Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Started-It's: The Shocker!

Please take a look at the video that my longtime friend & music promoter, Alex Ilich, (or "Sasha" as I've always known him,) conceived, scripted, produced, etc. for the San Francisco band, The Started It's. The song is called "The Shocker," so it's pretty safe to assume there's some "adult humor" going on here! The video is fun & silly, shot & edited by a newer acquaintance of mine, Christopher Sorrenti, & the song is upbeat, kind of "pop-punk." I think everyone did a really good job! Please support them all by clicking "like," subscribing, & leaving a youtube comment! You can also "Like" them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, check out their Official Site, buy their music on itunes & amazon & be sure to catch them live when they come to a venue near you! Thanks for your support!

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