not available anymore but Please go to the store because it's so cute & the other skins are GREAT.
RibboN Suspender Skirt 40L. I love all my RibboN clothes! Go there!
Haut.Monde Natalee Wedges 349L for 3 colors. There was an inworld vendor issue & the owner, Teresa Republic was so kind to resolve it for me. I really love these shoes. Thanks, Teresa.
Jack Spoon Vibora Dress 65L (I bought a lot from this new designer & will blog more soon. I would have worn the whole dress ((the snakeskin top & puffsleves are from it,)) but I had an issue with the skirt. My body just poked through when my AO moved & it bothered me. Maybe if I had an AO that wasn't so "hippy" or didn't move so much? I tried many AO's in my inventory & even some alpha masks for my butt & hips & finally decided that the best bet would have been for the designer to have gone with a system skirt or even a system with some added flexi (ugh, I know,) or perhaps a differently shaped sculpted prim? Next Step Mesh, (it has spoiled me.) I will say I absolutely LOVE the designer's color & texture sense & I am VERY happy in general with all my purchases & I am willing to try resizing the skirt again & looking for a better AO because I think it's worth it. I AM definitely going to blog more about them because I LOVED the vision the designer has & I want to support that! This is NOT a "dis" - I want to see more from this designer! I bought a BUNCH  more cool things to photograph so get ready for those!)
LeeZu Burleske Tights 95L (How great is this store? I just wish it was cheaper so I could buy it all :P)
[glow] Studio Jennifer Shape
***Eyes & Chest Tattoo made by Me, LaDonna, (Jennifer Oleari)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Still in a Vintage Mood

I am really feeling the Vintage Fair. Yes, I finally was able to go back & the lag was not bad at all. I wasn't able to splurge as much as I would have liked because I kind of blew my budget early this month & I live on a fixed income but there is one more item I may have to go back & get, (I'll keep you posted.) In the meantime I am happy with my Haut.Monde purchases AND I got another pair of shoes from them, (actually a three-pack from the mainstore ~ posting soon!) Plus I have been scouring my inventory for "vintage" finds & pairing them up with some cool new additions I recently picked up. I got a little artsy with the setup on these pics, (I wanted to use my cool furniture!) so the clothes aren't exactly featured the best they could be & they are not from the Vintage Fair but they are pretty vintage looking & pretty great. I really love everything I am wearing here, new items & old favorites.
Ok, so Both pictures feature:
Glam Affair Gio Skin 70L , Glow Studio Jennifer Shape 70L, Noctis Sofa, Table, Lamp & Rug (Past Hunt Gifts) Stone Misery Reading Rug (includes books, Pillows, candle & Raven) Past Hunt Gift or Lucky Board (Can't remember which, Sorry!)


 *First Look Also Features:
Lamb Hair  Girlfriend in a Coma (Purchased for discounted rate of 88L at Collabor88 last set up!)
Pig Sing Sing Precious Old Group Gift
RibboN Gray Suspender Pants 40L
G Field Alex Adjustable Strap Shoes in Black 200L (the Straps have 3 or 4 configurations plus no-strap, also sole color change. It's like getting a bunch of shoes all in one.) Great deal & Look amazing on.
Miel Color Changeable Genius Peepers 175L
House of Fox ForeverYoung Ring Purchased on Sale for 50L, is now back to 100L

*Second look also Features:

Elikatira Hair from Collabor88
Coco Bow Blouse 100L
LeeZu Pants (Lea Pants with added Brit Pants Bits, sorry I do that a lot)
Nardcotix Shoes from The Dressing Room
Natural Avec Toi Hair Piece 69L
Nala Monocle

