Friday, April 27, 2012

Teenage Mew-Tant Schoolgirl Kitties!

The Fantasy Faire 2012 is on now & let me tell you, it's really something. Not only is it massive, (spread over eight sims,) it's also BEAUTIFUL, (every sim has a different Fantasy look.) On top of all that, it's also a charity event to benefit the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Make sure you check it out before it's over on April 29th! Besides just a lot of great designers & shops, there are many side events going on. Please check out the website & don't miss out -There are so many great stores participating!

Kiba Tachikawa, owner of Actuate Eden, is one of the many Faire participants & he made some Neko sets for it called Calico MewMew.  There are three different versions, with color change & texture options, etc. on all of them. I decided to model the Rocker version because I liked the spikes, crosses & plaid & I also thought it looked good with my mesh VERSHE sweater. You can find Kiba's Faire shop here, his blog here & the Main store here, filled with Visual Kei, Oshare, Cosplay, & other creations. 

(click on the pic for a larger view)

*VERSHE* Camille Skin (Tan) No Brows: Rawr
Lithium ~ Creation :: Wood Black Eyes: Marketplace
/Wasabi Pills/ Ginger Mesh Hair, Iceberg
.[.Masque.]. - Bunnyeh face: Marketplace (Yes, I know it's a bunny nose, but I already had it & love it, so I used it & I think it blended in ok!)
L.Fauna Dimples & Freckles
[ni.Ju] Ankoku tintable face tattoo at Perfect Wardrobe
[ni.Ju] Makeup - Red Panda
[ni.Ju] Sukoiyen Piercing . full
: ) BCC. (Bonne Chance) Cafe Hunt black Maid collar (part of a former hunt gift)
[Actuate Eden] Limited MewMew Calico Rocker - at the Fantasy Faire
*VERSHE* Chic Sweater: Cherry
[ni.Ju] Tintable FADES for claws
[ni.Ju] blood-tipped claws
*VERSHE* PumPum Shorts: Denim
~Pepper~ Brass Knuckle Belt - WHITE: April Group Gift!
SubDermal - Tiger Stripes Tattoo - Neko Tattoo (Tinted)
*League* Gartered Socks Overknee Off-White
MiaMai Poses
Location: *Edelweiss* Le Mont Saint-Michel (Thanks to Alice at Lamp*Light for suggesting this location. I think it really complimented my "teenage rocker kitty" look!)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NOP~ Mall Welcomes More Shops!

A little over a week ago, I blogged an update about the NOP~ Hong Kong Mall & also gave a welcome to the newest tenants Lamp*Light & Unforgettable Creations. Well, we are very happy to be able to welcome three more! Please say hello to JayGee, Panda Punx, & Wow Skins!

The JayGee Kiosk features lots of Asian style clothing.

Panda Punx has super cute copy/mod shapes.

WoW Skins has some lovely skins to check out.

Also, Tori-Tastic has some new, NOP~ EXCLUSIVE items in her kiosk!


As always, the NOP~ Mall is located on an English speaking, Asian inspired sim. Our goal is to spread the love of  Asian music, popular culture and fashion in its many forms throughout Second Life. NOP~ also organizes hunts, fashion & charity events & fairs.


Taki Kujisawa, the owner of NOP~ has his own shop in the mall & still has the awesome boots he made for the Fashioncentric hunt available to find. Also, even though our own Visual Hunt is over Taki still has his prize out, so if you want the Dragon scarf that matches the Fashioncentric boots, go ahead & look for the blue Dragon kanji symbol in the shop as well. (The hint is "I love these wings!") By the way the Fashioncentric prize is free, but the Visual Hunt prize is 10L. They make a really cute set! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Like Cockatoos

So, my Second Life friend, DJ A.F.I, a great SL & RL DJ, (who is also my longtime "Real Life" friend, since she was a teenager!) was like, "Hey I want to take you to this really cool store," & proceeded to take me to Ladies Who Lunch. Little did she know I am a big fan of that store but haven't been there in a while because every time I go, I end up broke. There are just so many awesomely unique designs & cute, cool stuff that I always want & this time was no exception.

Anyone who knows me probably knows I like birds. Well, I mean they are pretty easy to like: First of all they are nice to look at, secondly they have lovely singing voices, thirdly there's the whole metaphoric "freedom of flight" thing to envy & lastly, they just have a real air of majesty & mystery to them. I think birds are quite magnificent & interesting creatures & they never cease to amaze me.

SO ~ when I saw this colorful mesh sweater/skirt/heels combo resplendent in feathers & with giant Cockatoo faces on it - it was pretty much a no-brainer that I had to have it. (BTW - there are also dress sets with a Pachyderm, Bird of Paradise, Lotus & Owl, in case Cockatoos aren't your thing!) You can get the top & skirt separately or get the set which includes the shoes, like I did. I already had the LoQ hair,  (which is VERY much like a "Cockatoo-ish" crown itself,) the Paper Couture earrings & the awesome ni.Ju makeup totally finished off the look & really complimented my brand new Jesylilo skin that I am LOVING, (absolutely amazing lips & eyebrows!) 

