Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welcome Home ~

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Set ~

 ~#~ [[RH]] Japanese House (Mesh) all linked. So pretty! I will be showing more soon, because I only have the "kitchen & dining room area" set up so far. There are also two more rooms. 

From Left to Right Around Room:
 ~#~ [i HOME] Fan G
 ~#~ [[RH]]  ZABUTON (Pretty Pillows with Male & Female poses - all four shown)
 ~#~ [i HOME] Chabudai (Table)
Food/Kitchen Items on Table: [i HOME] Gohan Set G, Nabe, Nabeshiki, Nattou RARE, Gohan Set B, Tsukemono, Yakizakana RARE, Gohan Set P 
 ~#~  Naminoke  Assorted plants from Gacha (blogged more HERE)
 ~#~[i HOME] Haityou (food cover - I placed it casually in the corner.)
 ~#~[i HOME] Ohitsu (Large Steaming Rice)
 ~#~ [i HOME] Color Box  O & Color Box G (Colorful Cabinets with books)
 ~#~[i HOME] Senbei, Katori-Senkou (Items on Green Shelf)
 ~#~ [[RH]]  Kakejiku (Hiiragi) (Wall Hanging)
 ~#~ [i HOME] Hashitate, Seasoning Set, Pot (Items on Right Wall Shelves)

All of the above items are at ~#~ Creators Collection Box Aug 22-Sept 12

Other Outside Items of note:

Dolly and Lilith's Garden Centre Granite Mossy Rock Forms
8f8 - silent conversations - Fish Pond RARE
[[[nocc.]]] brush weed_yellow green
Stone Misery .:S.M:. Scenery - Water Lily (lavender)
Beach Dune 1 by Studio Skye
*alirium* ray of light -Rainbow-
[[[nocc.]]] shidareSAKURA_pink 
[[[nocc.]]] Peacock tree 
 HPMD* (flower) Sweet Garden Grass01 (g)
 HPMD*(lightON/glow) floorArt01 (multiA)

("~#~" Symbol denotes Officially Sponsored items, either through Regular Store/Designer Sponsor or Sponsored Events. Other Specially Gifted items will be Thanked. All other items have been Purchased by me unless otherwise noted, (example: Group Gifts, Freebies, etc.) Please be sure to visit the "Sponsors" Page, & the "Events" Page for a complete list of my current Sponsors & their SLurls, & information on any Events I am officially Blogging, respectively. Thank you for your Support!)

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