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fairly Vintage

So, my new Second Life friend TokiSan has the most amazing taste & took me to a store at the Vintage Fair called Haut.Monde to get these awesome shoes. The lag was incredible & I'm not one to usually suffer from lag. It was so bad I was only able to cam around to a few surrounding stores. I really don't understand the lag problem because all three times I tried to go, there weren't that many people there, but I guess it has a lot to do with vendor scripts & builds, etc. I really don't know anything about that stuff, all I know is I wanted to see more of what the Fair had to offer & I couldn't. I will keep trying, because although I think what I saw/purchased was a little overpriced, (the shoes alone were over 300L,) it's a fun concept/great theme & I like to support creative designers. Puff Sleeve Bodysuit, Overknee Leggings & Franci Wedges from Haut.Monde. I added an extra old leg warmer on one side for additional asymmetry, a great 10L belt from Cobrahive & flower shoulder piece from an old Ohmai bodysuit. The beautiful skin is from Glam Affair (I LOVE their skins!) & available at the 70L discounted price at The Dressing Room right now, (I added freckles & dimples as always,) the hair is from elikatira, Olive Juice pose. PS - I stumbled upon even more photoshop tricks today. This is becoming more fun & expressive & I can't wait to learn a lot more! I know it's a little goofy but that's me, & I am still learning, so what can you do. Enjoy ~

Monday, November 7, 2011

Song to the Siren


I grew up near the ocean almost my whole life. Now that I am living inland I truly miss being able to take solace in all that the Sea has to offer. I made my little parcel in Second Life an "oceanside retreat" for a very specific reason ~ to be able to virtually revisit this comfort. Anyway, I got this LeeZu "Barbara" pullover in olive from The Dressing Room, great color change boots from Miel & the 25L bloomers, from sn@tch, found in the bargain pit & green tights (part of the full Pixie outfit.) The ball jointed doll avatar is from The Sugar Garden & hat/hair from the now defunct Berries, Inc. Also, please enjoy the sad/beautiful song I have included at the end as well. It is a cover of an old Tim Buckley (Father of Jeff Buckley,) song entitled "Song to the Siren" sung by Liz Frazier of the Cocteau Twins in a group called This Mortal Coil which was actually a collaboration of different artists from the 4AD record label, getting together & making gorgeous music. I have all three albums the collective put out over the years & they are all beautiful. This song always had a very "oceanic" & "longing" theme that fits my current mood perfectly. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

I (Don't) Hate this Love Song

I have been listening to/watching this Big Bang video nonstop since yesterday. Where has this song been all my life? I only heard a couple Big Bang songs before I fell in love with the GD & T.O.P. solo collaboration cd. I played it so much my boyfriend begged me to put something else in the car stereo, so I tortured him with more SHINee cd's. But honestly, I can't believe I have missed out on so much good music by being blinded by SHINee's beauty, (lol - no offense to my shining boys & I am a Shawol forever,) but DANG - this Big Bang song & video is SO GOOD & I want to hear MORE. The music & vocals have so many hooks & catchy bits - you don't need to understand Korean to get the vibe thanks to the wonderful  performances. I LOVE the guitar melodies - very evocative of the Edge (from U2,) and the drums - I could go on, but just listen for yourself. I am going to listen to it again. (Oh & BTW ~ GD proves that cool guys DO look back at explosions at the end, cos he's the only one who looks & he's Pretty Darn Cool, lol.) PS - Happy Belated Birthday to T.O.P.~ a beautiful, talented guy with that sexy deep voice I always go for, (Plus he has the most amazing eyebrows.) Good Luck to Big Bang who are up for an award in the MTV EMA's. * I LOVE THIS GROUP!*

~ Ok now here's my little Second Life look I put together out of all free items!

 *.amato.* eyes, pose, photostudio
 Dilly Dolls dress, Mesh Boots (Group Gift)
 .+*Heart Softens*+. hair, corsage, Group Gift
GHOST! Prison Tights made my Triangle Caudron
.::Mother Goose's::. Skin (Free Lucky Boards)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ode to Dia de los Muertos ~

