Monday, January 23, 2012

Cafe Hunt & Ancayi Closing ~ 50% off!

SO, I was starting the Cafe Hunt by Little Crown, you start here~ look how pretty!

 and I only got up to number 6 when I noticed that the shop Ancayi is closing at the end of this month so I thought I should stop everything & let you all know. They are having a 50% off sale so maybe swing by & pick something up. I have purchased lots of adorable things there including sweet leggings, unisex punk pants & a supercute pink neko hoodie, among other things. Here's hoping they are moving onto greener pastures. Best of luck to them!

  I will be updating on my Cafe Hunt Items as soon as I finish, because there are many items I really want to grab, but I have been having major computer & internet issues so wish me luck. I'm pretty sure all the items are photographed on the Seraphim blog. Also, check the Little Crown Flickr (especially their favorites section for lots of pics from vendors & hunters of the Cafe Hunt items,) & their Blog for the hunt list & hints. I know this is a quick post but there will be more so ~ Happy Hunting to you all!

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