Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dance it out

Sometimes life gets to me and the only thing that helps is Music. Here is an old favorite I discovered way back in 1986. This song never fails to lift my mood and I cannot help but dance around when I hear it. ~But first, a bit of back story: In 1986 MTV was pretty brand-spankin' new and NOTHING like it is today. Sure, there was a lot of "hair metal" but late at night the weirder and more obscure videos would be played. Since I was in High School and couldn't stay up ALL night hoping for something "cool" to grace the screen, I would pop in a 120 minute VHS tape and just let it record until it filled, as I slept. I would come home from school the next day and watch it, eagerly searching for something really cool. One night this video was captured and I was absolutely enthralled when I saw it. The song got stuck in my head immediately and the search to find more from the band was ON. I finally got my hands on the record almost ten years later. Remember, this was long before the internet as we know it. You couldn't just type your desires into or ebay and get whatever you wanted. There was a LOT of stuff I sought out for YEARS. I mean actually physically going to other cities and looking in record stores to find these things. Yes, it's a lot easier now, and I like that, (although I STILL can't find a couple very rare items I have been seeking for over 20 plus years!) ANYWAY, here's the great song I found by "accident" and have never stopped loving. This is the French band Les Rita Mitsouko with "C'est Comme Ca". Enjoy!

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