Yes, this is a bit late, but as I have posted before I have been having computer problems. My computer is being a real pill, in that it will do almost everything fine, except run Second Life. I am on my very patient boyfriend's computer right now. I have to say, since our move to the new house we bought, he has been really amazing. He has really stepped up to the plate and done far more than his share in helping to get this place together enough to be a home for us. I am really impressed with him and his work ethic. On the flip-side, I have been feeling very melancholy lately, myself. Halloween is a double-sided affair to me, fun, yet morose, as I watch all the little children going through the motions of the childhood ritual. I am an older adult now and it is weird! I don't feel old inside my head, but my body is OLD! I have been going over ideas of age, gender and the like in my head lately and I am not satisfied with all my conclusions. I feel lost so often in life. I feel alone. I thank goodness for my truly close loved ones: the people that put up with me daily and still love me. I love you back ~ More than you know. I would like to dedicate this post to my Nana Jean whose Birthday it was on 11-2-11. Although you are gone, we all think of you daily. You will never leave our hearts and we will love you forever. PS - I miss you Burke. I have a tribute coming soon...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nice & Light

My computer decided to die on Halloween, so I have been relegated to my old, laggy laptop or borrowing my boyfriend's desktop while I slave-drive him to fix mine. I had some grand plans to make a few Dia de los Muertos outfits, but since I wasn't able to get on Second Life until today, I just decided to photograph a look I made a few days ago. I got this lace dress at The Dressing Room for 70 Linden. It's from Mimikri and I have purchased from them before but I was a little disappointed with the neckline on this dress. (Click the link to their blog. As you can see in the ad, the upper neck is obscured by the models long hair, so I had no idea what it looked like until I bought it.) The arm seams are a little visible and the upper neckline seemed a bit "unfinished," (in my opinion,) so I covered it up with a scarf  and brooch. I really liked the soft taupe color and honestly it looks pretty cute here in this picture, in the context of the whole look, but I was just a little disappointed when I first bought it. If it were my creation, I would have probably included a prim, (similar to the arm bands and waist,) for the upper neckline, but I am not a builder so what can you do. Anyway, maybe I will be able to put together some of those Dia de los Muertos looks a little later tonight ~ better late than never I suppose!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Strange Dreams #1

I have really strange dreams and I almost always remember them, well into the following day. I thought I might start posting the more memorable bits, not only as a record, but also for entertainment purposes. I cannot promise they will always be entertaining, nor make much sense. I just thought it would be an interesting experiment. So here goes the first one:

"I dreamt my boyfriend Ted and I were taking care of a building. We were basically custodial house-sitters for an office building where Dan Rather had an office. I was trying to help Mr. Rather clean his lunch up off the desk when he asked, "Can you manage all that?" I replied, "Yes," just as I accidentally dropped his cherished jar of home-made caesar salad dressing into his leftover vegetable soup. He looked very irritated as he tried to fish the jar out of the soup."

Now I will present a song/video that relates somehow. Since this is the first of my "Strange Dreams" posts I will tell you a little something about those two words. Every time I think of, hear or say the words, "Strange Dreams" I think of the amazing song, "Sharkey's Day," by musician/performance artist/legend Laurie Anderson. I had the vinyl album and the cassette copy of Mister Heartbreak, (that this and many other wonderful songs are from,) as a teenager and never, EVER had seen this video for the song until tonight. I truthfully cannot say I love the video as much as I love the song. In fact, I almost couldn't watch it because it was kind of ruining the song for me. I was in my teens in the 1980's when the video age was born, and I mostly did other things besides sit in front of a fledgling MTV suffering through Poison videos just to occasionally catch a glimpse of something I deemed cool, (although it did happen on occasion!) Life didn't revolve around TV as much back then, and there were no cell phones or computers in everyday homes, (and if there were in some more affluent or technologically advanced homes, they were mostly just word processors and there wasn't an "internet,") so it was really a VERY different life experience. I think that growing up this way has made me prefer to HEAR music FIRST, before I see an accompanying visual. I like to let my mind wander and let my own imagination interpret the music. This is not to say I don't enjoy visuals - I do, totally, yeah,...but for me, some of the magic is lost when I have to see something I might find silly, irritating, goofy or unsettling the first time I hear a song. I would much rather have already heard the song and THEN see whatever they offer for the visuals. This is a strange preference to have while living in the "youtube reality" of today and as I have stated in previous posts I DO love having so many options for visual entertainment so handy ~ it's just that I miss being able to have my own personal experience with the music beforehand. With that long explanation out of the way I will now present a totally goofy video of a song I treasure. I suggest just LISTENING to the audio first, because you might get "put off " by the dated video. Or maybe not. But it is kinda goofy... 

