Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I was doing the Cafe Hunt & got a lot of nice free prizes but I also ended up buying a lot, like these shorts, vest/blouse combo & great hat from RibboN. I love this store. The stuff is so cute, inexpensive & I have blogged them before. Here are those Nardcotix shoes again, from the last post. I told you I love them! I'm sure this won't be the last time I'll use them, either.

Fashionably Dead Skin Clean Gloss No Brow
L. Fauna Dimples & Freckles
Huit eyeliner (past free gift)
Redgrave Lashes
Tomoto Hair (I looked at all her stores & on MP but it seems like she no longer sells these hairs, sorry!)
RibboN Vest & Blouse 35L, High Waist SHorts 35L, Hat 25L
Hal*Hina ribbonsocks 1L
antique pearl wrapped necklace by bonita popinjay
Suzy Antique Ribbon Necklace (Found this in my inventory - it's really sweet & pretty. I looked in the store but couldn't find it.)
Nardcotix Shoes
(pda) Gangplank Oddment Chair with sits & poses (bought at past Collabor88) store at Tableau here
What Next Birds Wall Decal 

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