Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ouija Girl ~

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Ensemble ~

.tsg. (The Sugar Garden) Mizu Mesh Head D Tone & included body skin
TRUTH HAIR Demelza w/Bow (no bow version also included) LightBlondes HUD (Change bow color w/HUD)
<<< np >>> (Negaposi) enchanted eyes - momo
.tsg. (The Sugar Garden) Megane Classic - Black
:Moon Amore: Luu in the Sky Sweater (4 patterns in each HUD - 6 HUDS to win & 1 RARE that gives you ALL HUDS!) Gacha
ALTAIR* qt backpack ~Ouija~ (4 other cute designs to choose from. Neko face & Stars dangling on zipper match the previously released zZz Neko Necklace, (blogged here,) so you can coordinate if you like!) Geeks 'n' Nerds Fair Nov 24th - Dec 10th 
-Buttery Toast- Potion Collection - Long & Short (Each Potion Flask Contains 9 different colored potions! Use HUD to change potions & Cord Color.) Geeks 'n' Nerds Fair Nov 24th - Dec 10th 
#FF (Forever Famous) Ouija Ring (Silver)
+ILO+ SS Bracelet Watch [black] Gacha 
Sn@tch Madison Plaid Mini (Grey) (I have used this skirt so many times in different colors. The cut is just right for so many shirts & sweaters, it's cute & I just really love it!)

Poses ~ 

oOo  - two from the brevity pack
oOo  - surface_eleven

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