Monday, October 21, 2013

Pretty Poison ~

:::Sn@tch Jessica Shape (Slender)::: (Very Modded by Me, but a great shape to start with!)
.B I R D Y.  DELILAH skin  ~Pure~ Lust
The Sugar Garden "tSg" Sparx Deep Blue Eyes
Elikatira [e] Locked - Brown 08
Eyelashes -12- Catwalk *REDGRAVE*
Head/Brow Horns - Memnoch Matzerath
ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth - Vamp'd(Prim)
Zombie Suicide :Z.S: Sugar Piercings Yellow
Elysium - neckpiece female - raven (at the Wizarding Faire)
LaDonna's Classical Chest Tat (Home made)
LaGyo_Morgana's necklace (unicorn's blood and butterflies)
:::Sn@tch PVC Suit Top (Black-S):::
:::Sn@tch PVC Suit Pants (Black-P):::
Schadenfreude Garter Bat Tights, pants
Royal Blue (RB.Outlet) Jills Fighting Talk Gloves in Charcol
.::[HTxDZ]::. Demon Claws - Dark Mother of Pearl Lala
*chronokit*  Belt 01 Black S
:::Sn@tch Mesh Boucher Corset (Paris-XXS):::
Violent Seduction - Esther Boot

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