Friday, January 9, 2015

Cozy Cutie Girl ~

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Ensemble ~

Magika [Hair] You (I know I keep using this hair but I love it so much!)
*(OO)*YUKI Marang 06 Mesh Head Gacha  The Chapter Four
.tsg. (The Sugar Garden) Snowfall Eyes - Green
:Moon Amore: Deliah Shirt & Vest SO many cute options with the HUD. Also, wear with or without the vest, wear the vest alone! The Chapter Four
-Buttery Toast- Little Lucy - Angel Gacha {Rare} 10 commons with no color change, 3 rares w/full color change. Oh My Gacha, Jan 10th-31st 2015  *** Please See "MORE" Section Below for IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT BUTTERY TOAST!***
.: FW :. (Fujiwara's World) Gloves ~ Blue/White Buttons SIX colors to choose from, Slink Compatible, resizable cuffs! ALSO look in the store for the TnR Hunt Bunny Head & Get your Winter White Pair (One with black buttons, One with White buttons,) For only TWO Linden!!! Don't miss the entire Winter Tengoku no Rakuen Hunt going on NOW until December 22nd. Lots of wonderful prizes to collect from Fujiwara's World, Cubic Cherry Kre-ations, Myrai Style & Imp Tail around the sim! 
Zenith (ColorMe) Balloon Shorts
"JIM" - Cute Usagi Slink Stockings Pink I think I got these special at an event because I don't see them in her MP store but there are other nice things so check it out!
*katat0nik* (hya penguin/standard) Comfy Boots (fitmesh) Physique version also. TWELVE colors to choose from! Some light colors, some dark, some have skulls, some have bows, some have penguins like these! Super cozy cute! The Season's Story, Opens January 10th

Poses ~ 

double take: all that sass - all the things
!bang - stand 325

More ~

Buttery Toast is having a 50% off sale until January 18th when it will be CLOSING! Sooo, grab your Linden wallet & go spend, spend, spend while you can. 

Please join me in wishing Mama Toast a fond farewell & thank her for all the cute & wonderful things she has made for us to enjoy over this past year!  


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