Friday, November 4, 2011

I (Don't) Hate this Love Song

I have been listening to/watching this Big Bang video nonstop since yesterday. Where has this song been all my life? I only heard a couple Big Bang songs before I fell in love with the GD & T.O.P. solo collaboration cd. I played it so much my boyfriend begged me to put something else in the car stereo, so I tortured him with more SHINee cd's. But honestly, I can't believe I have missed out on so much good music by being blinded by SHINee's beauty, (lol - no offense to my shining boys & I am a Shawol forever,) but DANG - this Big Bang song & video is SO GOOD & I want to hear MORE. The music & vocals have so many hooks & catchy bits - you don't need to understand Korean to get the vibe thanks to the wonderful  performances. I LOVE the guitar melodies - very evocative of the Edge (from U2,) and the drums - I could go on, but just listen for yourself. I am going to listen to it again. (Oh & BTW ~ GD proves that cool guys DO look back at explosions at the end, cos he's the only one who looks & he's Pretty Darn Cool, lol.) PS - Happy Belated Birthday to T.O.P.~ a beautiful, talented guy with that sexy deep voice I always go for, (Plus he has the most amazing eyebrows.) Good Luck to Big Bang who are up for an award in the MTV EMA's. * I LOVE THIS GROUP!*

~ Ok now here's my little Second Life look I put together out of all free items!

 *.amato.* eyes, pose, photostudio
 Dilly Dolls dress, Mesh Boots (Group Gift)
 .+*Heart Softens*+. hair, corsage, Group Gift
GHOST! Prison Tights made my Triangle Caudron
.::Mother Goose's::. Skin (Free Lucky Boards)

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