If you made it through that ok, then you might like to see a live version of the song. The visual presentation is much better, more sophisticated in my opinion and you get to see the musicians in action. Again, try to remember the times so you don't judge the clothes or the people's appearances too harshly. This was very daring fare in it's day. Also, remember that a musician doesn't have to be beautiful, flawless or young to be impressive, which I believe excessive focus goes to in today's popular music scene.
The music should speak for itself ~ it is music after all...

Thank you for your time and here's to you and I having more "Strange Dreams"...

***Additional Editorial Comment***  Yeah, I thought the Sharkey's Day video was goofy & then I saw Nicki Minaj's Super Bass video. Seriously ~ What to the Feck, man. Gross. And I liked that song when I heard it on the radio! The video really ruined it for me because now all I can see in my mind is her humping an ice motorcycle, frolicking in a pool of pepto-bismol, the really sloppy pink-haired drunken barbie wanna-be clone dance line and the tacky, black-light neon makeup lap-dance sequence at the end. And I'm sorry to be such a prude but when the HELL did it become COOL to want a guy who sells drugs? This is a song on the mainstream top 40 radio & she's saying she was looking for this type of guy she describes in the song ~ A Drug Dealer! Only someone who is either has no clue about or is in total denial of what drugs actually do to a person, a family, a community, a town, a state, a WORLD, would think that it is something COOL to be involved with. It was all-in-all a very sad sight & realization. See for yourself if you DARE, but you have been warned:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hello Halloween!

Oh, Halloween ~ I am excited it's almost here, but my excitement is mingled with sadness knowing that it will soon be over. Take a gander at a little look I put together using the Esuga/Sugar Garden Male Ball Jointed Doll FTLO Hunt Prize, (here's a hint on where to find the little bat: "Look to the far East!",) a cool prize that Fatal Error Gave away during the last Twisted Hunt called Inkubus, (LOVE those birdy feet!) and the latest hunt prize from Actuate Eden, (back spines, arm armor, feathered skirt, shoulder and jacket and pants! Look for a red prim cross and buy for 1L.) Also, remember to check out the other sales going on there as well ~ lots of cool/spooky/gothy/glammy makeup, horns, clothing and other finery! (Homepage here.)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Slowly Learning...

I originally posted separate pictures of this Bird Avatar in mid-September, but I have been trying to teach myself some new photoshop skills and I finally figured out how to do something cool ~ putting three of the images on one picture. I am slowly learning more and I realize this is a pretty basic thing I have accomplished but I am kind of proud of myself at any rate.

Bird Avatar available here

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Doll Love

I might never get over how cute this Special FTLO100L Ball Jointed Doll avatar from Esuga/Sugar Garden is. I just keep finding new ways to dress it up. Cute Halloween Group Gift Dress from Rotten Toe, *Epic* Stuck on Fall Garters with Hooves, (100L at the FTLO Event! While I kind of missed the "bent-back" look of your usual hoofed legs, this makes up for it by being cutely encrusted with acorns, leaves, squash, floating butterflies/moths and even an optional particle "footprint" of autumn-colored sparklies!) Gloves from Sn@tch, Black Choker from Violent Seduction, Decorated Horns from the amazing Rotten Defiance Hunt (look for little skulls,) Candy and Ghost Crown, earrings and choker from the great Dimbula Rose/Amato Hunt (look for the buyable pumpkins,) and beautiful Group Gift hair from D!va (Who ALWAYS has really nice group gifts!)

