Friday, May 23, 2014

Quiet Time ~

Ensemble ~ 

"tSg" Kotoko Shape (Modded)
.Birdy. Zombie girl ~ (Group gift)
Blair's Gadget Factory Slink Hands + Feet + Eyelashes Combo (marketplace)
~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Tears (Older Item - Store Now Closed)
C h a r y . - Drow Paints  Full Face (Dark - Tintable) Dark Style Fair 
{anc} tuner. / speareye / black (Given to me by a friend - Gacha item from Fantasy Gacha Carnival pic here  I guess it comes with headphones, too? I haven't been to the carnival yet - It's been a very busy month!
=Kio= Abandoned - Chained Dark Style Fair 
Violent Seduction - Thorn Queen (Dark Grey)
PANTSU*HUNTER licentia .pink. NEW (Different Bow colors - Hud Changeable Wings & Flowers!)
+Half-Deer+ Lamb Horns (Bubblegum) You can barely see them, I know, But I have blogged these before. I just added them for that extra pop.
[][]Trap[][] Gelf Ears Low (Super Hud Changeable, Glowy Goodness)
{PopTart} The Messenger Shoulder Piece (Black) Dark Style Fair 
+Spellbound+ Cult Harness // Small // Black Dark Style Fair  (I got the fatpack!)
.:Buttery Toast:. Curvy Cutie - Long Sleeved t-shirt & High Waist Panties for Dangerous Curves Hunt! 1L Hunt More Info Here 
SNAP - Arm Warmers - Grey (MP)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
[M] Slink Fingernails // Skelly NEW (So Cool! Different Colors in HUD!)
Cute Poison - Graveyard Ring Light Dark Style Fair 
Violent Seduction - Bat Corset (Black) Dark Style Fair 
.{yumyums}. Frisky Succubus Tail [Slower] {Ebony}
.:Buttery Toast:. Stocking Layer (Cotton Candy Hunt Gift)
PANTSU*HUNTER lace socks .noire. NEW 
*Epic* Neo-Trekker's Foot Gear Black Hooves!
.DirtyStories. My Knee Guards =White (Colors & Plain in pack - I LOVE THESE!) Dark Style Fair 

Poses ~ 

Kirin - Azure Pose 4
Kirin - My Paper Airplane Pose - 1-1

Thoughts & Music ~

I finally got into the Dark Style Fair & it was pretty good. I found a lot of things I liked but I really wanted some new shoes, & I didn't find any that appealed to me personally. Well, they just weren't what I was looking for. *EDITORAL NOTE - 06-04-14* (I guess I totally missed the Blah booth the first time, because I went back to the Dark Style Fair & bought like, three pairs of shoes from it! Very happy now!)

It's getting so HOT here. It was 85 degrees in my house today, so I finally caved in & put on the AC. I will try to refrain from constantly complaining about the heat for the next three months, but just be prepared, if I slip up, because Summer here is a bitch.

Lets Cool off with "Ice Age" by How To Destroy Angels. It's a moody little tune that I think fits this post quite well. Enjoy:

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