Monday, March 31, 2014

Events ~

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Crazy Gumball Fairy Queen ~

"tSg" (The Sugar Garden) Mei Mei Shape (Modded for thinness)
.tsg. Luna :: Vampy :: NoBust :: NoBrows :: NT - Toned (Group Gift)
Candy Mountain Eyes . orbs of freedom .
Eyelashes -38- Classy *REDGRAVE*
Candy Mountain . Patchy Patch - Blue/Purple .
ASO! Paint Make Eye 03 (Gacha)
Candy Mountain . tintable QUESTiONABLE ROCKSTAR eyebrows v2 . (Under)
{W&R} (Witches & Rats) Stars Brow o1 - Tintable (Over)
+>A&A<+ Princess Star Blush - Pink (Free at the Skin Fair - Ends this Month!) 
+>A&A<+ Princess Star Blush Stars - Rainbow (Free at the Skin Fair - Ends this Month!) 
 .::C.C. Kre-ations:..{Nyanmon Army~ Taiyo}(Gacha) (Luck of the Irish Gacha Ends this Month!)
{Amai) Kanibaru Horns. - Noli's Smile (Group Gift!) 
FBD Valentine Tongue I love U Pink
Gachapon! Gumball Hairsticks Jelly Bean Hunt  ***STARTS APRIL 1st-30th!  INFO HERE! HINTS! CLICK ME! NOW! WOOOOOOOO!
.:Buttery Toast:.  Little Imp - White/Pinkdrip (Gacha)
Violent Seduction - Usagi Hair (Pastel Purple)
.Pekka. Ribbon heart collar - Sky (Gacha)
Gachapon! Gumball Necklace Jelly Bean Hunt ***STARTS APRIL 1st-30th! 
Gachapon! Lemon Meringue Cuppy Cake Necklace
{Peachy} Frosting Wings  *Vanilla 4* (Gacha)
Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands
{W&R} (Witches & Rats) Senshi Princesses - Grenade Free Weekend L75! Comes in 6 Cute Styles!
Slink Hands ONLY Jersey Shore 
{W&R} Petit Coeur - Ring - Blue + Purple
{W&R} Petit Coeur - Ring - White + Pink
*HolliPocket* Princess Candy Wand-Common-Fancy-Blueberry (Gacha) (Luck of the Irish Gacha Ends this MONTH!)
 ~silentsparrow~  (Rainbow) Uni-ee! for Holding
Violent Seduction - Heart Apron Dress (Gacha) (Sax) - MUST have Newest Viewers! 
.:Buttery Toast.: - Gradiant Socks - Calm Day
NEO**  Knee tattoo - Heart breaker - pink (Gacha)
Violent Seduction - LBlue/Silver Vinyl Star Garter (Left) (Gacha)
Violent Seduction - Pink/Silver Vinyl Star Garter (Right) (Gacha)
+>A&A<+ Gogo Boots - SL - Purple/Yellow (Fatpack Subscribo Gift)
+>A&A<+ Gogo Boots - SR - Blue/Yellow (Fatpack Subscribo Gift)

Song of the moment: Lane Del Rey: Lucky Ones

Friday, March 28, 2014

Stormy Angel ~

"tSg" (The Sugar Garden) Mei Mei Shape (modded for thinness)
[theSkinnery] Haruko 3 (milk) DB CL1 (Gacha) (The Chapter Four)
Candy Mountain. eye wrath - grape . R
Candy Mountain. eye wrath - ice . L
*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -10- Twiggy
*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -39- Luscious
New Faces Group Gift  - Erotica Make-up 04 (Free at the Skin Fair)
Chus! Glomps - Ultra (Gacha) (Currently at Luck of the Irish - ends this Month!) 
Nox. Prosper Brows [Purple] (under)
Candy Mountain. tintable razored eyebrows (over)
L.Fauna Dimples  Freckles [Tan]
Pink Acid Clear Lip Gloss
*Epic* Succubus Snake Nose Ring
ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth (Platinum Vampire)
::Static:: Pixel Halo - Rainbow Faded
[][]Trap[][] Gelf Ears (ultra customizable!)
[LCKY] Yoona Hair
[LCKY] Liar (Extra) - Tsunami
:[P]: (The Plastik) - Pandorica Collar ://Spark
!TLB (The Little Bat)- Familiar Choker/Rat (Gacha)
{PopTart} Rusted Wings (Iced) (Gacha) (Try one of the many cool In-store Gacha machines or, check out another one of my friends Gacha stores where I picked these up. It's called The Thrifty Gacha. They also have tables for rent: 10prims for 20L a week on a very friendly sim!)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
1 Hundred. Dreamer Vest. Black (Gacha) (Currently at Luck of the Irish - ends this Month!) 
1 Hundred. Illicit Bodysuit Upper 1. Violet & B (Currently at Whore Couture) 
D2K (Dress2Kill) - Don't Shoot! Black
:Little Pricks: Bloody Upper Arm Rings Piercing
Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands
-{ZOZ}- Metal & Tips Polish
[ SAKIDE ] Silver Cranium Ring Black F (Gacha)
[ Last Period ] Stole arm 0002 skull L click 12 texchange
Corvus : Mesh Double Belt S
{PopTart} Leggings W/Heel (Lightning) (Currently at Suicide Dollz)

