Monday, December 16, 2013

Meet Me By The Magic Tree ~

BND (Bird Next Door) Shape Kaori 1 (Heavily Modded by LaDonna Oceanlane)
Skin -Belleza- Leila Arcade RARE 3 (Past Arcade Gacha)
PC (Poetic Colors)  - Christmas Tale Eyes - large dark (Free Gift Now)
Exile::First Snow Hair & Dress combo (Gacha)
suzy / antique ribbon necklace (Creator: Arianrhod Garnet - Couldn't locate store.)
Candy Nail #P078 Midnight Dream Gold (I realize you can't see them, but they are really cool!)
S@BBIA Wool Coat (Red) (Group Gift - Free to Join)
:::Sn@tch Screamer Leather Pants (Black-P):::(Part of "The Rambler" Fishing Outfit)
-CLEMATIS- Legwarmer (Sorry, no longer in business.)
 :::Sn@tch Ramble Boot/Black ::: (Part of "The Rambler" Fishing Outfit)
S@BBIA Color Change Ribbon Shoulder Bag (Group Gift - Free to Join)
Pose - Glitterati
Location - Candy Nail Special Area

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