Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Visual Hunt is Almost Over!

It's almost the end of March & that means the Visual Hunt is drawing to a close. If you haven't had a chance to get all the items you wanted, now is the time to do so! I want to say a special Thank You to all of the shops that participated & of course to Actuate Eden & Nihon Ongaku Publishing for sponsoring, organizing & creating great prizes for the hunt & also to Kanzen ni Jrock for sponsoring the hunt. It has been a real pleasure working with everyone!

I would like to say a BIG thanks to all of the hunters as well & ask you all to please feel free to leave me any feedback concerning the hunt. I welcome your questions, comments & suggestions. As as co-organizer I wish to continue to improve future hunting experiences! 

Thank you so much for your support!

Dr. Life Skin
ni.ju Kumi Red makeup
Random Stuff Katy Perry ET Makeup (MP)
Beautifully Grotesque Queen Amidala Makeup (Dollarbie - 1L!) (MP)
Redgrave Lashes
Medley cheek piercing 
ni.ju Langolier piercing
ni.ju Vixx Piercing Special LB Color
MW ilweran Elven / Elf  Chief Spear 
Dura Hair
Kisetsu  Dress (Hunt item 10L, male version included!!)
Baby Princess Arm Bands (Taken from the Hunt Item 10L!)
MichaMi Pia Leggings
P.C; Bird Ring (MP)
AIDORU Necklace (Hunt Item 10L!)
ni.ju Blood Tipped Claws
Riddle Socks
HTxDZ Boots (From upcoming *Fashioncentric Hunt SEE BELOW)
IceMoon Lee Yoyo9 8 ball typing animation (MP)
PDA Poses

BTW ~ I REALLY think you should get the dragon scarf from my friend & NOP owner Taki's shop HTxDZ, not just because we are friends & I think it's extra cute, with the super cool dragon scale texture, (& only 10L!) but because it totally matches the cool ankle boots he made for the upcoming *Fashioncentic Hunt that starts April 1st! He was nice enough to give me the special "Sneak Peek" pair that you see in my picture & I really like them a lot! Wait till you see them yourself! You will be bummed you didn't get the matching scarf if you don't go get it now! (You really have to see the texture in person, it's got so much depth & translucence. It's really pretty.)

(This is Taki's vendor pic so you can get another view of the scarf, but trust me, you HAVE to see it in person!)


PS ~ I also thought this jewelry set from EBDesigns was really cute & the creator made it TRANSFER so I bought like, SIX so I could give some as gifts. The detail is really nice & it's a very charming little set! (This is the vendor picture - I did NOT take this. I wanted to get a photo because I actually wore this quite a bit inworld, but I just never got a chance.) Anyway - Go grab this now, it's only 10L & you get both items! It's a really good deal & it's looks even cuter in person!

Finally ~ If you missed my other blog posts about the Visual Hunt, check them out here & here. Also check out the official hunt blog here for more pictures of the other great hunt items! Remember the hunt ends at the end of the month so time is short, but all of the SLurls are on the blog, you don't have to go in any order & the prizes are pretty easy to find. Thanks again & Happy Hunting!

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