Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blues Funeral

Today I received the Mark Lanegan Band cd that I had pre-ordered about a month & a half ago. I am a very longtime, hardcore fan & I have to say I am not disappointed at all. It's really beautiful: full of dark, evocative poetry, lush emotion, masterful musicianship & ghostly harmonies...I couldn't be happier. The mix is clear & his voice is gorgeous, deep & haunting, touching my very soul. I'm in heaven. He was the lead singer of The Screaming Trees, has a prolific solo career, was in the Queens of the Stone Age, worked with U.N.K.L.E, worked on a children's album, done three albums with Isobel Campbell, worked with Greg Dulli on the Gutter Twins, done albums with the Soulsavers & probably a million other things I don't even know about. He is wildly respected all over the world & revered by his fans & other musicians for his talent. He is in the top three of my all-time favorite male singers & probably the top three lyricists as well. Amazing man. I could go on & on. I think I own ALMOST everything Mark Lanegan has done but actually, no, that would be pretty hard since he never stops working. Check him out. He's very serious. He does not move, live, he's like a tree. So stoic!

 The Gravedigger's Song (from Blues Funeral)

Please enjoy some older Lanegan favorites, you might be surprised!:

Gospel Plow: (with Screaming Trees)
 Carnival: (From Whiskey for the Holy Ghost)

Mockingbirds: (From the Winding Sheet)

Morning Glory Wine: (pretty sure Gregg Dulli is on this one, track is on the album Bubblegum)

Methamphetamine Blues: (features Josh Homme, PJ Harvey & Jonathan Russo)

Hanging Tree: (Live, with Queens of the Stone Age)

 Revival: (singing with the great band Soulsavers who I saw him with! The video is quite interesting as well.)

Sunrise: (again off of Whiskey for the Holy Ghost. This is an outstanding album, start to finish. Really a gem.)

Wish You Well: (Probably one of my all-time favorites. So short & simple sounding musically, but the lyrics are pure beautiful, sad poetry to me. Makes me cry like a baby.)

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