Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This Lil' Loli Pops! ~

Ensemble ~

Utilizator M3 - Head v.1.9.2
Utilizator Avatar 2.0 - Body v1.10b
[LCKY] Helie II (NEW & Brand New Two-sided Huds! Also use more than one Hud at a time - YAY!)
.{yumyums}. Heart Head Springs {Pink}
.tsg. Crowned Jewel Hairbow - Pink - Middle
Gachapon! Sun Glow Lantern Hairsticks (Gacha) (At Hallyu Spring Fest 'till end of Month - then in main shop)
.:Buttery Toast:.  Little Imp - Galaxy - RARE (Gacha)
{W&R} Fancy Sunglasses - White & Pink
PANTSU*HUNTER eyes [kurisu]
PANTSU*HUNTER eyes [moeka]
Candy Mountain Tintable M3 Eyebrows (Group Gift)
PANTSU*HUNTER wings eyeshadow -pink-
{Amai} Dango. - Script - Sour
Gachapon! Twilight Sparkle Element Necklace (Gacha)
PANTSU*HUNTER lollipop dress (white) NEW
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
[M] Slink Fingernails // Laced Pastels
.{yumyums}. {heart & pearl} Way Girlie Bracelet {Sunny} (Gacha)
.:Buttery Toast:. Coming up roses - Bracelet Cream/Cream (Cosmo Sales Room)
.{yumyums}. {pearl-heart-star} Way Girlie Bracelet {Minty} (Gacha) 
.{yy} {1 Scoop} Vanilla (Gacha)
.:Buttery Toast:. Coming up roses - Bracelet Cream/Pink (Cosmo Sales Room)
{W&R} Sticky Bling 01 - Ring (Gacha)
Utilizator  MB2 - Panties
.::DMD::. "Midday" Super High Leg Warmer Pumps L65
.::DMD::. "Midday" Pumps Warmer Ruffles L65 (Add-on)

Poses ~

flowey. agent of love and courage (formerly at Cutie Moon fair) 
flowey. for love and justice (formerly at Cutie Moon fair) 

Set ~ 

Olive Juice Ball Pit (Tinted)
A:S:S - Glimmer lights - 04
A.D.D.Andel! Light Strand-Curved
[raare] Garden Rose Chair (Fit For a Princess) Next Round Begins May 1st
~silentsparrow~  Boi Burd - Sunny (Oz Hunt)
.{yumyums}. Purrrrty Kitteh {Lovecat} RARE (Gacha)
Retro Record Player Pinkish
:: AB :: French Country Rug

Thoughts & Music ~ 

I love the new Hair & HUD capabilities from LCKY. I'm all about options & this delivers. Speaking of options: someone put together this video featuring BOTH EXO K & M, blending the two version of History together really well. Since most Korean productions, music & dramas are on hold in the wake of the Ferry tragedy, this was kind of nice to hold me over until EXO's Overdose finally gets released. Of course my deepest sympathies go out to all involved & effected by the terrible tragedy.