Thursday, September 18, 2014

It all adds up to: Kawaii! ~

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Ensemble ~ 

Utilizator M3 - Head v.1.9.2 
PANTSU*HUNTER helli [m3 head] NEW SO pretty!
Candy Mountain M3 Eyebrows Tintable 
.: FW :. I'm a Psycho (M3) ~ Yellow Eyes NEW MP
PANTSU*HUNTER helli eyelashes~ [m3] NEW
{W&R} Cute Plastic Headband - Yellow NEW
PANTSU*HUNTER Michele Bow .lilac. NEW
Utilizator Kemono Body v1.12.5
PANTSU*HUNTER helli [kemono skin] NEW
Puppy Kemono Rigged Bewbz - 3 - PG (Different Sizes - So Easy & Versatile!) MP
.:Buttery Toast:. Emelia - HUD (blogged before)  The Thrift Shop
PANTSU*HUNTER akina dress -violet- NEW (Many colors to choose from!)
.:Buttery Toast:. Cutesy Calculator HUD NEW SO Super CUTE! SO Customizable! 
.:Buttery Toast:. Olivia Garters HUD (blogged before)  The Big Show
.:CandyCutie: Kemono Star stockings - Yellow (Textures for the Kemono Stockings Only) MP
:Moon Amore: Kawaiiki Shoes Unrigged Pastels HUD

Set ~

[CIRCA] - "Field of Roses" Velvet Area Rug - Mint  C/M, (Other colors, too.) "Field of Roses" Vintage Bookshelf - Silver w/ items, "Field of Roses" Drapes - 10 grey fabrics in HUD C/M, -        all at FIT FOR A PRINCESS! 

Poses ~

Kirin Ivy Poses


Thoughts & Music ~

I have been so tired lately. It's still so hot in California, Plus the power keeps going out. Waaah, call the Waaahmbulance! LOL. Anyway, I think this post came out really cute - I hope you enjoy it!

I changed my new kitties name to Lily & she responds to it! She is so wonderful & is making my little Nico's life so much fun. He finally gets to play with another cat & not get hissed at or attacked.

Actual proof that Lily & Nico get along! I'm SO relieved.

I have been watching the KDrama Coffee Prince & it's been making me cry like a little baby. I'm such a hopeless romantic. I eat that crap UP. Gobble gobble. It's also very funny, sweet, so well written & well-acted, (in my opinion,) & full of eye candy of both sexes. I'm just enjoying it so much. It's on Hulu plus but you can probably also find it on DramaFever or other sites, I'm sure. I recommend it!

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