Friday, February 24, 2012

Parka your Cargo

This is my "male alter ego" & the very first "alt" I ever made on Second Life, about three or so years ago!. He is very special to me but I have been kind of neglecting him lately so I decided he deserved a new outfit. I went to Saikin & got this great mesh parka & the cargo pants. They also had some really great boots I wanted to pick up but I ran out of money, so maybe next month he can go shopping again. I am also going to start doing some of the male-centric hunts with him again. I will admit I am usually more comfortable using my female avatar, but it can be very liberating & fun to walk around SL as just a regular "dude," & it's also more challenging to find great, quality, fashionable clothes I like that are for guys. 

Mother Goose's skin & shape (Heavily Modded)
L.Fauna Dimples & Freckles
A:S:S Imperfections Mole
Saboteurs hair by momo hoffnung (sorry couldn't find store again even after looking in picks)
Kosh eyes
Artilleri Glasses
Saikin Mesh Parka
Saikin Cargo Pants
PornStar Hi tops
Label Motion Poses

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