Friday, August 12, 2016

Blind Faith in the Fates ~

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Ensemble ~
~#~ LCKY Shelly//nonrigged Hair (Also comes rigged)
~#~ CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Akiba Cafe / Oversize Maid Bow / Black 20 COMMONS, 3 RARES
50L$ per play, There's a lot more to this Gacha than shown here, so don't miss it. Common tails include a texture changer HUD for the bows. Rares ears and chokers are fatpacks, they also include a texture changer HUD for various parts of the accessories. Bon Voyage
~#~ CURELESSDISORDERLY / Dollhouse Survivors / Handy Tiara GOLDIE, &  HELPLESS / ULTRARARE Oh My goodness this Gacha is amazing. You can rez OR wear these heads, & the spoons & tiaras are too cool. Fantasy Gacha Carnival
~#~ *katat0nik* (red) Gilded Rose Tiara Three different color sets to choose from. Each set includes resize tiara & Left & Right Gilded Eye accessory. Collabor88
~#~ *katat0nik* Corpse Ornaments, Cursed Kimono Gorgeous Kimono with hand drawn design! Male & Female sizes included. More designs, too. Origami
~#~ *katat0nik* Bone Spider One of three cute gifts! Free Gift Origami
~#~ Naminoke *N*POPPY On Head L & R, & *N*Poppy Neck, also Headdress & Bouquet, (not shown.)  Enchantment Starts August 13th!
~#~.::Cubic Cherry::. 00 {Catty-fox} fourtailed monochrome SOI 20 commons and 2 rares & seed of inspiration, (SOI). Seed of Inspiration will be received after 20 plays on Gacha. The Gacha Garden
CerberusXing [CX] Lethal Talons (Gold) 
~#~ Sweet Thing. FlameTails Animated Pet (Hold) - RARE The Gacha Garden
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5

Set ~ 
Remarkable Oblivion RO - Spook Show - Fancy Nancy Mannequin, Val Vain Mannequin, Freida Freak Mannequin Gacha Epiphany July 15 - Aug 15
~#~ Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Sit, Climb, Prance The Gacha Garden
~#~ CURELESSDISORDERLY / Dollhouse Survivors / HOPELESS / RARE, & LOVELESS, Suppertime GOLDIE & BURNT, Dessert FRAGILE & GOLDIE, Heads Tiara GOLDIE Fantasy Gacha Carnival
~#~ *katat0nik* (red) Gilded Rose Tiara Collabor88
Nefarious Inventions [n.i] splish.splash.8 Gacha
[Black Bantam] Hanging Pom Pom Color Change Flower String Set Gacha
~#~ Naminoke *N*Star Dust decor2(Rez) -Color1 Rez

Pose ~ 
From the (*ANGELICA) Everygirl Posepack Subscriber Gift

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