Friday, January 13, 2012

Nihon Ongaku Publishing Sim Is Now Open!

My good friend Taki Kujisawa just put the finishing touches on his Asian-themed sim & on the 8th held a dance party for the Grand Re-Opening of Nihon Ongaku Publishing, or NOP. It was really fun & he did a great job changing up the place, so a couple days ago I decided to take a stroll around the sim & snapped some photos. I invite you all to come visit the sim in person, as it is much prettier that way & there are so many exciting, relaxing & interesting spots to enjoy.
Some of you may be asking yourself, what is NOP?

 Well, in Taki's own words: NOP~ is a Second Life publishing and promotion company that creates publications and hosts events in various forms in the pursuit of the promotion of: Asian music (regardless of origin or genre); Fashion & Visual culture; Asian adult & popculture (anime, manga, yaoi, yuri, hentai, cosplay, VK, fashion, etc); and the events, vendors, sims, groups, and DJs in SL who also promote these things." 

I have been Assisting Taki in small ways over the months & I am really proud to be able to show you how all of his hard work has paid off. (Bear in mind this is only a small representation & please forgive my meager photoshop skills!)  Let's begin the "tour," shall we?

The first landmark will take you to the Main Landing Point which is a small Chinese courtyard where you can either turn to the right or left & choose from different teleports on the boards posted there.There are plenty of easy-to-find teleports located everywhere you go, so you don't have to worry about getting lost!

The first teleport we will take is to the Korean Hof or Bar. This tp will drop you at the end of a grungy, dirty urban alleyway, which, if you follow it, leads you finally to the entrance of the Hof! Don't forget to check the Events Schedule that is posted above the dumpsters! (I inserted the picture so you can see it better.)

After you have braved the scary alley & entered the Hof you will be greeted by a very welcoming, cozy, atmospheric lounge/bar atmosphere, complete with intimate tables, a bar & even a stage.There are clickable pictures all around the room that give out info on interesting Asian musical artists! Don't forget to hit up the group joiners so you can keep up with all of the events.

(It's hard to see how cute it is inside by these pictures because I kind of squashed them, but  it's really very colorful & pretty inside!)

If drinking & dancing aren't your thing, perhaps you's like to relax in the Japanese Teahouse or indulge in the Japanese Onsen tradition of hot water soaking?

Keeping in that same relaxing vein, there's a nearby gorgeous Tibetan Temple & Ancient Forest to explore. You can practice your Thai-Chi by a peaceful lily pond, or explore the forest amidst fallen ruins, fluttering butterflies, roaming tigers, magical kitsune, flower-covered swings, swans, waterfalls & plenty of romantic spots for you & your special someone to spend some quality time.

If you are looking for something a little more invigorating then there's always the fun little Game Platform inspired by Mario Brothers!

This game platform is also for sale, (minus the carousel) in the NOP Mall! The Mall features Midnight Mania, Lucky Boards, Gacha Gacha's & shops such as Actuate Eden, Gomun Horangi, HTxDZ, Pira Technologies, So Berrylicious Boutique, Dr.Life, Moosehead, Hosoi Ichiba & more. Here is the view from inside & outside of the mall:

Here are some cool items for sale in Taki's own shop in the Mall, HTxDZ, including his brand new, HUD-Controlled, Color-changeable "Wing Piercings" which you really have to see up close. I will be doing a post on them alone very soon.

 There is still some retail & kiosk space available in the mall at reasonable prices ranging from  25-400L a week for 10-200 prims. Special prim allowances can be arranged & rent will be adjusted, but there is a 200 prim limit & please bear in mind the Mall is on a Moderate sim. Subscribe-O's, Group Joiners, Midnight Mania, Lucky Chair/Boards are all welcome. Please contact Taki Kujisawa with any rental inquiries.

Oh - the Mall is also home to the NOP Breeders Meeroo Market! Buy & sell those popular pets here! 25 prims at 50L a week.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my little tour of the NOP sim & I hope to see you & your friends here very soon. Please join the group or hit the subscribos to keep up with the events. Please look forward to a Special Chinese New Years Event on Monday, January 23rd, The Visual Hunt in March & as always the best in Jrock, Kpop & more great music from other Asian Countries & around the World at the weekly dance parties. Plus, you can always just come hang out & just enjoy the atmosphere! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me, as LaDonna Oceanlane inworld, or Taki Kujisawa.

Please join NOP on Facebook!

Thank You!

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