This outfit reminded of one of my favorite old songs by the Cure. Even though the outfit is a LOT more upbeat & happy than the song is, I decided to include it anyway because for one I just couldn't get it out of my head & two, it's really pretty & kind of melancholy & that's just how I am: half crazy, upbeat & colorful & half nostalgic & melancholy. Enjoy! :P

Shape is my very modified version of "Jennifer" by Glow Studio
*JeSyLiLO* at Dressing Room Blue*:::ShamS:::*LightSkin
LaDonna Oceanlane Eyes made by Me!
L.Fauna 2.0 Tattoo [Dimples + Freckles]
L.Fauna 2.0 Tattoo [Full Body Freckles]
[ni.Ju] Visual Edge (the black thick liner)
[ni.Ju] Kumi (the pretty rainbow makeup - comes in different versions & tintable!)
P.C; Tumbled Stone Set (I have TONS of jewelry from this place, I love EVERYTHING.)
LoQ Hair Grappa Pieva - Dark Blonde (I have the fatpack - I love this hair!)
Blacklace Passionate Touch Stockings
[LWL] Zoology (Cockatoo)
Ampersand - For your eyes only Poses.(This was from a pack of James Bond-Girl inspired poses. You can find it at Shag right now, it seems like they are still in the process of building their own store. Cute poses!)


Here's the Cure from 1987 with, "Like Cockatoos." If you haven't heard the whole album "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" - I highly recommend checking it out. So many great, very emotional & personal, yet identifiable songs with amazing musicianship. It's a classic!

She walked out of her house
And looked around
At all the gardens that looked
Back at her house
(Like all the faces
That quiz when you smile...)

And he was standing
At the corner
Where the road turned dark
A part of shiny wet
Like blood the rain fell
Black down on the street

And kissed his feet she fell
Her head an inch away from heaven
And her face pressed tight
And all around the night sang out
Like cockatoos

"There are a thousand things" he said
"I'll never say those things to you again"
And turning on his heel
He left a trace of bubbles
Bleeding in his stead

And in her head
A picture of a boy who left her
Lonely in the rain
(And all around the night sang out
like cockatoos)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vershe & Lamp*Light

The other day I made a post welcoming Lamp*Light to the NOP~ Hong Kong Mall & told you I was going to blog about the cute free bloomers that the super sweet & funny owner, Alice, (follow her blog here!) was giving away. Well, I got them & they are SO fun: totally tintable to any color with the use of an editable hud (just follow some easy instructions on an included notecard,) & the option to turn the eyeballs on & off. I wore them to a jam-packed club & got compliments galore!

As I was putting together the look around my bloomers, my friend Jada Kolda told me about the new store *VERSHE* by Vershel Iadyl & hooked me up with some awesome review copies of some really cute items that I liked so much I went to the store to look around & I ended up buying a few more things! I urge everyone to go check out *VERSHE* for themselves.  

The store is set up very tastefully & there are some really very cool items, like the spring belts, the McQueen tights, & lots of really cute shoes, just to name a few things, (all of which I will blog soon because I bought them!) But for now I am going to show you a cute skin & one of the shoes! You can find the store on the Marketplace but if you go inworld there is more of a selection as well as Midnight Mania boards, Group Gifts & some fun hunts going on in the store! Thanks again to Jada. Please go support the store & be sure to follow Jada's awesome blog

Here's the look I put together based around the *VERSHE* Skin & shoes & the Lamp*Light Bloomers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

*VERSHE* Camille Tan Skin, Oh Marilyn (I added Freckles & Dimples from L.Fauna but the skin is very pretty & smooth, with no seams or flaws I could detect. I'm just addicted to freckles! I got more skins from VERSHE & will blog more & try to refrain from freckles next time so you can see the skin better, I promise! :P)

LaDonna Oceanlane Eyes

[ni.Ju] Visual Edge Eyeliner
[ni.Ju] Hime-yu Blush
[ni.Ju] Vixx Piercing Lucky Board Special Color
/Wasabi Pills/ Kumi Pony Mesh Hair Ash (I LOVE this store too much.)
*elymode* Estrela Suspender Top - red
Lamp*Light - Pon Pon Bloomers - Free Gift!
[AddiCt] Gangsta Leggings (worn over my grey Emery leggings)
Emery Leggings 1 (Part of a gift called Rock & Glam #2 I got back in 2008 could not locate in store but the store has plenty of amazing things so please check it out!)
*VERSHE* Shoes Stackas Jailbird (Comes with super easy HUD. Change skin, heel color, etc!)

