Friday, October 14, 2011

Punky Heart

My friend Kiba Tachikawa, the owner of Actuate Eden, made this cute outfit a while back and I always wanted to get it, so I finally did! It's called Punky Heart and is inspired by the video from LM.C. It comes with cool legwarmers but I didn't use them so I could wear my faun legs, (which I am addicted to!) I love the floppy arms and the bright colors so much! As I stated, the outfit is a bit older so it came with invisiprim "hand hiders" to keep the hands from poking through the floppy sleeves. I decided to forgo those in favor of some free alpha hand hiding layers I got on marketplace. Oh ~ and the gorgeous doll avatar is from The Sugar Garden. They keep impressing me with their creations and this is no exception! (More on the doll-avatar soon!)

For comparison's sake - here's the cute video! Enjoy~!

Kiba has been making a lot of new things lately, like beautiful horns & makeup, etc. (even working on a special Halloween outfit to be released very soon!) ~ so please check out his Main Shop!

* * *
Outfit: Actuate Eden
Doll Avatar: The Sugar Garden for FTLO Halloween 
Hair: Lamb
Faun Legs, Horns: Titania's Court
Piercing: ni.ju
Pose: *.amato.*

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