Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lovely Lady Lilac ~

Ensemble ~

"tSg" Kotoko Shape (Modded)
.tsg. MeiMei :: D tone :: Bust :: Brown :: T - Soft Body Skin
"tSg" WetLook Rainbow Puddle (Group Gift)
Blair's Gadget Factory Slink Hands + Feet + Eyelashes Combo (marketplace)
C h a r y . - Contoured Freckles 1
{T.T} "Kailtyn" Butterfly blue glasses (Fit for a Princess)
*Milk* Hair~Dandelions (Fit for a Princess)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Bella Elephante - Diamond Flowers Slink Fingernails HUD (Fit for a Princess)
{T.T} "Kailtyn" Candy Blue purse HOLD (Fit for a Princess)
:Moon Amore: Realeza Ring (Right hand) (Gacha) (Fit for a Princess)
:Moon Amore: Primavera dress w/CROWN (of flowers) both Hud controlled (Fit for a Princess)
Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium
~Cannibelle~ Sheer Floral Knee Socks - White 2 (Fit for a Princess)
*~*HopScotch*~*  Ayana White Blue (Fit for a Princess)

Poses ~

EP (Elephante Poses) - Mistress Of Evil (I bought the whole pack) (We Love RP)

Thoughts & Music ~ 

I'm not going to post as many crazy personal thoughts as last time, because I'm not feeling as crazy, basically. I am bipolar so these these happen, to be honest. I will say I love this whole look I put together from my sponsors at the Fit For a Princess Event. I think it's really ladylike, playful & cute. Of course I am going to be blogging more from the event, not just because I am "supposed" to but because this round has some really great offerings. Stay tuned for the cutest house from Aloutte, I had to set it up on my land & I am living in it now. (As well as the tower from last months round, which I didn't get a chance to blog, unfortunately,) & some adorable furniture, not to mention more clothes & jewelry. Anyway, please go check out the event, it's really cute & will be happening every month. I'm also excited to catch up on my other Sponsors wonderful items, as they just keep cranking out such awesome stuff & it's such an honor to get to blog for them. I really mean that. I was feeling really disappointed to get denied from some places I applied to blog for within the last month or so, but thinking about it now, honestly, I think maybe one or two more sponsors & that might be my limit since I tend to get easily overwhelmed because of my mental health. A big Shoutout to my friends for being supportive while I was feeling down, especially Harleyquinn & Liliandra, who got the brunt of it. (& TY to Liliandra for teaching me a new Photoshop skill I finally tried on this post!)

One thing that always soothes the savage beast is music, of course. I was really excited for the new EXO-K & EXO-M releases. (Finally!) I even downloaded both language versions of the album off of itunes & so far I really like them a lot. I enjoy their blend of pop, dance, hip-hop & r&b. The production is always first-rate & it has enough dynamic & exotic feel to never sound cookie-cutter or bland to me. I watched the videos for Overdose & I got so excited I felt sick to my stomach, but what can I say, Fangirl problems, amirite?

Please enjoy EXO-K with Overdose:

AND here's EXO-M with Overdose:

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