Monday, June 8, 2015

Mirage ~

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Ensemble ~

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Miamai _MerCombs_WaveComb RARE Gacha
Exile::Rain hair Gacha
:::Last Ride::: Kanzashi -Wisteria- Pink & White Past Free Gift - Thank You!
Original Shape by Me, LaDonna Oceanlane
VCO ~ Vivi's makeup Recipe No.02 Gacha The Arcade Gacha
Clemmm - Cosmetic Doll /// Charred-Regular eyes
Pink Acid CDS Clownish Little Clown Teeth
~#~ :Moon Amore: Summerland Top & Skirt These are SO PRETTY. comes in 6 colors (Pink, Blue, Green, Lilac, Orange and Yellow.) In each hud pack you get: 4 top textures (White and color, plain and glitter) 4 skirt colors (White and Color, plain and glitter) and a lot of options to customize it. (You can choose 3 different styles of top: marine, donuts and citrus, the color of pearls, skirt pattern, and ruffles color for skirt and top.) You will love these! Collabor88 
Clemmm - Body Filth Light 5 tattoo layer (also includes appliers)
Slink Hands & Feet (Nails color was chosen from the included Slink utilities Hud) 

Poses ~

Le Poppycock - White thread (I dropped the right arm one notch with the Animare HUD V2.05) 

Set ~

{anc} ephemera .A
Boom Boom Punky 1 prim mesh seashell collection MP 
8f8 - silent conversations - Koi (from the Silent Conversations Gacha that also includes a cool Pond.)

Additional Info ~ 

Thoughts & Music ~ 

It's that time of year again. It's hellishly HOT where I live. However, with everything going on in the world, & what could possibly be happening to me, I feel like every time I want to complain about it, I'm just being spoiled, so I should just shut up. Actually, if I stay inside with the AC on & the curtains drawn, it's ok. (I'm completely photosensitive because of the meds I take.) SO, if I totally hermit out. It's all good. What a life. Not that there's anything to do where I live, anyway. Someday in the next couple years I will again live in an area that has trees & water & doesn't get blazing hot & I won't incinerate like a vampire without their daylight ring when I exit the front door of my house. I can dream. OK - Spoiled Bitchfest OVER! 

Now please enjoy some new Mark Lanegan Band.This is Floor of the Ocean:

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