Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another Word for Disappointed ~

::Modish:: - Bonnie Sunkiss dk Skin - Boho Fair
The Sugar Garden - Wetlook Rainbow Puddle Eyes (Lucky Board)
Magika - [Blood][S] Faint Hair - Halloween Group Gift

[ni.ju] - Visual Edge A01 full  Eyeliner (Under)
::Modish:: - Catwoman Eyemakeup 2 Eyeliner (Over)

Pink Acid - Clear Lip Gloss - MP 10L (A Must Have!)
DeeTaleZ - Prim Teeth gap upper & lower
Violent Seduction - Imp Collar
RYCA- Personalized Silver [F] / for four letters

Song of the Moment ~ 2NE1: I Love You

I can't get this one out of my head. The ladies look & sound Gorgeous! I love the tempo & sultry vibe. There are so many hooks, it's ultra catchy & has great sing-along quality. Please enjoy 2NE1with I Love You ~

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Elegant Gothic Jewelry ~

Here's some really cool jewelry I found while on Facebook. If you like Gothic or "spooky" styles while still being elegant, these might be right up your alley. They run contests for liking/sharing, too. Right now these great bat cuffs are in the giveaway. Please check out all their jewelry! Starrlight Jewelry -&- Designs

Monday, September 24, 2012

Remember ~

Hair by HuMa Jakob of tomoto (Old Dollarbie. Not sure if this item is made anymore. Can never find it when I try but I keep using it.)
Skin - My UGLYDOROTHY  Bee #7 in Salmon tone with added Dark Brown Brows
Eyes Amato - June Hydrangeas - Past Midnight's Dream Special Event (Sadly, now over, BUT, Amato always has great eyes for sale for free or ONE Linden at their shop all year long.
Mesh Dress & Mesh Shoes - U.One, in the Pop Art Center, Almost everything is One Linden, some goes up to 15L. 
Cheetah Socks from Sn@tch Bargain Pit.
Nails - Candy Nail Past Group Gift (Group Closes while gifts are out. If you are not part of this group you are REALLY missing out.) I LOVE this Store. These are pretty much the only nails I ever wear. I mean I wear some others but these are my go-to's - I have SO MANY nails from Candy Nail & they just always work for me. They are always beautiful.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Green ~

MY UGLYDOROTHY Skin of the sunday23
MADesigns EYES_Nature ~ Furry Hills
ni.ju  Eyeliner Visual Edge A01. full
MY UGLYDOROTHY Berry lips01_teeth
L.Fauna Extra Freckles Pale
L. Fauna Dimples Pale
Boon Center Part Hairbase Chestnut
Boon KTW810 hair Chestnut
RYCA Earrings Keri-Hoop Black/Silver
Rotten Toe Infected Green Satin Shirt (5L!)
U.One Mesh Bracelet Pipa
Twin Dragon Bracelet Small -June Bamaisin
Censored - Kyara_pants (green)

The Dandy Warhols - Green

Saturday, September 22, 2012

10,000 Views ~ Thank You!

Even Nico is excited about all the views!

I know I haven't been keeping up on my posts very well lately but things have been quite stressful. Health has been an issue for me & my loved ones as I have mentioned in previous posts. Not to be a whiner, but I had to go to the hospital for a very bad upper respiratory infection, I actually found out a LOT of people in my area, (now even my poor 93 year old Grampy,) have gotten them this Summer because of the wildfires, (so much bad smoke & such!) One day the smoke had traveled down so far you couldn't even see down the road  - it was as thick as fog.

Terrible fires in Manton, Ca, that destroyed so much forest & even homes - not far from me

I also sprained my thumb really badly in a freak household accident. X-ray's showed no breakage, but it's really swollen & I can't move it. Sometimes it hurts so bad it keeps me up at night. I also have been taking care of a loved one for the last few months - dealing with all the appointment making for them & their health care issue. So all in all, September turned out to be more than I was able to deal with. I think all the stress over the last few months just piled up & I kind of fell apart a bit.

BUT, as usual, to escape I played a little Second Life, went for a lot of walks, (when I wasn't laid up on the couch with the "sickness," that is,) played with my kitten Nico, & of course watched a lot of GREAT movies & TV to relax & recover.  I will be updating on those movies & TV shows as well as showing pics of some really cute Second Life items I picked up AND other amazing & useful tidbits I have discovered in life & around the internet as soon as I am feeling a bit better.

