Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gotta Gypsy Heart ~

[ma ko pa] Femboy Shape Elian (Modded a bit for height)
TAMAKI_T06 Skin 
Dead Apples Shattered - Emphatastic Eyes (Mesh)
[ni.Ju] 1 piercing
L.Fauna Dimples  Freckles [Tan]
A:S:S - Imperfections - marks 2
[LCKY] Hansel Hair (2L for FATPACK - Femboy Hunt EXCLUSIVE March 1thru31 only! UNISEX!)
:.LP.: Religious Spirit Holder Shirt
/ XIAJ / Ibi Messenger Bag + polka RARE (Gacha) (Currently at The Chapter Four)
FATEwear Gloves - George
ASO!Vintage Alphabet Ring (D) (Gacha)
Birdy/Alchemy - Spring Babes - Lamb - Patch (Gacha) (Currently at The Chapter Four)
oyasumi / handheld radio / greygold / RARE (Gacha) (Currently at The Chapter Four)
Oh la la! ::Cat bag:: E (Gacha) (Currently at The Chapter Four)
AMERIE M - Mesh skinny 02(Red ) Pants (Currently at The Men's Dept.)
VCO - Key holer - 1 (resize) (Gacha)
[NerdMonkey] - Slip-On V. Shoes 01

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