Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ode to Dia de los Muertos ~

Yes, this is a bit late, but as I have posted before I have been having computer problems. My computer is being a real pill, in that it will do almost everything fine, except run Second Life. I am on my very patient boyfriend's computer right now. I have to say, since our move to the new house we bought, he has been really amazing. He has really stepped up to the plate and done far more than his share in helping to get this place together enough to be a home for us. I am really impressed with him and his work ethic. On the flip-side, I have been feeling very melancholy lately, myself. Halloween is a double-sided affair to me, fun, yet morose, as I watch all the little children going through the motions of the childhood ritual. I am an older adult now and it is weird! I don't feel old inside my head, but my body is OLD! I have been going over ideas of age, gender and the like in my head lately and I am not satisfied with all my conclusions. I feel lost so often in life. I feel alone. I thank goodness for my truly close loved ones: the people that put up with me daily and still love me. I love you back ~ More than you know. I would like to dedicate this post to my Nana Jean whose Birthday it was on 11-2-11. Although you are gone, we all think of you daily. You will never leave our hearts and we will love you forever. PS - I miss you Burke. I have a tribute coming soon...


  1. First of all you are not OLD with capital O - L - D. Hahaha. My degree is in Gerontology so you have to trust me on that ;)

    Secondly, I love that image! WOW! Stunning.

  2. Thank you, Kit! I know I'm not that old but I feel like it. I really should have taken better care of myself. I got hit by a car twice & was also in about five car accidents, injured myself playing sports, etc. plus fell down a lot. My body is just really beat up & that's what makes it feel older than it should!