Once again, Thanks so much for dropping by my page!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Movie Review ~ Thirst (Bakjwi)

 I recently watched the Korean film, Thirst, (Bakjwi) from 2009, written & directed by Park Chan-wook, & I was really impressed. You may recognize Mr. Park's name. He is responsible for the popular "Venegance Trilogy," writing & directing all three films: Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, & Lady Vengeance, as well as one of the three segments in the film "Three ...Extremes," (the segment entitled "Cut".) These may be some of his more well-known films & perhaps even most recognizable to casual Western audiences, because of the critical praise & fan attention they garnered. I am still making my way through the "Vengeange Trilogy," having seen & enjoyed Oldboy a few years ago & I loved Three...Extremes. As I am discovering, Mr. Park, (a former film critic,) is quite a prolific screenwriter, director & producer, with a career that has already spanned over twenty years & 15 films, making him one of the most popular & acclaimed Korean filmmakers. His distinct style, sensibility, vision, taste, & choices are all obvious reasons for the aforementioned critical praise. After having only seen two of his films I can't claim to be any kind of "expert" on the man or his methods, but I was very moved by this film, "Thirst." I honestly can't stop thinking about it & I feel that some real art was made by everyone who participated in it's creation. At least I was touched & want to share my thoughts about it.

 In writing the screenplay with Jeong Seo-Gyeong, Mr. Park was inspired by the Emile Zola book "Therese Raquin," (of which I was not initially familiar with, but which involves a tragic love triangle - the "Vampire" aspect is Mr. Park's idea.) Thirst follows the devout Priest Sang-hyeon, who participates in some radical clinical trials meant to discover a cure for a deadly, disfiguring  disease & as a result is left as a vampire. Without giving too much away I will say that the film then morphs in ways that are symbolic, haunting, unexpected, sad, quirky, humorous, shocking, disgusting, even tender & romantic. There is violence, gore, a lot of blood, (of course,) & nudity, including some very realistic, yet not gratuitous depictions of lovemaking. The special effects were nicely done although not overused. (I liked the use of color & light to alter & convey mood.) It was classified as a horror movie by Netflix, where I saw it, & it is very horrific, but it is classified on as a comedy, drama & fantasy. It's a very complex tale. At it's core, for me, it's about the desire for love, escape versus required duty, sacrifice versus selfishness, guilt, forgiveness & redemption & the basic desire for happiness & how hard it is for some people to attain, no matter what terrible lengths they are willing to go to try to attain it.
 The main actress, Kim Ok-bin, who plays the desperately unhappy Tae-ju, (opposite the quietly nuanced Song Kang-ho, who plays the well-intentioned Priest,) comes into the movie rather unkempt & shabby, but really evolves before your eyes. She becomes absolutely stunningly beautiful & gives a fantastic performance. Alternately fierce & vulnerable, bored & rabid, she was completely mesmerizing. She really threw herself into the role & totally blew me away. Mr Song, (who has worked with Mr. Park in the Vengeance Trilogy & who some may recognize from the movie The Host, ) is sometimes so reserved in his delivery as to seem like he's underacting, but he is actually a very fine actor & really anchors the entire small ensemble, who are all outstanding, (including Tae-ju's sickly husband, Kang-woo & especially her overbearing Mother-in law, Lady Ra.) 

 I watched it in an odd mood one early afternoon & found it equally oddly paced at first, (but it could have just been me,) so it took me a just a few minutes to get into the groove but after I did & especially after the Tae-ju character & her family were introduced, the time started flying by, (& that says a lot since it's a longer movie at 133 minutes running time.) By the sad, strangely comic, yet almost inevitable conclusion of the film I felt as if I had been taken on such an epic ride I was in tears & I wished it hadn't ended. Highly recommended. (*Editorial Note: I have since seen the Park films Lady Vengeance & I'm a Cyborg But That's OK & they were both equally excellent.)

A Nice Day

*MY UGLYDOROTHY - Bee Skin 01 in Saddle Tone. I got this when it was given as a group gift in all tones & makeup styles & they are all absolutely gorgeous. If you haven't been to My Uglydorothy in a while, do yourself a favor & go now.
*.amato.* eyes 12 June Rainy small 0L
D!va Hair - Diva2 Red Amber (More than 30,000 Group Member Gift,) 0L, Comes in all tones. Really Beautiful, totally customizable & the flowers come off & are color change!
U.One - Short Mesh Overall, 1L. Great Bargains here!
::Duh!:: Colors of Summer Necklace - Old Seasons Hunt Gift 0L
Candy Nail Seashore Rainbow Summer bag, nails with ring & wood beads bracelet, (Early July Gift.) Group is closed when gift is out. Join group now for next gift! Great store. I love their nails - I have bought so many!
IMANI Yellow Neon Bracelet. I do believe this was a gift from the old Imani store. Cannot locate these items anymore.
[Gos] Espadrilles in Tie Dye - TOSL2B, 0L (look for a little teal bag)

Of course I must add this video by my lovely friend Angelina of the awesome band Persephone's Bee's. This is from their first album back in 2009. They have put out a lot since then. Be sure to check them out & see them live if you get the chance. Super talented doesn't even begin to cover it. Have a "Nice Day!"

