Sunday, June 3, 2018

Major Mukbang ~

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Here's a fun collaboration with my dear friend Liliandra Baxter! To see what she's wearing, please visit her BLOG.

Ensemble ~ 
(Lala Only, on the left) 
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
~#~ NamiiChu ~ Kitten Glitter Headband Limit8
nani - amie hair 
Xuxu. Real Eyes MP
~#~ NamiiChu  Yuri Lashes. Catwa
^^Swallow^^  Gauged Ear (L&R)
parfait. Cindy Skin #1 .pale. Blush
Zibska Delia Eyemakeup Catwa Applier Blush
~#~ NamiiChu ~ LoveChu Glitter Limit8
~#~ Blah. (Pizza Time - Necklace) Gold
~#~ The White Crow - Shy Lover Blush
Mignon #8"mignon." -sailor overall skirt.[Maitreya exp] lime, & #8"mignon." -sailor ribbon heels.[Maitreya exp] lime Sanarae
[La Baguette] Slice of pizza (R hand) Blush
dubu.- Make a Wish Gacha - Wishbone Bracelet - Gold - RARE

Set/Location ~ 
Exposeur - Balloon Dreams 
HPMD (lightON/glow) HPMD* floorArt01 (pPinkA)
~#~ Yokai - Ice-cream party Balloons stars
Cute Shortcake: MishMish - Foodies Lady Shortcake
Cute Pizza: MishMish - Foodies Pizzy
Juice Dispenser: MishMish - Pineapple Juice Dispenser in Cream
Cute Nugget: MishMish - Foodies Nugget
Letter Balloons: MishMish - Foil Balloons Golden
~#~ [Cubic Cherry] Burger Chair: Cubic Cherry Kreations - 01 Bear-Ger Armchair in Natural
~#~ [Cubic Cherry] Sushi Chair: Cubic Cherry Kreations - Sushicute in Leaf
Bear Hamburger: 03 Bear-Ger Decor in Classic
~#~ [Cubic Cherry] Table:Cubic Cherry Kreations - Comfy Afternoon Table A
Guacamole Tray: Lost Junction - Surfy Snacks in Guacostadas Platter
[La Baguette] Pizza Boxes: La Baguette - Box Of Pizza 3 Slice Left Blush
Shish Kabobs: MadPea - Hot Summer Party Meat On a Stick
~#~ [Cubic Cherry] Cookie Platter: Cubic Cherry Kreations - Comfy Afternoon in Yummy Things
Pizza Toast: Poche - Pizza Toast, & Navy Utensils: Plastik - Napkin & Fork in Navy, & Hot Sauce: Poche - Tabasco
~#~ Naminoke Sparkles: Naminoke - Star Dust Decor2 in Color 1
~#~ [Cubic Cherry] Candy Jar 1: Cubic Cherry Kreations - NIJI Cafe Lollipop Jar
~#~ [Cubic Cherry] Candy Jar 2: Cubic Cherry Kreations - NIJI Cafe Macaroni Jar
Queso Dip: Lost Junction - Surfy Snacks Corn Chips & Queso
Regular Ballons: Half Deer - Fairylight Balloons Garden Party Pack
~#~ [Cubic Cherry] Angry Pizza: Moon Amore - Psyfood Flying Pizza
~#~ Junk Food Pizza Wrapped Present: Junk Food - Sky Pizza Present
~#~ [Cubic Cherry] Angry Pudding: Cubic Cherry Kreations - I Dare U Pudding in Strawberry
~#~ [Cubic Cherry] Sad Pudding:  Cubic Cherry Kreations - Ouch Pudding Classic
~#~ BoildEgg Teapot: BoiledEgg - Dripping Pot
~#~ BoildEgg Milk: BoildEgg - Dripping Milk
~#~ Moon Amore Pizza Hangings: Moon Amore - Exclusive Pizza Floatie
~#~ [Cubic Cherry] Pizza Carpet: Cubic Cherry Kreations - Pizzaaa Carpet in Classic & Pink

Pose ~

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