Sunday, March 30, 2014

Crazy Gumball Fairy Queen ~

"tSg" (The Sugar Garden) Mei Mei Shape (Modded for thinness)
.tsg. Luna :: Vampy :: NoBust :: NoBrows :: NT - Toned (Group Gift)
Candy Mountain Eyes . orbs of freedom .
Eyelashes -38- Classy *REDGRAVE*
Candy Mountain . Patchy Patch - Blue/Purple .
ASO! Paint Make Eye 03 (Gacha)
Candy Mountain . tintable QUESTiONABLE ROCKSTAR eyebrows v2 . (Under)
{W&R} (Witches & Rats) Stars Brow o1 - Tintable (Over)
+>A&A<+ Princess Star Blush - Pink (Free at the Skin Fair - Ends this Month!) 
+>A&A<+ Princess Star Blush Stars - Rainbow (Free at the Skin Fair - Ends this Month!) 
 .::C.C. Kre-ations:..{Nyanmon Army~ Taiyo}(Gacha) (Luck of the Irish Gacha Ends this Month!)
{Amai) Kanibaru Horns. - Noli's Smile (Group Gift!) 
FBD Valentine Tongue I love U Pink
Gachapon! Gumball Hairsticks Jelly Bean Hunt  ***STARTS APRIL 1st-30th!  INFO HERE! HINTS! CLICK ME! NOW! WOOOOOOOO!
.:Buttery Toast:.  Little Imp - White/Pinkdrip (Gacha)
Violent Seduction - Usagi Hair (Pastel Purple)
.Pekka. Ribbon heart collar - Sky (Gacha)
Gachapon! Gumball Necklace Jelly Bean Hunt ***STARTS APRIL 1st-30th! 
Gachapon! Lemon Meringue Cuppy Cake Necklace
{Peachy} Frosting Wings  *Vanilla 4* (Gacha)
Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands
{W&R} (Witches & Rats) Senshi Princesses - Grenade Free Weekend L75! Comes in 6 Cute Styles!
Slink Hands ONLY Jersey Shore 
{W&R} Petit Coeur - Ring - Blue + Purple
{W&R} Petit Coeur - Ring - White + Pink
*HolliPocket* Princess Candy Wand-Common-Fancy-Blueberry (Gacha) (Luck of the Irish Gacha Ends this MONTH!)
 ~silentsparrow~  (Rainbow) Uni-ee! for Holding
Violent Seduction - Heart Apron Dress (Gacha) (Sax) - MUST have Newest Viewers! 
.:Buttery Toast.: - Gradiant Socks - Calm Day
NEO**  Knee tattoo - Heart breaker - pink (Gacha)
Violent Seduction - LBlue/Silver Vinyl Star Garter (Left) (Gacha)
Violent Seduction - Pink/Silver Vinyl Star Garter (Right) (Gacha)
+>A&A<+ Gogo Boots - SL - Purple/Yellow (Fatpack Subscribo Gift)
+>A&A<+ Gogo Boots - SR - Blue/Yellow (Fatpack Subscribo Gift)

Song of the moment: Lane Del Rey: Lucky Ones

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