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nico's Kitten Suckling Behavior

I can has cotton?
So, Nico, (the kitten I found starving & flea-ridden on the street on 4th of July,) sucks on my shirt around the collar, like, every night. As in sucking the cotton, kneading & purring, as if he is feeding on it. I read some articles & I guess this is pretty common in kittens who are taken from their mothers too early. I have had a few cats in my life & I have never experienced this before. I thought it was really cute at first & it actually made me feel really happy & "needed." (Childless, crazy cat lady here.) But, apparently I do have to keep an eye on this.

According to the majority of the many articles I read, unless he starts becoming obsessive about it, or actually eating/digesting the fabric or gnawing on himself, he is simply exhibiting a soothing behavior because he was abandoned so early & he should grow out of it & will probably be ok.

Here are a couple of short articles:
By the way, At our latest Vet visit to get his shots we learned he already gained a pound! He's really doing great; potty trained, well-adjusted, relaxed, happy, playful...really fitting in. Now, if only our other cat, Butters, would be more welcoming to him. She's very uncomfortable with the whole situation. Quite growly & hissy, in fact. She's even swatted at Ted & me. I really feel bad for her. This must be very confusing for her. I just want the whole family to get along! Time to read more articles...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hand on My Heart

It's been a while since I've made a Second Life fashion post & there are a lot of reasons why. I haven't been on SL lately because I had a major falling out with a couple of my SL "friends" & I got a bit disillusioned since this is not the first time I've had a falling out with some people I thought were my internet "friends." I had to take a big step back & examine myself & my role in the events & the people I tend to gravitate toward & the drama I attract & participate in & produce, as well. It's not always just "everyone else" - it's also me, I have to take responsibility.  All of this "drama" was going on in the midst of some Real Life heath crisis I won't get into detail about now, but as some who REALLY me know, I am dealing with my own chronic illness, & other members of my immediate family have also unfortunately had to deal with their own types of sudden onset illnesses. I am in the role of caretaker for some of them, so there are a lot of stresses. I don't get into details as to preserve my loved one's privacy but let's just say I have been extremely consumed with grief & worry lately & it's very hard.

Even thought I tend to talk & share a LOT, I am actually a pretty private person & I don't tell many people ALL the details because everyone doesn't need to know everything. Everyone has their own major troubles they deal with every day. Anyone who knows what I'm talking about will know. If you don't know, then consider yourself lucky. So yeah, I needed a breather to asses all this "drama" because it really did hurt me & I needed to re-evaluate if I even wanted to continue to participate in the virtual world of Second Life, which suddenly seemed silly & like such a waste of time & money in the grande scheme of things when there are life & death matters on the table. My poor little hurt feelings & the so-called "friends" who were mean & just "didn't understand me" seemed like a waste of my emotion & honestly I don't feel like I have that many emotions left to spare.

Obviously, after about a month & a half of a break, I tentatively got back on SL, but it's a whole new experience now. I don't spend NEARLY as much time as I used to. I used it as a total escape from my life before, but now my life, as complicated as it is, doesn't need escaping as much for some reason. Just like in Real life  situations - maybe I realized that what I was escaping TO wasn't giving me the relief I was expecting anyway? I think I have a better perspective. I kept looking for deeper connections with people & failing. I'm not saying I hate humanity, but I think I am just coming to terms with reality better. I feel profoundly changed by the pain & I think it might be a positive thing. 

Yesterday, while sitting, cuddling with Nico, my new rescued kitten, on my patio in the warm Summer afternoon, listening to the mellow sounds of community radio, I actually wept because I was so happy. In spite of everything that has happened & everything going on I was happier than I had been in longer than I could remember. Hand on my heart.

Sorry no SLurls this time... I'm so lazy tonight! (Most of these stores are already Slurled in my blog on other posts, in my groups or profile picks OR just use search inworld!)

Wasabi Pills ~  Alice Non-Rigged Mesh Hair Ash
Mother Goose's ~ Ai Skin (Lucky Board)
L.Fauna ~ Dimples Freckles [Pale]
MADesigns ~ Eyes_Nature Furry Hills
ni.ju ~ Eyeliner Visual Edge
DeeTaleZ ~ Teeth
Jetcity Fashions ~ Blackpearls Necklace V2 
COCO ~ Handprint Tee - Group Gift
SAKIDE  ~ Slide 'em off panties Sequin
Acid & Mala ~ My Fav Bracelet Black Pearls
Riddle ~ I Heart You Tights Sheer Red
Kick/PuncutE ~ Apple Ring 
Candy Nail ~ #P045 Swallowtail Nails
Amplify ~ Bow Leg Tats
Dilly Dolls ~ Bastian Boots

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fourth of July Kitty!

