Monday, November 28, 2011

Me & the Troll Tree

I got this Great Tree Troll & Garden Ball Lights a few months ago from the old location of the Epic Toy Factory. I copied & arranged the lights & they looked so pretty so I added some lovely HPMD grasses & slapped a tatami texture down & just took some pictures in what I was wearing. Epic Toy Factory has recently moved & I think they are still under construction but I say go check it out - it's really "fantasy-ish" & full of interesting creations. I had recently assembled this funky 80's inspired outfit, (which I realize has almost nothing to do with Troll Trees or tatami, so sue me,) out of bits & pieces but I really like how it turned out. Enjoy.



The Epic Toy Factory Troll tree & Garden Ball Lights (Under Construction, take a look around.)
La Malvada Mujer Snow Cat poses (Last Xmas Hunt Gift?)
Lamb Hair Whoop Dee Doo (I use this one a lot because it's amazing.)
Pink Fuel Skin From Previous "Bake Sale" Special Event so it's not available anymore but Please go to the store because it's so cute & the other skins are GREAT.
RibboN Suspender Skirt 40L. I love all my RibboN clothes! Go there!
Haut.Monde Natalee Wedges 349L for 3 colors. There was an inworld vendor issue & the owner, Teresa Republic was so kind to resolve it for me. I really love these shoes. Thanks, Teresa.
Jack Spoon Vibora Dress 65L (I bought a lot from this new designer & will blog more soon. I would have worn the whole dress ((the snakeskin top & puffsleves are from it,)) but I had an issue with the skirt. My body just poked through when my AO moved & it bothered me. Maybe if I had an AO that wasn't so "hippy" or didn't move so much? I tried many AO's in my inventory & even some alpha masks for my butt & hips & finally decided that the best bet would have been for the designer to have gone with a system skirt or even a system with some added flexi (ugh, I know,) or perhaps a differently shaped sculpted prim? Next Step Mesh, (it has spoiled me.) I will say I absolutely LOVE the designer's color & texture sense & I am VERY happy in general with all my purchases & I am willing to try resizing the skirt again & looking for a better AO because I think it's worth it. I AM definitely going to blog more about them because I LOVED the vision the designer has & I want to support that! This is NOT a "dis" - I want to see more from this designer! I bought a BUNCH  more cool things to photograph so get ready for those!)
LeeZu Burleske Tights 95L (How great is this store? I just wish it was cheaper so I could buy it all :P)
[glow] Studio Jennifer Shape
***Eyes & Chest Tattoo made by Me, LaDonna, (Jennifer Oleari)

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