Monday, December 5, 2011

The Lonely White Queen

The White Queen is lonely because she got all dressed up, decorated her pavilion, set out scented candles & twinkle lights, arranged many lovely & gifts & refreshments & none of her so-called friends arrived. She is so sad that all she can do now is drink too much brandy & eggnog & lay down by the fire, dreaming of days gone by, when her old friends surrounded her & there was dancing & singing & laughter filled the air. They were there before, weren't they? All her old friends? Surely she hadn't imagined them all this time...

Jennifer Shape [glow}Studio (was at Dressing Room)
Glam Affair Gio Skin Black Snow 70L Dressing Room
Snow Full Body Tat by Gloom Stoanes (got on MP last year, could not locate it again within their items) 
Gigi hair by 3636 (Store is gone & MP page is blank?)
Eyes by LaDonna Oceanlane (Jennifer Oleari)
Twiggy eyelashes from Redgrave
Bare Rose White Queen Dress 160L
[glow] necklace Amelie Pearl 45L Dressing room
ni.ju Black Tipped Claws claws
Split Pea headdress 100L
LISP (Huge Sale: large ornaments, presents, candles, mistletoe, card garland, twinkle lights etc.10-100L)
A:S:S Free Winter Pavilion
White Christmas Trees
Traditional Xmas Lights
HPMD Sweet Garden Grass

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