After we watched the spectacular local fireworks display, my boyfriend Ted & I decided to drive by the Cal Water Office to drop our payment in the night slot on the way home. Upon entering the drive, Ted starting yelling, "Stop, Stop!" so I put on the brakes. There was a TINY kitten in the middle of the driveway that I hadn't even seen, just frozen there. It didn't move. I waited for it to run away but it remained. I finally urged Ted to get out & get it. When he got all the way up to it, it ran. I pulled in the parking lot, got out to drop my payment, pulled back around & got out to find Ted, sitting cross-legged, holding the kitten. He was a tragic little orange bag of bones. We looked around the whole small "strip mall" (it's one Papa Murphy's take & bake pizza, The Cal Water office & an Engineering Office surrounded by some flowers with a few parking spots,) but couldn't find any sign of a nearby litter, (there are groups of feral cats that thrive several blocks over by the banks, but they are usually a lot healthier.) We both decided quickly that he needed our help & we took him home. He was surprisingly calm in the car & in our home. He seemed very good-natured & of course I started falling for him instantly. We bathed him in warm water without too much difficulty, (I got just a few scratches on my wrist,) cleaned his ears & he ate like a champ, (we have a three-year old cat so we have a lot of treats, wet & dry food & even toys & bedding around.)

The next day I called the Animal Hospital & alerted them that we had found a lost kitten. I didn't want to take him to the other animal hospital which serves as the "pound" because it's not as clean or nice & they really have their hands full with so many strays. Anyway, the folks at the AH told us to use some regular Dawn blue dish soap to bathe him to get rid of more fleas so I bought some & it worked pretty good. Fleas were jumping ship as we poured the soapy water on him - it was really gross! He was still pretty covered, though, so we had to wait for our appointment at 2:15 on Friday the 6th to get him completely free of his infestation. The Nurses took his temperature, weighed him, (he is one pound, one ounce,) & then the Doctor soaked him with Frontline spray & all the rest of the fleas abandoned him. We have an appointment in two weeks two get him wormed & get some shots. He is already so much happier to have all the fleas gone. He was frolicking so much more & sleeping more peacefully the afternoon after his Vet appointment.

We have an enclosed screened porch & the weather is very warm during the days & cool at night so he is staying out there now. He has a radio, a couch, a kitty bed, food, water, toys, & we go out there & stay with him & open the doors to the back yard during the day, (he has the litter box for the night time.) As soon as our cat, Butters, gets more used to him, (she's a bit hissy so far,) we will start bringing him into the house more & try to house train him better. He is so smart he was already alerting us when he needed to go. I think he will be a great addition to our family. We have been tossing around names: Nico & Landon are the frontrunners so far but we are open to any suggestions. He is just so precious, lovable, mellow & has a wonderful personality for one who has had such a rough start. I feel very lucky & fortunate that I decided to go pay my water bill so late at night & that Ted yelled for me to stop & I didn't run over that poor little kitty. Everything happened so perfectly by chance. He really needed some people to love & take care of him. I feel so happy & emotional seeing his progress, even just over a couple of days. He looks so much better. He's happier & he's healthier. He's fun. It might seem silly to some people, but this really makes me feel good. It feels good to be needed.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bespa Kumamero - Spiral Connector

Spiral Connector is the latest full-length offering from Japan’s dynamic digital performance duo, Bespa Kumamero. This high-energy, eclectic pair met and formed in 2001, after then-poet and budding photographer Azumi Kuwadate, (vocals and lyrics,)  read an article in a local paper written by Monkichi Irikura, (Music Programming, Guitar, Vocals,) in which he talked about his innovative, homemade studio equipment, instruments and artworks. She was so impressed she emailed him and they met, quickly realizing they shared a love of electronic music, performance art and fashion. Thus began a fruitful and creative partnership that has taken them all over the world, from Europe, to the US to Mexico. Anyone who has seen them live or even seen a filmed live can tell you they stop at nothing to entertain, incorporating traditional Japanese dance, sword dance, acrobatics, infectious rave energy, bright cyberpunk looks and other colorful costumes, makeup and the aforementioned machines and instruments of their own making.
Their music is extremely varied and eclectic, making it more than just your average repetitive techno plod and this album is no exception. There is much to hold your interest. Each song is it's own entity while still staying cohesive to the overall vibe of the band. The album begins with the song “Prologue,” in which the slightly distorted vocals are delivered by Monkichi over some some nice drums, synth and guitar that builds and breaks abruptly to transition into “Like A Moonlight,” where Azumi’s lovely vocals take over and more catchy synths are present.  

