Thursday, February 25, 2016

Little Rose ~

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Ensemble ~ 
~#~ *katat0nik* Curly Bow Hudded for texture change. Kawaii Project
~#~ LCKY Hair Mary The back has an elaborate Star braid you must see! Kawaii Project
~#~ { more more } HONEY2 Skin tone 1-1 (no brow), Skin blusher, Skin tone 1 Lip - pink & appliers. SaNaRae Feb 25th - March 18th
~#~ NINI:3 Milu eyes_white Gacha SaNaRae Feb 25th - March 18th
LovelyAlien StarryEyelashes
The Sugar Garden "tSg" Mei Mei Body Shape
Maitreya Mesh Body & Hands - Lara V3.5
The White Crow -[TWC]- Shy Lover Body Blush Appliers Hentai Fair
~#~ something. my lovely baby doll dress - RARE 01 14 total, 2 are Rares. So precious! SaNaRae Feb 25th - March 18th
~#~ *Epic* Sweet.Snow Stomp.Boots! {White} New & exclusive for Epic Wednesdays! A new weekly main store event with new & exclusive goodies for 100L or less! You'll find something new in the main store lobby every week. This week, mesh body compatible Sweet Snow Stomp Boots. Choose from 6 colors for only 100L a pair until next Wednesday so Hurry! 

 Set ~ 
~#~ !six o'clock! Stop to Smell the Roses Gacha Set Entire Set Shown which includes: rosed bucket, closet, shelf, sign, cupcakes (RARE), lamp, & cage. 1-3 Li each. Resize. Beautiful! SaNaRae Feb 25th - March 18th
~#~ unkindness uK - Pink Floral Fence Segment 2 Comes in Blue, Pink, Purple, and Yellow. 5 fence pieces, (just one segment shown here, ) one single post, and a gate with open & close script upon approach. Pieces vary in land impact. Resize. Draped with lights. SO pretty! SaNaRae Feb 25th - March 18th
~#~ [MONKEYGirl] [MG] Personal sofa, shelf & table, & rugs. Macaron color. Other colors available. Be sure to pick up your Free Gift at ALL of the Booths as CCB is Celebrating it's First Year Anniversary! Creators Collection Box Feb 20- Mar 20

Pose ~ 
Half-Deer & Le Poppycock +H-D+/Le PC *Kitty Galore* Fluffy Rider (Alternate) & (Cat) (From Set 1) Say what? Poses that come with Cats, customized for each pose? Take my money, please! I bought all three packs OF COURSE. Collabor88

("~#~" Symbol denotes Sponsored items, either through Store/Designer Sponsor or Sponsored Events. All other items have been Purchased by me unless otherwise noted, (example: Group Gifts, Freebies, etc.) Please be sure to visit the "Sponsors" Page, & the "Events" Page for a complete list of my current Sponsors & their SLurls, & information on any Events I am officially Blogging, respectively. Thank you for your Support!)

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