Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Dance

I had a really nice conversation with my friend Saskia on Skype while I was putting this picture together. I had been feeling kind of sad, but talking with Saskia cheered me up, so the picture turned out pretty cheerful in the end! Plus, the clothes are pretty amazing so that also helped immensely! :P

Fashionably Dead Skin
Shag Sylph Hair (old hunt hair)
Split Pea And With Bees in Her Breath Head Dress (Now on Sale FLF) 50L
Miel Genius peepers 175L
[glow] Studio Amelie Necklace Silver 120L
Jack Spoon Concha Coat 75L, Daphne Blouse 50L
Indie Rose Chinos from old Mainstore now closed - New location open in CHIC
House of Fox Justice Wedges 600L
Olive Juice Poses

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