Sunday, August 24, 2014

Princess Nekopatch ~

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Ensemble ~

Rotten Toe mia asylum T Skin Group Gift (Slink Hand & Foot Appliers Included) A Really pretty skin! (tiny fee to join group - cool gifts!)
.tsg. Dark Skies Eyes- Deep Blue Group Gift (Three tones included) Fee to join group. (I've been in a few years at least. There are great gifts every month that never go away, huge discounts in the VIP area, plus random gifts of store credit from time to time. Belonging to group also earns store credit on every purchase.)
TRUTH HAIR Jinx HUD - so many options. An adorable 'do
NSP Lady Gwynevere (Amethyst) (Fit For a Princess) Beautiful!
Rotten Toe Sleepy White Kitty Eye Patch (color change) Gacha RUN to this machine - they are so cute & a bargain at 35L a pop. Get a bunch & pass 'em out to your friends - everyone's happy.
. Sweet Thing. Botanica Collar (There's an EXCLUSIVE Mono Gem color at La Metallique Fair from August 15-September 9th. So be sure to swing by there to check it out. The other colors will at the mainstore/marketplace afterwards, but NOT the Mono version, so don't miss out if you like exclusives!)
. Sweet Thing. Raining Cupcakes Necklace (Starshine) Gacha The Gacha Mania 
. Sweet Thing. Blue Shiba Stack Bracelet & Pink Shiba Stack Wrist Watch Kawaii!
.:Buttery Toast:. Coming up Roses - Bracelet - Blue & Purple 1 & Ring - Blue Back & Remade!
{W&R} Cutie Pixiels - Slink Nails HUD 1/2 August Group Gift (Welcome back from Vacay, Almarea!) 
PANTSU*HUNTER yui dress .violet. SO Precious & cute! Satisfy your inner Lolita, or just feel like a Princess! Many soft pastel colors to choose from! Has lovely ruffles on the back straps that I didn't show, but trust me - Go get it!)
NEO** : catty leggings - sky (Because, you know, it has cats on it so I was like, take my money!)
Cute Poison - Ella Wedge Purple HUD to color change wedge Heels & Buckles - Also comes in other colors for the straps including cute floral! Very versatile - Switch to one of the natural wood tones & it's perfect for your bikini, or wear it with socks, shorts & a vintage tee for a hipster look!

Poses ~

pda:  (Sorry - Looks like this awesome store closed. We'll miss you!)
Beautiful Gardens
For P.C. VI
What Are We Craving

Thoughts & Music ~

I've been feeling really weird lately, which isn't all that unusual for me, actually. My Mom came over earlier on Saturday & we watched a movie, as is our routine, & then I completely went off my diet & ate cheese AND tortillas, thanks to Mom's enchiladas. I keep saying I haven't actually missed cheese at all, since I have been avoiding dairy, (only missing bread for some reason,) & now that I ate it, I feel I could have done without it. My Mom makes killer enchiladas, but I could have left out the tortilla & the cheese & just had the filling with some greens & it would have been just as awesome.

Anyway, so then I laid on the couch, digesting, (or trying to,) drinking some strange blender concoction I made from the still edible parts I cut off of pears that were going rotten, (I hate wasting food,) some ice & gin, & watching horror movies on Netlix, until that could no longer offer me suitable solace & I decided to finally get up. I thought I'd try to finish this blog because I was actually super excited to share this outfit which I put together & photographed last night, but was too tired to edit in Photoshop & post.

So, moments after I sat down I started feeling kind of dizzy, which again is not unusual for me. I waited for it to pass & when it didn't I thought for a second that maybe the fans were really strong & moving my chair, (It's very hot where I live so we have overhead fans in every room, as well as smaller fans placed around.) I immediately logically knew that couldn't be it & I was STILL being strongly swayed back & forth so my mind told me YEP, Earthquake. (All of this was taking place in a matter of say, 5-15 seconds maybe,) so when "earthquake" FINALLY registered I calmly decided to ride it out for some reason, which is TOTALLY out of character for me, having lived through the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, in San Francisco, which was pretty terrible for so many, (deaths, injuries, major destruction,) & very traumatizing for me to say the least. So it was weird that I was just sitting here, being rocked in my chair, considering the last time I felt an earthquake wake me, I was actually back in SF again, about 2001, I jumped up out of bed like a cat with it's tail on fire, screaming bloody murder, heart racing, blood rushing so hard it was all I could hear in my ears. Yet here I was now, almost being lulled like a baby in my chair, until my boyfriend came in & insisted, "Hey we have to get out of the house, there's an Earthquake!" I got up calmly, unplugged my computer & grabbed my cat, who seemed totally unphased & went out of the house in my bare feet, protesting all the while, "No, we are supposed to stand under the door frame!" (Always have to be the know-it-all!)

We have a pool in our backyard, so we watched the water slosh around for what seemed like forever, but what was probably only about two minutes max, if that, while we held both of our squirrelly cats. The power didn't go out, which is always a good sign, so I didn't get too excited, but I couldn't help think about what must be happening at the epicenter of all this. We now live about two & a half hours North of San Francisco and pretty far inland, & our house is on a concrete slab, so maybe that's why it did't shake too bad.

After the water calmed, the grateful cats were set down & of course I immediately went online & saw ALL of the earthquakes that have been happening lately. They happen all the time & we don't realize it - little ones sure, but this was a pretty big one - 6.0, so I hope everyone is ok. So far no deaths, thank goodness, but some damage in some Bay Area places. I grew up in the Monterey & San Francisco Bay Areas so they are very dear to me. Anyway, I've totally rambled but there you go. That's me for you.

For your musical finale, here's The Cocteau Twins with the classic gem, Pearly Dew Drops Drops. It's Gorgeous so you should listen & Enjoy: (Don't mind the low budget video, that's not what it's about, it was the times, man. Put your headphones on & tune in to the glistening...)

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