Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Candy Heartbreaker (Belated Valentine)

I meant to post this on Valentines Day, but some desktop computer issues, (which my poor boyfriend Ted stayed up all night & most of the day working on) & my lack of good or speedy photoshop skills & also the fact that I had to take a break to do some first life activities, (like go visit my Mom's new puppy. As you know we were trying to find a name for him. We have settled on "Ricky," but my Grampy wants to call him "Micky," like the mouse, because he's so small, but we don't like that, so we are locked in battle over this, lol,) Anyway, I was only able to use my laptop to post music blogs recently because it won't run Second Life. There are still some issues, but I was finally able to get through a few hours of walking around to gather my SLurls for this outfit I have been wearing a couple days & posing for pictures long enough to deliver you a belated Valentine. It actually worked out ok, because when I woke up yesterday I discovered that my friend Kiba Tachikawa, the owner of Actuate Eden, just put out a great face tattoo inspired by the G-Dragon song & video Heartbreaker that REALLY finished of my Valentines look & if I had posted earlier I don't think it would have been quite the same <3

Fashionably Dead Skin
(L. Fauna freckles & Dimples added)
Cheap Makeup Wild New Years Makeup Ridiculously Pink Eyebrows
Actuate Eden HeartBreaker face Tattoo (in the Oshare Section) Be Sure to check out the BRAND NEW Mainstore in the NOP sim  (I will do a blog post soon because Kiba did an absolutely amazing job!)
Eyes by Me, LaDonna Oceanlane
Hairy Situations Hair, (Sorry this store is no longer in business but I have so much of their really odd, creative hair in my inventory & I can't help but use it!)
R.icielli earrings (comes with a rad mesh dress!) at The Dressing Room
Acid & Mala My Fav Bracelets White
Twee body paint (I have all the body paints she sells because they are tintable & so much fun!)
Riddle I Heart You Tights for the Crush on You Event (I LOVE cute stockings & tights First & Second life so I bought the Fatpack for 300L. I am wearing white under the red because they are kind of sheer & I didn't want my pubic hair showing, LOL! They are really NICE, low cut on the hip & every color comes in three variations!)
Jack Spoon Oh, Valentina Dress for Crush on You Event (I la-la-LOVE this designer) - 55L
Hucci Shoes (super cute, I bought all three colors!) The Dressing Room
Candy Nail nails (& Group gift Heart Rug used as one of the backdrops!)
Poses: Beetlebones (Past With Love Again Hunt Gift) & PDA 

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