Saturday, September 22, 2012

10,000 Views ~ Thank You!

Even Nico is excited about all the views!

I know I haven't been keeping up on my posts very well lately but things have been quite stressful. Health has been an issue for me & my loved ones as I have mentioned in previous posts. Not to be a whiner, but I had to go to the hospital for a very bad upper respiratory infection, I actually found out a LOT of people in my area, (now even my poor 93 year old Grampy,) have gotten them this Summer because of the wildfires, (so much bad smoke & such!) One day the smoke had traveled down so far you couldn't even see down the road  - it was as thick as fog.

Terrible fires in Manton, Ca, that destroyed so much forest & even homes - not far from me

I also sprained my thumb really badly in a freak household accident. X-ray's showed no breakage, but it's really swollen & I can't move it. Sometimes it hurts so bad it keeps me up at night. I also have been taking care of a loved one for the last few months - dealing with all the appointment making for them & their health care issue. So all in all, September turned out to be more than I was able to deal with. I think all the stress over the last few months just piled up & I kind of fell apart a bit.

BUT, as usual, to escape I played a little Second Life, went for a lot of walks, (when I wasn't laid up on the couch with the "sickness," that is,) played with my kitten Nico, & of course watched a lot of GREAT movies & TV to relax & recover.  I will be updating on those movies & TV shows as well as showing pics of some really cute Second Life items I picked up AND other amazing & useful tidbits I have discovered in life & around the internet as soon as I am feeling a bit better.

Once again, Thanks so much for dropping by my page!


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