Friday, July 27, 2012

A Nice Day

*MY UGLYDOROTHY - Bee Skin 01 in Saddle Tone. I got this when it was given as a group gift in all tones & makeup styles & they are all absolutely gorgeous. If you haven't been to My Uglydorothy in a while, do yourself a favor & go now.
*.amato.* eyes 12 June Rainy small 0L
D!va Hair - Diva2 Red Amber (More than 30,000 Group Member Gift,) 0L, Comes in all tones. Really Beautiful, totally customizable & the flowers come off & are color change!
U.One - Short Mesh Overall, 1L. Great Bargains here!
::Duh!:: Colors of Summer Necklace - Old Seasons Hunt Gift 0L
Candy Nail Seashore Rainbow Summer bag, nails with ring & wood beads bracelet, (Early July Gift.) Group is closed when gift is out. Join group now for next gift! Great store. I love their nails - I have bought so many!
IMANI Yellow Neon Bracelet. I do believe this was a gift from the old Imani store. Cannot locate these items anymore.
[Gos] Espadrilles in Tie Dye - TOSL2B, 0L (look for a little teal bag)

Of course I must add this video by my lovely friend Angelina of the awesome band Persephone's Bee's. This is from their first album back in 2009. They have put out a lot since then. Be sure to check them out & see them live if you get the chance. Super talented doesn't even begin to cover it. Have a "Nice Day!"

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