Thursday, November 10, 2016

November Spawned a Monster ~

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Ensemble ~
~#~ LCKY 
Lorelai Hair Two cute braids, pick your fave color packs. Sad November 3
 Neko Mask - Bake, Gacha 11 Commons,1 Rare. 1 LI. Wear or decor. Eyes can edit transparent. Hand drawn Textures. SaNaRae Halloween Round
Paper Rabbit: Ghost Skin Omega
~#~ {DEMICORN} Confetti Eyes - Honey More colors available SaNaRae Halloween Round
B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse Eye patch Blood 1 Gacha
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
~#~ Modern Couture [M.C] Jewelry - Pierrot Collar White Also Black, Purple & Red SaNaRae Halloween Round
~#~ AMITOMO / Halloween ideas GACHA / RARE1 Also Cool Eyes & Pretty Hair in this Gacha!  
SaNaRae Halloween Round
~#~ The White Crow 13 RARE -Bad batty bandaids- Gacha
SaNaRae Halloween Round
~#~ ELYSIUM - Wilma duckfeet shoe - bordeaux Many other colors! For Maitreya, Slink & Belleza Flat only.  
SaNaRae Halloween Round

Set ~
~#~ Runic Design Haunted Villa, Old Shelf, Armchair with cloth, Ruined Old Piano (HV Scripted), Creepy Doll (HV), Creepy Clown (HV Scripted) This is a really cool, rustic, creepy house! Go check it out. You can have a lot of fun making a spooky home, or a horrible scary scene! SaNaRae Halloween Round
MudHoney Fall Leaves Garland The Seasons Story Gift
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Pumpkin Autumn Decoration The Seasons Story Gift
~#~ Yokai 17.Yokai - SpellBook - Candle (raven), 15.Yokai - SpellBook - Candle (skeleton) Gacha There's a lot more fun, witchy stuff in this Gacha, so I need to blog more of it! Go check it out! SaNaRae Halloween Round
~#~ Candy Crunchers - Bano Boxes - Pile & Stack - Dark Gacha There is also a Building, Light, Desk, Pots & Other colors stacking boxes!  SaNaRae Halloween Round
~#~ La Baguette The Wizard cat #2 Stand, Jump RARE, cat #3 Jump RARE, cat #4 Stand, Jump RARE 16 Commons, 4 Rares SaNaRae Halloween Round
~#~ CURELESS [+] &DISORDERLY / HUNTING MANUAL / Brown From the Hammer of Witches Gacha
~#~ Your Dreams {YD} Boo Halloween - Evil tree  SaNaRae Halloween Round
~#~.::Cubic Cherry::. {Autumn leaves} falling - orange, trail - orange, ground - brown 
{anc}  mist cloud [sungold]
~#~ Naminoke *N*Star Dust decor2(Rez) -Color1 Rez 

Pose ~
~#~ an lar [poses] The Diana Series - Five SaNaRae Halloween Round

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