The entire albums vocals are usually clear, melodic and have a pleasing, dreamy, electropop feel but often vary and become stronger to convey different emotion effectively. To put it plainly, this woman can sing and her tone is appealing. Monkichi does sing quite a bit on the album to a great effect and there is even a French speaking guest-vocal, (ELECTRONIKBOY,) on the third song, “BK’s Je Suis Fou,” that works very well alongside Azumi. I think that’s what I like the most about this band –  the variety and experimentation does not disappoint. They are different enough to hold your attention, but not too “weird” to be off-putting. The music throughout  is dance-oriented, industrial-tinged electropop, strong on beats, breaks, hooks and melody, eclectic and varied. Take the Eastern-flavored “Totem Master,” which features some cool Tabla-sounding drums and interesting vocal delivery. I googled the name and apparently this is the nineteenth episode of the Star Wars: Ewoks animated television series, but it’s also a World of Warcraft character and a game for your phone, so I’m not quite sure what they are referencing here, but I just thought that was a funny bit of trivia and would throw that in.

I really liked “Betty’s Mirror,” which made me feel like I was trapped in a video game, (in a good way,) and the title track, “Spiral Connector,” a deceptively simple, piano-laced track that made me feel like I was walking though a sunny garden with dear friends. “Kimi ga inai asa,” and “Losing time (Toby and Bus Remix,)” were also standouts for me, both being more on the mellow, dreamy side. This album has something for every mood, upbeat dance tracks and reflective, more mid-tempo tracks as well. 

I will admit I had not heard of Bespa Kumamero before this album, but I immediately liked it upon first listen and continued to listen to it nonstop for days afterward. I can honestly say I recommend this album and have come to really respect the group as I have done the research into their history. They are truly creative in their appearance and performances and their music is very likeable. I can’t wait to see what they do next. 

Romantic Waves  -  January 20, 2008
Plastic Confusion - May 22, 2009
Spiral Connecter   - December 2010 

Important Links:
Darkest Labyrinth Records
Bespa Kumamero Official Japanese website:
Bespa Kumaero Official Myspace:
Azumi Kuwatade geosites site:
Azumi’s Blog:
Aumi’s Twitter:
Bespa Kumamero’s official youtube Channel:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Five Thousand Hits - Thank You!

SHINee does an imitation of how happy I felt after hitting 5000 views
 I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to everyone who has stopped by my blog over the last year & a half - I have now reached over five thousand hits! I started this blog in January of 2011 to force myself to start writing again, (even just a little bit,) by sharing personal anecdotes, writing movie & music reviews, sharing some of my own original artwork, & to teach myself some Photoshop using the pictures I took in Second Life, etc. I have already posted more in the five months of this year than I had in all of 2011, so that's one major feat. It has been a strange journey, though. Things have not always gone so great - I have removed posts for various reasons I won't get into right now, (I'll save that for some more "philosophical" posts at a later date.) I have learned some hard lessons, even gained & lost friends. Even though my progress may seem small to some, & I know I am still very amateurish compared to what is possible,  my overall progress means a lot to me & I do feel feel proud to have at least been trying. I have learned a lot & look forward to learning more. I recently updated the entire look & feel of the blog - from the colors to the fonts - even honing the logo, (which is my original drawing,) & I am very pleased. I am still working on finding my writing "voice," constantly reading, exploring new tutorials, other great blogs & finding new inspirations every day. Frankly, there's so much to be inspired by & learn from it's sometimes hard to keep up.

I will do my best to keep improving. Thank You.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Thing with Two Heads

Hey everyone - please take a moment to read this hilarious interview with my old pal & awesome deejay/music mogul, "Bazooka Joe" Almeida from the folks at SYFFAL
"Bazooka Joe" & I met in Las Vegas way back in the '90's when I had a radio show right after his on KUNV, (the number one college radio station in the country at the time!) It was a pretty crazy, exciting time for sure. We became friends, listened to a lot of music, went to shows & he even ended up working at the cd store I managed for a time. He's a great guy & now works with his lovely wife, Christine, under the moniker "The Thing with Two Heads," deejaying & managing Slovenly Recordings & Black Gladiator out of Pennsylvania.

Here's another interview, featuring both of them, from Fly Magazine

Photo: Fly Photo by Bianca Cordova

 Please give them your support. These people are legit - the real deal. Total bad ass music FIENDS.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Teenage Mew-Tant Schoolgirl Kitties!

The Fantasy Faire 2012 is on now & let me tell you, it's really something. Not only is it massive, (spread over eight sims,) it's also BEAUTIFUL, (every sim has a different Fantasy look.) On top of all that, it's also a charity event to benefit the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Make sure you check it out before it's over on April 29th! Besides just a lot of great designers & shops, there are many side events going on. Please check out the website & don't miss out -There are so many great stores participating!

