Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Free as a Bird

I have been pretty busy in real life with the holidays coming up, trying to to get my house in order from the recent move, some serious health issues & also some pretty horrible personal drama with some lifelong friends that made me realize a lot of those friendships actually ended a long, long time ago. Now that I have kicked & screamed & cried long enough, I think I am starting to realize I really must try to move on & forever let go of my resentments toward these people & just never speak to them again. I just can't try to "resolve" anything with them, there's just too much anger there on my part, as hard & embarrassing as that is to admit. It really hurt but I am starting to feel a little more free, knowing that I can never "fix" it, because it's unfixable. On a lighter note, I have been doing a LOT of shopping, dressing-up & decorating in Second Life. It seems like the designers are just bursting with creativity & it has certainly sparked mine! I have been putting together outfits & saving them faster than I can take the pictures & make posts. Here's a look I put together probably a month ago. I built it around these great stockings I found on marketplace. I think they are really unique & beautiful. I am always looking for pretty garter stockings & what really drew me in was the neat bird & branch detail on the leg as well as the blue gradient. They come with four pairs, in different options for 85L, alpha layer included. I would also like to note that the wonderfully decorative frame I used for my pose prop is actually the "box" for a past hunt gift from the shop Natural . The designer always has unique delivery methods for her items & this is no exception. Please leave a comment & Thank You for stopping by.

Skin Glam Affair With Love Again Hunt 10L (So Pretty!)
Hair (still nothing inworld or on MP but I did find some pics on flickr) 3636 was free
Bodysuit (older)  Ohmai
Additional shoulder feathers by Kletva (had purchased at Dressing Room)
Stockings -CG- Raven Moon Stockings 85L
Boots Violent Seduction Group Gift
Picture Frame that housed the Black Butler Hunt Prize Clothing made by Natural

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