transparent rain texture from Deviant Art -Thank you-

So, this happened mere miles from my town on the 26th & I was like a scared little kid during the warning hours & for hours afterward. Thankfully no one was hurt & it didn't come into town. PTSD is no joke. My nerves were shot. 

Ok then, On a much lighter note...I heard THIS song on my stream in SL & I think it's so lovely & pleasing. I had to share. Here's Neon Bunny (Great Name, BTW!) With "It's You":

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kimono Cutie ~

Utilizator Avatar 2.0 - Body v1.10b (Modded to be shorter)
Utilizator M3 - Head v.1.9.2
PANTSU*HUNTER M3 head applier kurumi Skin  & Eyes (only clock eye worn, other eye modded within M3 HUD)
PANTSU*HUNTER stars M3 head applier (SO cute! - she has many cute appliers, go look!)
Candy Mountain Tintable M3 Eyebrows (Group Gift)
!Blah. (My Super Kawaii Blush) Mesh + resizer
[LCKY] Harime Hair NEW (permanently half off!)
*AP* (Alice Project) Donut Headplate RARE (Gacha)
.:Buttery Toast:. Ickle Crown - Purple/Teal/Wings RARE (Gacha) (NEW Store Build, Go See!)
~silentsparrow~ Narwhal -plush friend - shoulder pet
Gachapon! Kawaii Wings Bright Pink RARE (Gacha)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
TSG (The Sugar Garden) SLink Nail Appliers Jewel Decora
EXiA Yukata mini (Lucky Board) Also for Sale in shop in other colors & longer length
.::DMD::. "Midday" Super High Leg Warmer Pumps
.::DMD::. "Midday" Pumps Warmer Ruffles (Awesome Texture & Color Add On!)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sugar Krash Kitty ~

"tSg" Mei Mei Shape (Modded for thinness)
.tsg. MeiMei :: D tone :: Bust :: Red :: T - Toned Body
"tSg"  Sparx Pink L
"tSg" Sparx Deep Blue R
Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
~Blacklace Beauty~ Mismatch Shadows Pink/Purple (Currently at The Skin Fair)
Clemmm - Bruises Cheek Hypnos (Currently at The Skin Fair)
L.Fauna Dimples  Freckles [Tan]
[SC] ~Disco Dip Freckles~ (cheeks) Marketplace
(medley)Shadow Piercings v2-Cheek Piercings 1
(Medley)Shadow Piercings v2-Horseshoe Sept 1
[LCKY] Noodle II (NEW)
.Enfant Terrible. Hairband from Tokyo - Harajuku (Gacha)
Awesome Designs Color Change Hair Sticks
{PopTart} Skeleton Collar (Pastel Pink)
1 Hundred. Little Lace Top 1. Pink
1 Hundred. Little Lace Mini [No Panty] 1. Pink
.:Buttery Toast:. Meow! Cat bodysuit - Pink 3
::Para Designs:: Cupcake Color Lite Tattoo
Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands
TSG SLink Nail Appliers - Decora
Baiastice_Triple Skulls Leather Cuff-black- Right (Gacha)
Schadenfreude Astro Rigueur Cuff, l
.:Buttery Toast:. Black socks
.:Buttery Toast:. Stripey socks - Pink bows (NEW)
{PopTart} Platform Sneaks (Meow) (Currently at Suicide Dollz)