Kiba Tachikawa, owner of Actuate Eden, is one of the many Faire participants & he made some Neko sets for it called Calico MewMew.  There are three different versions, with color change & texture options, etc. on all of them. I decided to model the Rocker version because I liked the spikes, crosses & plaid & I also thought it looked good with my mesh VERSHE sweater. You can find Kiba's Faire shop here, his blog here & the Main store here, filled with Visual Kei, Oshare, Cosplay, & other creations. 

(click on the pic for a larger view)

*VERSHE* Camille Skin (Tan) No Brows: Rawr
Lithium ~ Creation :: Wood Black Eyes: Marketplace
/Wasabi Pills/ Ginger Mesh Hair, Iceberg
.[.Masque.]. - Bunnyeh face: Marketplace (Yes, I know it's a bunny nose, but I already had it & love it, so I used it & I think it blended in ok!)
L.Fauna Dimples & Freckles
[ni.Ju] Ankoku tintable face tattoo at Perfect Wardrobe
[ni.Ju] Makeup - Red Panda
[ni.Ju] Sukoiyen Piercing . full
: ) BCC. (Bonne Chance) Cafe Hunt black Maid collar (part of a former hunt gift)
[Actuate Eden] Limited MewMew Calico Rocker - at the Fantasy Faire
*VERSHE* Chic Sweater: Cherry
[ni.Ju] Tintable FADES for claws
[ni.Ju] blood-tipped claws
*VERSHE* PumPum Shorts: Denim
~Pepper~ Brass Knuckle Belt - WHITE: April Group Gift!
SubDermal - Tiger Stripes Tattoo - Neko Tattoo (Tinted)
*League* Gartered Socks Overknee Off-White
MiaMai Poses
Location: *Edelweiss* Le Mont Saint-Michel (Thanks to Alice at Lamp*Light for suggesting this location. I think it really complimented my "teenage rocker kitty" look!)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NOP~ Mall Welcomes More Shops!

A little over a week ago, I blogged an update about the NOP~ Hong Kong Mall & also gave a welcome to the newest tenants Lamp*Light & Unforgettable Creations. Well, we are very happy to be able to welcome three more! Please say hello to JayGee, Panda Punx, & Wow Skins!

The JayGee Kiosk features lots of Asian style clothing.

Panda Punx has super cute copy/mod shapes.

WoW Skins has some lovely skins to check out.

Also, Tori-Tastic has some new, NOP~ EXCLUSIVE items in her kiosk!


As always, the NOP~ Mall is located on an English speaking, Asian inspired sim. Our goal is to spread the love of  Asian music, popular culture and fashion in its many forms throughout Second Life. NOP~ also organizes hunts, fashion & charity events & fairs.


Taki Kujisawa, the owner of NOP~ has his own shop in the mall & still has the awesome boots he made for the Fashioncentric hunt available to find. Also, even though our own Visual Hunt is over Taki still has his prize out, so if you want the Dragon scarf that matches the Fashioncentric boots, go ahead & look for the blue Dragon kanji symbol in the shop as well. (The hint is "I love these wings!") By the way the Fashioncentric prize is free, but the Visual Hunt prize is 10L. They make a really cute set! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Like Cockatoos

So, my Second Life friend, DJ A.F.I, a great SL & RL DJ, (who is also my longtime "Real Life" friend, since she was a teenager!) was like, "Hey I want to take you to this really cool store," & proceeded to take me to Ladies Who Lunch. Little did she know I am a big fan of that store but haven't been there in a while because every time I go, I end up broke. There are just so many awesomely unique designs & cute, cool stuff that I always want & this time was no exception.

Anyone who knows me probably knows I like birds. Well, I mean they are pretty easy to like: First of all they are nice to look at, secondly they have lovely singing voices, thirdly there's the whole metaphoric "freedom of flight" thing to envy & lastly, they just have a real air of majesty & mystery to them. I think birds are quite magnificent & interesting creatures & they never cease to amaze me.

SO ~ when I saw this colorful mesh sweater/skirt/heels combo resplendent in feathers & with giant Cockatoo faces on it - it was pretty much a no-brainer that I had to have it. (BTW - there are also dress sets with a Pachyderm, Bird of Paradise, Lotus & Owl, in case Cockatoos aren't your thing!) You can get the top & skirt separately or get the set which includes the shoes, like I did. I already had the LoQ hair,  (which is VERY much like a "Cockatoo-ish" crown itself,) the Paper Couture earrings & the awesome ni.Ju makeup totally finished off the look & really complimented my brand new Jesylilo skin that I am LOVING, (absolutely amazing lips & eyebrows!) 

