Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Visual Hunt is ON!

Yes, that's right, Nihon Ongaku Publishing's "Visual Hunt" started on March First! Owner & Hunt organizer Taki Kujisawa worked very hard & I was happy to help out. (I am now even an "official" co-organizer for NOP! Thanks, Taki, I look forward to working with you on more hunts & events!) The creators made some very cool items & we even had some last minute additions from creators eager to add their items to the hunt! I will be taking pictures over the next few days to show you some of these items so you can see what is available, (this is just the start.) Each prize is only 10L & all the SLurls, Hints & vendor pictures are always available on the official Visual Hunt Blog.
Happy Hunting!


Hunt Items:
*Tori-Tastic* Down the rabbit hole Skybox
.[8BM].[Tea Table For Two Set].
!1mm*** TSIBAKI dress
ni.Ju Rejected eye makeup tattoo

Non Hunt Items:
Dr Life Skin
ni.Ju Celtizine Piercing (was at Perfect Wardrobe)
Air Splendor Eye Watch at Bloody Valentine Market
Babel Hair (Marketplace)
Riddle frilly ankle socks
Geta by Gee Nakamura
HTxDZ Wing Piercings, Special "Lala" Version made by Taki Kujisawa for Me! (not out yet, but the other colors are!)

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