Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bloody Queen of Tentacles & Bones ~

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Ensemble ~

Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Shape - My Own
Go & See  * Bloody Vivienne *  Hurt - No Brows (includes all appliers) Bloody Horror Fair
[NI.JU] Oopy Goopy Halo . cherry Oopy Goopy Horns . licorice LIGHT Mystic Realms Fair
.DirtyStories. Fairytale Cage Mystic Realms Fair
TRUTH HAIR Olinda Mystic Realms Fair (Two other amazing styles offered at the Fair - GO SEE NOW!)
!CS! (ChopShop) Freakshow Blue Eyes Mystic Realms Fair
:Z.S: Zombie Suicide Tentacle tongue (has tentacles on the underside. Comes with open & closed-mouth version. Jagged teeth not included.) & :Z.S: Bloody mouth tattoo Bloody Horror Fair
:: D-Style (Delirium Style) - Intence Face tattoo Bloody Horror Fair
[LDP] (L'Douce Push) Beaten-UP tattoo
[LDP] (L'Douce Push) Death Angel Halo (worn on forehead), Bones NeckLace & Bones Bra (Items from Angel de la Muerte Accessories that also includes, but not shown: Death Angel Wings) Bloody Horror Fair
BP (BluPrintz) - Tentacle Necklace Mystic Realms Fair
.DirtyStories. Lost Angel Wings - Black Mystic Realms Fair
:: D-Style (Delirium Style) Tish Dress Bloody Horror Fair
BP (BluPrintz) - Tentactle Bracelets Mystic Realms Fair
[NI.JU] Smudgy Fingers SLINK HUD - tattoo Mystic Realms Fair or Mainstore
IAF Extra Long Nails (for SLink Hands) Bloody Horror Fair
BP (BluPrintz) - Tentacle Leggings Mystic Realms Fair
.DirtyStories. Skeleton Knee Guards Mystic Realms Fair
.DirtyStories. Skeleton Heels shoes Mystic Realms Fair

(I didn't give the exact SLurl's for some of the Bloody Horror Fair items because I didn't have them when I began this post. I will try to update them when I get them, if possible. Thanks for understanding.)

Poses ~

EverGlow Juicy 7 - Candy Fair, & 9 & 10 (F) from the Subscribo Group Gift 

Thoughts & Music ~

Here's Death Wish by Christian Death. Enjoy!

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