Friday, September 12, 2014

We Haz Cheezeburgerz Forever, Babe ~

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Ensemble ~

(*ANGELICA) SUZY :honeypink: coco brow (teeth) Group Gift 
PANTSU*HUNTER Michele Bow .black. NEW
alterego I kittie ears headband v2 - rainbow dream Gacha
Chus! Anthro Lens in Rage FREE 
Chus! Anthro-Up in Baby
{Sugar Heart} Whisker Spots ~ Tintable MP
[CX] Cerberus Crossing Curly Whiskers (Black Tint) ONEWORD 
.:Buttery Toast:. Sir Fluffybutt HUD (New Store Location!)
Gato - CatLady Sweater ONEWORD 
[tea.s] Kitty Ring - Gold [R]
Heartistic The Whole Burgher
:Moon Amore: Omg! Shorts HUD The Gacha Mania 
BP - Gathered Necklace - Tintable! Fit for a Princess 
.:Buttery Toast:.  - Gradiant Socks - Flamingo (Older item - currently unavailable, sorry!)
.: FW :. Heart Band ~{ Black Leather (UpLeg Right)
{PopTart} BooBoos (different variations available!) NEW Suicide Dollz 
*CASHMERE* David Heather - HeartofGlass Platform/wood(checker)

Set/Props ~

flowey x Teawood: Aime's Love Nest Neon Sign - Collabor88
. aisling . NINO Ginger (Lazy) & (Say Hi!) The Arcade Gacha

Thoughts & Music ~

I love cats. Maybe too much. In fact My boyfriend & I just got a new kitty today. One of our neighbors passed away & her cat recently had a litter, so another neighbor was trying to find homes for all the babies. I strongly urge everyone to spay & neuter all their pets, because as much as I love animals, there are just way too many of them that ALWAYS need homes. Anyway, we love our new baby girl. She was already named Jasmine & I will post a pic next time. That makes three cats in our home now. Super on my way to becoming the crazy cat lady I always new I was born to be.

Speaking of love - I also LOVE the new BTS album, (Bangtan Boys,) Dark & Wild. It's SO good. I am convinced that Kim Namjoon, also known as Rap Monster, (LOL,) the handsome & talented leader, was sent to earth to make me suffer. He really kills me. I get a cavity just hearing his voice. Ugh. So amazing.

I was going to include one of my favorite tracks from the new album, either Second Grade or Cypher Part 3, BUT - instead I think I am going to put Cypher from the Skool Luv Affair album first, since that's when I first really lost my Sh*t for Rap Mon. This is some Rad effing rapping, & at the risk of sounding REALLY uncool: a pretty dope song. LOL. SO - Here's Cypher Part 2: Triptych. Enjoy!

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