Waited for You Here all Day ~

[ma ko pa] Femboy Shape Elian (modded for height)
[theSkinnery] Haruko 8 (milk) DB CL1 (Gacha) (Currently at The Chapter Four)
Dead Apples Eyes - Shattered - Emphatastic
.:Glamorize:. Guyliner Eye Makeup - Liner
{Dead Apples} Tint My Lids - Black (Group Gift)
L.Fauna Dimples  Freckles [Tan]
A:S:S - Imperfections - marks 2
[ni.Ju] Snake Bites - Simple V2 (mouth)
Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands (Female fits this slender shape best - always try demos!)
A:S:S - Chipped Nail Polish (SLink Applier)
Cobrahive - Visor Cap (black) (Marketplace)
[LCKY] Kirin - Dirt (One of Many Permanent 50L Color Pack Specials!)
[Sleepy Bozer] Ocean Moon Tattoo
ISON - eagle bolo tie (silver) (Gacha) (Currently at The Arcade)
ISON MAN - leather biker vest -S- (black) (The Men's Dept.) 
:: Howl :: - DUCK SACK ( Mix 6 ) (Gacha)
+ILO+ SS Bracelet Watch [bronze] (Gacha)
Baiastice_Spike Studs Leather Cuff-black- Right (Gacha)
oyasumi / handheld radio / greygold / RARE (Gacha) (Currently at The Chapter Four)
BlankLIne 011 PocketPants_M_Camo_S (Past Fifty Linden Friday Special)
{EPIC} (Epicosity) Slip-ons - Checked

Friday, March 14, 2014

Get Your Fairy On~

"tSg" Mei Mei Shape (modded body)
.tsg. Angel :: D tone :: NoBust :: NoBrow :: NT - Soft Body
.tsg. Galaxy - Hazel Eyes
Blacklace Beauty Winter Cloud Shadow Ocean/Sky (Currently at the Skin Fair!)
La Malvada Malvada - Sun Barracuda  n1 /eyes (Skin Fair Exclusive!)
+>A&A<+ (Adore & Abhor) Princess Star Blush Stars - Rainbow (Skin Fair Freebie!)
La Malvada Mujer- FAKE zebra point [eyelashes]
DRD & Milk Hair~Regency *Lavender*
Regency Crown - blue steel
[][]Trap[][] Gelf Ears High
+Half-Deer+ Tiny Angel Wings (static)
[The Forge] Elise Pauldron Gold (Gacha)
1 Hundred. Lovable Corset & Panties Violet
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Slink Mesh Feet Medium
*OAL* Crysantha Arm Cuffs L
*OAL* Crysantha Thigh Cuffs R (at The Fantasy Room)
PFC (Pucca Firecaster's Creations) ~Role Belt - Druid (white) (Gacha)
.:Buttery Toast:. See my toes?! - (Fairy Kei Event Gift!)  ALSO GROUP GIFT NOW IN STORE!

EDITORIAL NOTE: Ok, so apparently I was confused by the picture of an actual "fairy" on the invitation & was accused of misleading someone about the attire of the event. It's true, I do not know everything about every fashion subculture on the planet. Ya got me! I even went to the event the day before & there was another big picture of another traditional fairy on the grounds, so of course I just went with my gut instincts. But that's the last time I will do so since it apparently causes problems. lol

I NOW know that "Fairy Kei" is a Japanese Street Style that looks more like this:

Look Ma, No Wings!
Anyway. I showed up to the event & was greeted warmly. There were other people wearing what looked like traditional fairy looks, some people who looked similar to the gals pictured above & even two people dressed as giant snakes. Go figure. I apologize if I confused anyone with the Fairy costume I blogged, or to anyone I invited to join me at the event. Everything turned out fine, though, & everyone at the event was super nice.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One Batty Broad ~

