Monday, July 11, 2016

Lifted ~

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Ensemble ~
~#~.::Cubic Cherry::. {Baloooons} wings - pink Original mesh. Mod/Copy OK Sold in 8 colors. Dreamful July 2- 22
~#~ {-MK+tomoto,-} Senju-26 White (many arms) Sold in 10 colors or Fatpack. Change Back Drape Color. Mod/Copy OK. So cool! SaNaRae June 25 - July 18th 
*{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 1 RARE: nonbiri usagi ear, & *{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 1 RARE: nonbiri usagi ribbon, & *{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 6: tiri usagi L & R, & *{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 7: sirimoti usagi (accessories) Gacha Japonica
*barberyumyum*77(anime) hair 
 CURELESS[+] Haemoglobine (Bare Lips / Red Eyeshadow)
~#~ The White Crow  -[TWC]- Between brows -white- (tintable) 
~#~ The White Crow -[TWC]- Shy Lover Body Blush Appliers 
Evermore. E. Only See Senpai (Albino)
~#~ [KiiKO] Eye bags 03
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan]
Cathode Rays [[ CR ]] Nyam Nyam Mesh Mouth v1.31 & [[ CR ]] Teeth
~#~ Naminoke *N*Queen of the Night Eye L, & *N*Queen of the Night Neck (flower accessories)
~#~ Naminoke *N*MizuUchiwa Higanbana#1-C (fan) Gacha Two Static Hold poses with sparkle particle, OR No pose, OR lovely fanning animation! Beautiful! Mod/No Copy, Trans OK  Japonica
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
~#~ Sweet Thing. Memoire - Purity (dress) Very Pretty & delicate lace dress with plunging back in 12 colors, only for Maitreya body. Collabor88
~#~ *katat0nik* Arm Straps Original mesh & textures with a fatpack special. 5 texture change HUDs, 33 colors included. Unisex! Each strap can be resized individually. Mod/Copy/No Trans. Collabor88
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5 - L - Elegant1 & R - Bag 
#EMPIRE - Sakura Harness (on legs) 
Violent Seduction - Real Kirin Hoof 

Set ~ 
~#~ Naminoke *N*Star Dust decor2(Rez) -Color1
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 1prim sculpt, & {anc} shooting star {LOW Li/BIGFLATRAIN R}NATURAL 1Li The Men's Dept

("~#~" Symbol denotes Sponsored items, either through Store/Designer Sponsor or Sponsored Events. All other items have been Purchased by me unless otherwise noted, (example: Group Gifts, Freebies, etc.) Please be sure to visit the "Sponsors" Page, & the "Events" Page for a complete list of my current Sponsors & their SLurls, & information on any Events I am officially Blogging, respectively. Thank you for your Support!)

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