(***Speaking of "Doll Love" (lol) I recently found this amazingly artistic blog, "Ensconced in Velvet," which I really admire for presenting such creative posts and would you just take a look at THIS new doll avatar! I think I will have to go get it ASAP.)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Forgotten Fauns

Here are some pictures I took last month, but with moving into my new house and all the stress associated with that, I simply forgot to post them. There's still a lot of unpacking and organizing to be done, but the house is beautiful and the secure feeling of being a homeowner is unmatched. My boyfriend, Me and and even our cat are really loving it! ~Now onto the pictures: No, the pictures themselves aren't fancy and my lack of photoshop skills is pretty evident here, but I was of proud of the looks I came up with and had a lot of fun putting them together using many old and new items from my inventory. I think they are kind of perfect for Halloween, at any rate! Enjoy~

Titania's Court Faun Legs & Horns
Boon Hair (top look only)
Acid & Mala My Fav Bracelet Black  (The black pearl bracelets)
Cobrahive Wrapped Bracelets 10 L
LOULOU&CO Garter (resize script added)
[Love Zombie] Scripture Tattoo (very old item)
Horns with silver cuff  and Skin on Second Look - Monsoon (store Closed)
Zenith Fishbone Necklace (Came with an entire outfit, not pictured.)
.::]HTxDZ[::. (Dark Mother of Pearl Lala Demon Claws- Made by Taki Kujisawa and inspired by me! :) )
White and Black Eyes from Negaposi
*Les Petites Details* Eyelashes and Prim Eyeliner
Twiggy Eyelashes by Redgrave
Feather eyelashes from Glow Studio
Katy Perry ET Makeup - Marketplace (No longer found.)
[XYR] FREE Veronica Doll skin  (Seen in first look - heavily covered with tattoos and freckles)
Cross Mouth Pierce
Dresses from Rotten Toe, Bare Rose (wings also,) and Violent Seduction  (Last skin/ears also.)
Corsets from Silent Sparrow and Heartsick

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Good Witch

I still haven't taken off the adorable Doll Avatar I got from Esuga/The Sugar Garden at the FTLO Halloween Event. It was only 100L (bargain!) AND there's a free male version in the hunt. Speaking of Hunts - I scored this adorable dress, cane and crown from the Dimbula Rose & Amato Hunt Event.  I especially love the HAT, (outfit comes in male also,) and it looked really cute with my beautiful free hunt gift  [*RD*]* Faun Legs & Horns from Rotten Defiance. Hair is from lamb.
Happy Halloween ~ Be Safe and Have Fun!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Punky Heart

My friend Kiba Tachikawa, the owner of Actuate Eden, made this cute outfit a while back and I always wanted to get it, so I finally did! It's called Punky Heart and is inspired by the video from LM.C. It comes with cool legwarmers but I didn't use them so I could wear my faun legs, (which I am addicted to!) I love the floppy arms and the bright colors so much! As I stated, the outfit is a bit older so it came with invisiprim "hand hiders" to keep the hands from poking through the floppy sleeves. I decided to forgo those in favor of some free alpha hand hiding layers I got on marketplace. Oh ~ and the gorgeous doll avatar is from The Sugar Garden. They keep impressing me with their creations and this is no exception! (More on the doll-avatar soon!)

For comparison's sake - here's the cute video! Enjoy~!

Kiba has been making a lot of new things lately, like beautiful horns & makeup, etc. (even working on a special Halloween outfit to be released very soon!) ~ so please check out his Main Shop!

* * *
Outfit: Actuate Eden
Doll Avatar: The Sugar Garden for FTLO Halloween 
Hair: Lamb
Faun Legs, Horns: Titania's Court
Piercing: ni.ju
Pose: *.amato.*

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Room with a View

Skin: The Sugar Garden (Group Lucky Boards - Free to join.)
Hair: AdN Designs
Makeup: [Beautifully Grotesque]
Tattoos: Dimbula Rose
Top & Skirt: elymode
Boots: Violent Seduction (Group Gift - Not free to join.) 
Necklace: Bare Rose
Armstraps: Cobrahive
Animated Glasses: Balkanik