"tSg" Mei Mei Shape (Body Modded to be Thinner)
[theSkinnery] Haruko 2 (champagne) DB CL1 (Gacha) (Currently at The Chapter Four)
.Birdy. Devon Brows Straight
Bindi +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Candy Mountain . eye wrath - ice . L
Candy Mountain . eye wrath - lilac. R
.tsg. System Eyelash Hider *wear for best result*
La Malvada Mujer - Meteoropathic #1[eyes]
B.C.C MiMi Cherry Pink Lip Tattoo Teeth
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan]
-UtopiaH- Beauty Marks
[LCKY] Lynlee Hair (Currently at The Big Show for a DISCOUNTED Price of L$150 a pack. When sold at the main store it will revert L$300, so go get it now for the best deal!)
{PopTart} Dragons Ears (Includes Change Color Hud, Resizeable) (Currently at the Fantasy Room)
{PopTart} Dragons Horns (Includes Change Color Hud, Resizeable) (Currently at the Fantasy Room) 
*katat0nik* (mouse) Cameo Hat (Gacha) (Currently at The Arcade) 
:[P]:(The Plastik) - Pandorica Collar [XS]://Stars
{PopTart} Frankie Neck Bolts (Shock)
1 Hundred. Illusion Halter Top (MEGAstuff WS Hunt Gift March 1-30) (Tango/Mirage Appliers Included)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
*KaS* ClothCorset SpringBlue
[ SAKIDE ] Diamonds Galaxy Panties + Garters
:::Sn@tch Madison Plaid Mini (Eggplant):::
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual (Pointed Nails)
Helianthus Slink Nail Appliers Blended Colors Pack
~silentsparrow~ Purple Bat Snugglewarmer (Gacha) (Currently at The Arcade)
.:Buttery Toast:. Light Purple Socks (Under) NEW
.:Buttery Toast:. Ribbon Socks - Light blue (Over) NEW
{PopTart} Platform Sneaks (Pastel Black)  (Currently at Suicide Dollz Event) 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gotta Gypsy Heart ~

[ma ko pa] Femboy Shape Elian (Modded a bit for height)
TAMAKI_T06 Skin 
Dead Apples Shattered - Emphatastic Eyes (Mesh)
[ni.Ju] 1 piercing
L.Fauna Dimples  Freckles [Tan]
A:S:S - Imperfections - marks 2
[LCKY] Hansel Hair (2L for FATPACK - Femboy Hunt EXCLUSIVE March 1thru31 only! UNISEX!)
:.LP.: Religious Spirit Holder Shirt
/ XIAJ / Ibi Messenger Bag + polka RARE (Gacha) (Currently at The Chapter Four)
FATEwear Gloves - George
ASO!Vintage Alphabet Ring (D) (Gacha)
Birdy/Alchemy - Spring Babes - Lamb - Patch (Gacha) (Currently at The Chapter Four)
oyasumi / handheld radio / greygold / RARE (Gacha) (Currently at The Chapter Four)
Oh la la! ::Cat bag:: E (Gacha) (Currently at The Chapter Four)
AMERIE M - Mesh skinny 02(Red ) Pants (Currently at The Men's Dept.)
VCO - Key holer - 1 (resize) (Gacha)
[NerdMonkey] - Slip-On V. Shoes 01

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cats, Bears & Cosmic Candy Babes ~

To see what my dear friend Jinki-poo is wearing, (the cutie with the glasses,) please click HERE! 

On Me:
"tSg" Mei Mei Shape (I thinned the body a bit)
.Birdy. Maisie Skin ~Pure~ VIP gift 
.Birdy. Maisie Brows
Candy Mountain Eyes - . orbs of nightmares .
[SC] (Say Cheese) ~Disco Dip Freckles~ (cheeks+nose) Marketplace (So cute!)
Pink Acid Eye Magic Eyeshadow - Rainbow Bright
Nox. Nose Contour [Yellow] (Currently at Collabor88) TWO MORE DAYS
La Malvada Mujer- FAKE violent sea [eyelashes] Can't get enough of these lashes, SO pretty!
L.Fauna Dimples  [Tan] - Also can't live without my dimples!
Candy Mountain - . DUCKY KiSSES - (lucky board) magic.
:Z.S: (Zombie Suicide) Sugar Piercings Yellow (Gacha) 
Cute Poison - Quixotic Piercing
[ AYUMI ] Cleavage - Type3 - PALE 1 (got this on the marketplace - a must have!)
*AP* (Alice Project)  Aphrodite [M] Glitter/Rainbow Streaks - Teal (Gacha)
.tsg. (The Sugar Garden) Crowned Jewel Hairbow - Black - Side (NEW!)
+Half-Deer+ Melty Sherbet Ears (White)
*katat0nik* (Cake1) Wonderland Pendant (Gacha) 
*katat0nik* (POSE) Candy Purse (Group Gift) 
Rotten Toe - plastic watch 
Gachapon! Princess Celestia Friendship Ring RARE (Gacha) (so many cute things here)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual 
{PopTart} Creeper Horns (Platinum, - I tinted them Purple in edit!) (Game Over Event Gacha) 
{PopTart} Cupcake Ring (Confetti) (Cupcake Hunt) (You get two cute rings for only 5L!)
(Milk Motion) cosmic bomber - cosmic (Currently at Collabor88) TWO MORE DAYS
.:Buttery Toast:. Meow! Cat bodysuit - White 2 (NEW!)
Candy Mountain - . SHAWTz - steal . s
{Sugar Heart} Sweet Factory Tights ~ Jelly Beans RARE (Gacha) 
.:Buttery Toast:. Ribbon Socks - Purple (NEW!)
.:Buttery Toast:. Mad Cat lady - Socks 
.:Buttery Toast:. With Wings - Purple Shoes

