Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anthropomorphic Fun

Fall is here and Halloween is just around the corner, but everyone who knows me knows that I don't really need a special reason to play dress-up. Second Life has been my "Virtual Dolly Dress Up" for almost four years now and I never get tired of creating new looks and finding new things. Here are two animal/human mixed avatars I have been enjoying lately in my Second Life. The Bunny was created piecemeal from many outfits and avatar bits, with homemade eyes and teeth and a lot of modding as well as tattoo layers, etc.
(Please forgive my amateur Photoshop skills!)

The Bird is pretty much straight out of the box, except I substituted my own shape, chose the feather colors and changed the eye color. I scoured my inventory to find a nice outfit for the Bird, but honestly, she just looked better naked! I just adore these colors so much!

+ I have about five Faun looks saved as well, so stay tuned for pics of those!


(On The Bunny)

Original Bunny Shape and Skin from Rotten Toe. (I severely modded the shape as well as the skin with makeup layers, freckles, tattoos, etc, but it's cute to begin with. This store also has great creepy/carny clothes, skins, hair and quality group gifts. A longtime favorite store of mine since I started SL!)
Rotten Toe:

Hair: (Also very modded. I just LOVE the fact that all their hair is modifiable!)
LOGO & Kin

The outfit is a mix of clothes from Little Heaven, (which, unfortunately I cannot seem to find a store for anymore,) Heartsick, (, (but the outfit is no longer there,) and a belt made by Tahani Petrov.

Dimbula Rose made the rose tattoos: (They also carry beautiful skins and lovely clothes.)

Extra bunny makeup layer from .[.masque.]. (purchased on marketplace.)

Freckles & Dimples from L.Fauna


(On The Bird)

AnthroXtasy: (This avatar is called "Burd" and comes in many different colors in male and female versions. Arm, tail feathers and eye color is changeable. Comes with PG and Mature skin options. They have a huge selection of other animals from many species. I was eyeballing their rabbits and otters as well as many others! Great store.) 

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