This outfit reminded of one of my favorite old songs by the Cure. Even though the outfit is a LOT more upbeat & happy than the song is, I decided to include it anyway because for one I just couldn't get it out of my head & two, it's really pretty & kind of melancholy & that's just how I am: half crazy, upbeat & colorful & half nostalgic & melancholy. Enjoy! :P

Shape is my very modified version of "Jennifer" by Glow Studio
*JeSyLiLO* at Dressing Room Blue*:::ShamS:::*LightSkin
LaDonna Oceanlane Eyes made by Me!
L.Fauna 2.0 Tattoo [Dimples + Freckles]
L.Fauna 2.0 Tattoo [Full Body Freckles]
[ni.Ju] Visual Edge (the black thick liner)
[ni.Ju] Kumi (the pretty rainbow makeup - comes in different versions & tintable!)
P.C; Tumbled Stone Set (I have TONS of jewelry from this place, I love EVERYTHING.)
LoQ Hair Grappa Pieva - Dark Blonde (I have the fatpack - I love this hair!)
Blacklace Passionate Touch Stockings
[LWL] Zoology (Cockatoo)
Ampersand - For your eyes only Poses.(This was from a pack of James Bond-Girl inspired poses. You can find it at Shag right now, it seems like they are still in the process of building their own store. Cute poses!)


Here's the Cure from 1987 with, "Like Cockatoos." If you haven't heard the whole album "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" - I highly recommend checking it out. So many great, very emotional & personal, yet identifiable songs with amazing musicianship. It's a classic!

She walked out of her house
And looked around
At all the gardens that looked
Back at her house
(Like all the faces
That quiz when you smile...)

And he was standing
At the corner
Where the road turned dark
A part of shiny wet
Like blood the rain fell
Black down on the street

And kissed his feet she fell
Her head an inch away from heaven
And her face pressed tight
And all around the night sang out
Like cockatoos

"There are a thousand things" he said
"I'll never say those things to you again"
And turning on his heel
He left a trace of bubbles
Bleeding in his stead

And in her head
A picture of a boy who left her
Lonely in the rain
(And all around the night sang out
like cockatoos)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vershe & Lamp*Light

The other day I made a post welcoming Lamp*Light to the NOP~ Hong Kong Mall & told you I was going to blog about the cute free bloomers that the super sweet & funny owner, Alice, (follow her blog here!) was giving away. Well, I got them & they are SO fun: totally tintable to any color with the use of an editable hud (just follow some easy instructions on an included notecard,) & the option to turn the eyeballs on & off. I wore them to a jam-packed club & got compliments galore!

As I was putting together the look around my bloomers, my friend Jada Kolda told me about the new store *VERSHE* by Vershel Iadyl & hooked me up with some awesome review copies of some really cute items that I liked so much I went to the store to look around & I ended up buying a few more things! I urge everyone to go check out *VERSHE* for themselves.  

The store is set up very tastefully & there are some really very cool items, like the spring belts, the McQueen tights, & lots of really cute shoes, just to name a few things, (all of which I will blog soon because I bought them!) But for now I am going to show you a cute skin & one of the shoes! You can find the store on the Marketplace but if you go inworld there is more of a selection as well as Midnight Mania boards, Group Gifts & some fun hunts going on in the store! Thanks again to Jada. Please go support the store & be sure to follow Jada's awesome blog

Here's the look I put together based around the *VERSHE* Skin & shoes & the Lamp*Light Bloomers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

*VERSHE* Camille Tan Skin, Oh Marilyn (I added Freckles & Dimples from L.Fauna but the skin is very pretty & smooth, with no seams or flaws I could detect. I'm just addicted to freckles! I got more skins from VERSHE & will blog more & try to refrain from freckles next time so you can see the skin better, I promise! :P)

LaDonna Oceanlane Eyes

[ni.Ju] Visual Edge Eyeliner
[ni.Ju] Hime-yu Blush
[ni.Ju] Vixx Piercing Lucky Board Special Color
/Wasabi Pills/ Kumi Pony Mesh Hair Ash (I LOVE this store too much.)
*elymode* Estrela Suspender Top - red
Lamp*Light - Pon Pon Bloomers - Free Gift!
[AddiCt] Gangsta Leggings (worn over my grey Emery leggings)
Emery Leggings 1 (Part of a gift called Rock & Glam #2 I got back in 2008 could not locate in store but the store has plenty of amazing things so please check it out!)
*VERSHE* Shoes Stackas Jailbird (Comes with super easy HUD. Change skin, heel color, etc!)