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Unicorns are Real ~

"tSg" Mei Mei Shape (I thinned the body a bit)
.Birdy. Devon Skin ~Butterscotch~ (melon)
.Birdy. Devon Brows Straight
Candy Mountain . eye wrath - field .
Al Vulo doll lashes
L.Fauna Dimples  Freckles [Tan]
{Sugar Heart} My Deer Blush ~ Tintable
ASO! Paint Make Eye 02 (Gacha)
Pink Acid Model Lip Gloss + Teeth - Tropical
[ni.Ju] (right) Monroe Piercing (I tinted it golden in edit)
[ni.Ju] Celtizine Piercing . fire (I tinted it golden in edit)
.tsg. Good Kitty Collar - White (Gacha)
*katat0nik* (yummy unicorn) Carousel Necklace (Gacha)
[ AYUMI ] Cleavage - Type3 - PALE 1
TRUTH HAIR Maiko [Blonde 3] (Gacha) (Currently at Arcade)
+Half-Deer+ Aventine Horns - Fantasy (Gacha) (Currently at Arcade)
+Half-Deer+ Sweet Dreams Unicorn Set (Darling) RARE (Gacha)
1 Hundred. Cupid Tee 2. Lilac (Optional Tango/Mirage Appliers) (Currently at Lubbly Jubblies)
~silentsparrow~ Purple Diamond Snugglewarmer  (Gacha) (Currently at Arcade)
: HS (Heartsick) : Bright Moon Dress ( Corset Only ) - White
Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands
.:Buttery Toast:. So purple Mini Skirt
+Half-Deer+ Blossom Tail (Mother of Pearl) (Gacha)
:::Sn@tch Funky Socks (Grapeade):::
*League* Gartered Socks -Overknee -Off White (sock)
*Epic VIP* Rainbow Slouchie Digi Warmers (Group Gift)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pretty Opal Zombie ~

"tSg" (The Sugar Garden) Mei Mei Shape (I thinned the body a bit)
al vulo- Ewa*  Drow no brow Ombre Skin (past the Dressing Room Fusion)
Candy Mountain - . ANiMU EYES - spirit . (Lucky Board) (I put on lots of glow, but there's more detail usually) I Love all the Candy Mountain Eyes so much. I have been blogging the crap out of them.
Candy Mountain -. brow shape - angry .
Candy Mountain -. tintable razored eyebrows .
:[P]:(Plastik) -Fauxe Makeup:// Emerald
La Malvada Mujer - Lux #1 Makeup [full]
~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Tears
.Birdy. Aria Extras - Blush 1(I use this A LOT!)
La Malvada Mujer- FAKE violent sea [eyelashes] (I add glow to this to make it extra pretty)
Essences ~ Alpha Lashes (hide default lashes)
Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing (Hud changeable colors/metals - just love these)
(fd) (Fashionably Dead) Moon Buns Hair - Light Ombre 4
{PopTart} Oh Snap!back Pastel Chaos RARE (Gacha) ([GAME OVER ]*Event*CARNIVAL) 
[][]Trap[][] Gelf Ears Low (Hud is Super easy/very Customize-able! SO Beautiful! I am in love with these.)
:::Sn@tch Hush Collar (Black-XSmall)::: (many colors!)
{PopTart} Skeleton Collar (Pastel Purple) (SO cuuuute)
{PopTart} Sweater Dress XS (Zombie)
Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands (I am addicted to SLink hands & feet.)
Helianthus SLink nail appliers
Baiastice_Triple Skulls Leather Cuff-black- Right
Cute Poison - Celestial Bracelet (L) (SO Cute! Hud Changeable colors/metals)
Schadenfreude Astro Rigueur Cuff, r (Love it - Hud changeable Colors, band & even each star can change!)
.:Buttery Toast:. Pantyhose - Lots of Stars (come w/SLink add ons!)
.:Buttery Toast.: - Gradiant Socks - Twilight (come w/SLink add ons!)
Schadenfreude (Monoceros) Constellation Tattoo Lower
NEO**  Knee tattoo - Heart breaker - black (I never get sick of these)
:::Sn@tch Lava Cowboy Boot ::: (Hud changeable colors!)