Monday, October 21, 2013

Summoning ~

:::Sn@tch Jessica Shape (Slender)::: (Very Modded by Me, but a GREAT shape to start from!)
Essences - Rose TDR02 *doux* brown Skin (past The Dresing Room Fusion)
. dew - sick . Eyes - Candy Mountain
[ni.Ju] (right) Monroe Piercing (mouth)
Vanity Hair: Say my Name(S)-Glampack
::LEONARD:: Tulle Hat " Halloween" -purple- (Gacha Currently at The Fall Spooktacular Event)
*pm* Fiend Hairclips - Neon Green (L) (Gacha currently at The Fall Spooktacular Event)
twin dragon bracelet small - June Bamaisin
Spyralle Candy Skull Coat - XS (Currently at FLUX Dia de los Muertos event) I absolutely LOVE this coat - the back has a huge, beautiful Candy Skull. it's very colorful & beautiful.
:::Sn@tch Ribbed Tube Top (Green-J):::
Candy nail #P048 RUNWAY Blue L10
Pure Poison - Black Arachnide Necklace (I got it on Fifty Linden Friday, but it's well worth full price.)
Location - Halloween Mini Market (SO beautifully decorated!)

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