 ::SWEET LEONARD:: Let me love you <3 Necklace (Former Cafe Hunt Prize)
Dragon Garden Silver Dragon by June Bamaisin Twin Dragon Bracelet. 100L ~  I got this as a free gift in January 2009 & I can honestly say this has been one of my absolute favorite pieces of SL jewelry, EVER. I wear it all the time. It is really well made, highly detailed & so beautiful! The purchase version is transferable & makes a great gift!(I will take a better picture of it next time.)
Candy Nail #P060 Mannish Red
HOC - Expresso expression hud ~ FREE. House of Curios also has a lot of really great, low-priced shoes, glasses & other goodies.
Poses by Ampersand & PDA

BTW ~ Here is the totally insane video that inspired the Lamp*Light Pon Pon Bloomers. It's "PONPONPON" performed by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu:


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Star Trek Pizza Night

So, I had an idea to make this "funny" picture for a long, long time & I finally just went ahead & did it. I'm a HUGE Star Trek fan - my favorite is the Original Series, although I enjoy all of the Series' - (I will watch a lot of The Next Generation & Enterprise when I am bored & I really enjoy those a lot.)

I grew up watching the syndicated reruns of the Original Series as a child. I remember thinking how cool the crew was & admiring how they bravely faced so much danger together, trusting each other & working together no matter what. I loved the humor, their playful banter & their accepting, very diplomatic attitude, (they were always helping strange aliens without judgement or easily forgiving someone who tried to kill them!) The sci-fi aspect, the color schemes & the whole "look" of the show was also very exciting & stimulating to my young brain. Spock was even my first crush, I thought he was so "cool" & handsome, so I will have to try to make a "funny" with him in it one of these days.

There are a lot of VERY funny Star Trek pictures floating around the internet that people have put hilarious text onto, (trust me, my Facebook galleries are FULL of outstanding ones that I have found & saved.) When I saw this picture, these words just instantly popped into my head. Hopefully someone else will think it's funny, too. Thanks for listening &... Live Long & Prosper!

What's new at NOP~!

There have been a lot of changes at the Nihon Ongaku Publishing Hong Kong Shopping Center & Mall recently. As you may or may not know, our Mall is located on an English speaking, Asian inspired sim. Our goal is to spread the love of  Asian music, popular culture and fashion in its many forms throughout Second Life. NOP~ also organizes hunts, fashion & charity events & fairs.

We are so happy that NOP~ & HTxDZ owner Taki Kujisawa's participation in the Fashioncentric Hunt has brought so much traffic to the sim! I have had a chance to do some of the hunt, (not as much as I would like to yet, because of my hectic RL schedule,) but I have to say the prizes are really awesome & I am definitely planning to finish it!

Here are the boots Taki made for the hunt! You must see them in world to appreciate the texture. They look like slightly translucent dragon scales - so much depth.


Also, the Hong Kong Shopping Center & Mall at NOP would like to give a warm welcome to our two newest vendors, Lamp*Light & Unforgettable Creations. Please take a moment to check out these & our other fine stores, which include Anime Angels, Kitty, Ancient Creations, Hosoi Ichiba, Mooshead, Wolve's Escape, Tori-Tastic, Edge of Pink, Gomun Horangi, Bibiten, Pira Technologies, HTxDZ, The NOP~ Breeders Market, 212 Designs Breedable Tools, Viperlicious, Axle Wolf, Shoma's World, as well as the Actuate Eden Main Store, which is located separately from the Hong Kong Mall, but still on the beautiful NOP~ sim. There is still rental space available at our mall. Any type of items are welcome in our shops but please keep in mind it is a Moderate sim. If you think your store would have a good home at NOP~, then please join us. Prices range from 200prims at 400$L week to 10prims at 25$L a week. Meeroo Market Prices are 25 prims at 50$L week. Prim allowances can be arranged & rent will be adjusted, however there is the 200 prim limit. For any further inquiries please contact me inworld, (as LaDonna Oceanlane,) or Taki Kujisawa. Thank you!

The view looking back from inside of the mall

Lucky boards with neat prizes including Jrock/Kpop posters, magazines & clothing!

Views from inside the mall


Meeroo Market!

Taki's Store HTxDZ! (Find your Fashioncentric hunt prize boots in here!)

Tori-Tastic's kiosk

I got these great FREE color change Pon Pon Bloomers from Lamp*Light & I will blog them next. Wait till you see how adorable they  are!

Kitty Asian shapes & skins

Hosoi Ichiba

Mooshead has lots of cute Freebies!

Edge of Pink

Ancient Creations might have something for your roleplay needs

Anime Angels makes anime shapes

Unforgettable Designs is our newest vendor

Pira Technologies has great glowing eyes, etc.

Gomun Horangi has cool jewelry, clothing, skin, etc.

The Mario Style Game Platform with two Vendors; Axel Wolf & Shoma's World. The Game Platform is also for sale from HTxDZ ~ FUN!

If you haven't yet checked out Kiba Tachikawa's new main store for Actuate Eden, located on the NOP~ sim, you are really missing out. He did a beautiful job.

Don't forget to find the little secret door & go to the special Oshare section, too! 
Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Filthy Fun

If you go to you will find the sickest nonstop dubstep...& you know you want that. My friend Zayne from Second Life told me about this site & I'm so glad he did!

This poster comes a little close to describing the sound of dubstep to those unfamiliar:

Imagine that, but like, 100% more SEXY to your ears. (At least that's how I feel about it!)

Here's a funny youtube clip about dubstep, (WARNING ~ contains a little bit of "foul" language!)