 ::SWEET LEONARD:: Let me love you <3 Necklace (Former Cafe Hunt Prize)
Dragon Garden Silver Dragon by June Bamaisin Twin Dragon Bracelet. 100L ~  I got this as a free gift in January 2009 & I can honestly say this has been one of my absolute favorite pieces of SL jewelry, EVER. I wear it all the time. It is really well made, highly detailed & so beautiful! The purchase version is transferable & makes a great gift!(I will take a better picture of it next time.)
Candy Nail #P060 Mannish Red
HOC - Expresso expression hud ~ FREE. House of Curios also has a lot of really great, low-priced shoes, glasses & other goodies.
Poses by Ampersand & PDA

BTW ~ Here is the totally insane video that inspired the Lamp*Light Pon Pon Bloomers. It's "PONPONPON" performed by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu:


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Star Trek Pizza Night

So, I had an idea to make this "funny" picture for a long, long time & I finally just went ahead & did it. I'm a HUGE Star Trek fan - my favorite is the Original Series, although I enjoy all of the Series' - (I will watch a lot of The Next Generation & Enterprise when I am bored & I really enjoy those a lot.)

I grew up watching the syndicated reruns of the Original Series as a child. I remember thinking how cool the crew was & admiring how they bravely faced so much danger together, trusting each other & working together no matter what. I loved the humor, their playful banter & their accepting, very diplomatic attitude, (they were always helping strange aliens without judgement or easily forgiving someone who tried to kill them!) The sci-fi aspect, the color schemes & the whole "look" of the show was also very exciting & stimulating to my young brain. Spock was even my first crush, I thought he was so "cool" & handsome, so I will have to try to make a "funny" with him in it one of these days.

There are a lot of VERY funny Star Trek pictures floating around the internet that people have put hilarious text onto, (trust me, my Facebook galleries are FULL of outstanding ones that I have found & saved.) When I saw this picture, these words just instantly popped into my head. Hopefully someone else will think it's funny, too. Thanks for listening &... Live Long & Prosper!

What's new at NOP~!

There have been a lot of changes at the Nihon Ongaku Publishing Hong Kong Shopping Center & Mall recently. As you may or may not know, our Mall is located on an English speaking, Asian inspired sim. Our goal is to spread the love of  Asian music, popular culture and fashion in its many forms throughout Second Life. NOP~ also organizes hunts, fashion & charity events & fairs.

We are so happy that NOP~ & HTxDZ owner Taki Kujisawa's participation in the Fashioncentric Hunt has brought so much traffic to the sim! I have had a chance to do some of the hunt, (not as much as I would like to yet, because of my hectic RL schedule,) but I have to say the prizes are really awesome & I am definitely planning to finish it!

Here are the boots Taki made for the hunt! You must see them in world to appreciate the texture. They look like slightly translucent dragon scales - so much depth.


Also, the Hong Kong Shopping Center & Mall at NOP would like to give a warm welcome to our two newest vendors, Lamp*Light & Unforgettable Creations. Please take a moment to check out these & our other fine stores, which include Anime Angels, Kitty, Ancient Creations, Hosoi Ichiba, Mooshead, Wolve's Escape, Tori-Tastic, Edge of Pink, Gomun Horangi, Bibiten, Pira Technologies, HTxDZ, The NOP~ Breeders Market, 212 Designs Breedable Tools, Viperlicious, Axle Wolf, Shoma's World, as well as the Actuate Eden Main Store, which is located separately from the Hong Kong Mall, but still on the beautiful NOP~ sim. There is still rental space available at our mall. Any type of items are welcome in our shops but please keep in mind it is a Moderate sim. If you think your store would have a good home at NOP~, then please join us. Prices range from 200prims at 400$L week to 10prims at 25$L a week. Meeroo Market Prices are 25 prims at 50$L week. Prim allowances can be arranged & rent will be adjusted, however there is the 200 prim limit. For any further inquiries please contact me inworld, (as LaDonna Oceanlane,) or Taki Kujisawa. Thank you!

The view looking back from inside of the mall

Lucky boards with neat prizes including Jrock/Kpop posters, magazines & clothing!

Views from inside the mall


Meeroo Market!

Taki's Store HTxDZ! (Find your Fashioncentric hunt prize boots in here!)

Tori-Tastic's kiosk

I got these great FREE color change Pon Pon Bloomers from Lamp*Light & I will blog them next. Wait till you see how adorable they  are!

Kitty Asian shapes & skins

Hosoi Ichiba

Mooshead has lots of cute Freebies!

Edge of Pink

Ancient Creations might have something for your roleplay needs

Anime Angels makes anime shapes

Unforgettable Designs is our newest vendor

Pira Technologies has great glowing eyes, etc.

Gomun Horangi has cool jewelry, clothing, skin, etc.

The Mario Style Game Platform with two Vendors; Axel Wolf & Shoma's World. The Game Platform is also for sale from HTxDZ ~ FUN!

If you haven't yet checked out Kiba Tachikawa's new main store for Actuate Eden, located on the NOP~ sim, you are really missing out. He did a beautiful job.

Don't forget to find the little secret door & go to the special Oshare section, too! 
Thank you for your support!