Monday, November 7, 2011

Song to the Siren


I grew up near the ocean almost my whole life. Now that I am living inland I truly miss being able to take solace in all that the Sea has to offer. I made my little parcel in Second Life an "oceanside retreat" for a very specific reason ~ to be able to virtually revisit this comfort. Anyway, I got this LeeZu "Barbara" pullover in olive from The Dressing Room, great color change boots from Miel & the 25L bloomers, from sn@tch, found in the bargain pit & green tights (part of the full Pixie outfit.) The ball jointed doll avatar is from The Sugar Garden & hat/hair from the now defunct Berries, Inc. Also, please enjoy the sad/beautiful song I have included at the end as well. It is a cover of an old Tim Buckley (Father of Jeff Buckley,) song entitled "Song to the Siren" sung by Liz Frazier of the Cocteau Twins in a group called This Mortal Coil which was actually a collaboration of different artists from the 4AD record label, getting together & making gorgeous music. I have all three albums the collective put out over the years & they are all beautiful. This song always had a very "oceanic" & "longing" theme that fits my current mood perfectly. 

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